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Knight and Hale’s The Shaft Predator Call: Small but Deadly!

Decatur, AL- Nearly every deer hunter, particularly bow hunters, has had a coyote ruin a day’s hunt while in the stand. If they only had a small predator call to bring the villain within bow range, they could end the mischief. Knight and Hale predator pro, Bob Severe, created the answer…The Shaft.

The Shaft predator call was designed to fill the need of a small predator call to carry while deer hunting, but also works as a coaxer call for the serious predator caller. Bob took several ideas that he has seen in this 30+ years of predator calling to create The Shaft. It is made from an arrow shaft, arrow nock and cottontail reed. With the total overall length of just under 5″, this call fits nicely into your shirt or jacket pocket with ease. We even include a metal shirt clip, so you won’t lose this little gem out in the woods!

Bob Says, “The Shaft was designed for close distance calling, but it is the best coaxer call on the market. When a coyote is coming in from long distance, The Shaft helps close the deal! The last 400 yards is where this call performs the best.” Knight and Hale sell The Shaft alone (suggested retail $9.99) or in a deer combo pack with the ever popular EZ Grunter Plus WIP deer call (suggested retail $19.99).

On your next trip to the woods, give a predator The Shaft! For more information, go to www.knightandhale.com or call 1-800-500-yelp.

Mike Mattly (641) 856-2624 ext 127 mmattly@ebsco.com


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