LaserMax Introduces MantaRail Momentary Switch Control System

LaserMax Introduces MantaRail Momentary Switch Control System

Rochester, N.Y. – LaserMax Inc. has added a revolutionary product to their line of accessories for the very popular Uni-Max red & green laser sighting systems equipped with momentary activation switches (MAS). Adhesive & velcro on fore ends is still an option – for the longest time it was the only option – MantaRails┬« are NOW the 21st century answer to this age old challenge that has plagued the industry for years.

When the heat & grit from rifle use loosens the adhesive and the momentary activation cord inadvertently falls off – or the pressure from a gloved hand in the dark searching for the location of the switch causes the same problem; it begs the question in everyone’s mind “isn’t there an easier way?” Now, there is.

It is so simple in design, logical in application and as anyone who uses it will agree a “no-brainer”. It is a product that you just must see & use to believe. It simply houses your pressure pad in a flexible sheath that clamps tightly to the rail. The provided MantaClips discretely organize the excess cord to prevent tangling and snagging. The product offering is available on our website and is currently in stock. It’s time to update your current MAS cord attachment method and eliminate any future aggravation.

This accessory adds virtually no weight to your firearm. It is designed for use with our existing momentary activation switch accessories and is easily adaptable to the shooter’s desired location on the rifle. Can be removed for ease of cleaning of the weapon and remounted in less than a minute.

Established more than 20 years ago, LaserMax is proud to continue serving military units, law enforcement agencies and commercial markets worldwide. The Uni-Max red or green laser sighting system is a must for any black rifle or shotgun owner and enhance the functionality by attaching your momentary activation switch with a new Manta rail accessory. LaserMax is a WBENC-certified small business and all products are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Rochester, New York.

LaserMax Switch Control System

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