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LaserLyte® Gives You the Power of the Laser in the Boardroom and Beyond


The last trip of the Space Shuttle Discovery that is currently going on made me a little reflective. I’m sure the team on mission STS-133 will be feeling a bit sentimental and jotting down their thoughts. Hopefully they packed their LaserLyte Modern Laser Pointer (TLP-1) integrating laser pointer technology with Fisher Space pen high-tech ink in one cool compact defensive tool. This pen will write smoothly in zero gravity, severe cold and heat, underwater and, well – yeah – in space. The astronauts could utilize the class IIIA laser pointer powered by two A76 batteries for a full two hours of constant on. But you don’t have to be a space cowboy to enjoy all the features this unique Modern Laser Pointer provides. Next time you are Captain of the Marketing meeting you can use the laser to point out those very important statements on your PowerPoint presentation and use the ink pen simultaneously to write the names of those napping staffers. With an MSRP of only $99.95, LaserLyte gives you the power of the laser in the boardroom and beyond.


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