KOWA Introduces the Prominar Telephoto Lens/Scope

KOWA Introduces the Prominar Telephoto Lens/Scope

In the outdoor world, cross utilization of essentials can be paramount, especially when the situation dictates minimizing your load. Kowa introduces the Prominar 500mm F5.6FL Telephoto Lens/Scope. Its two-in-one high performance camera lens and spotting scope guarantees the perfect visual every time.

The fluorite crystal lens minimizes chromatic aberration (color blur) that occurs in most long focal length lenses. Change the standard 500mm F5.6 lens to increase brightness with the 350mm F4 and even increase the length of the telephoto with the 800mm F9.6 by using the TX07 or TX17 optimal mount adapters. Achieve focal lengths up to 1000mm-3000mm by attaching the lens to a digital camera adapter and capture nature at a distance. The interchangeable mounting system allows the effective use of multiple cameras and comes with an easy-to-use dual focus. A long hood with an attached sighting device is provided as a standard accessory. The lightweight and compact design will withstand all elements with its dustproof and weatherproof structure. Indeed, the world is a big place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a good look at it.

The next time you want to experience nature to the fullest make sure you are prepared to get up close and personal with the Prominar 500 mm F5.6FL Telephoto Lens/Scope by Kowa.

For more info, check out www.kowascope.com

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