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ISSC-AUSTRIA Gifts Two Modern Sporting Rifle Domains to the NSSF

ISSC-Austria has announced that it will transfer ownership of its domains www.modernsportingrifle.com and www.modernsportingrifle.org to the National Shooting Sports Foundation as a demonstration of ISSC’s good faith and support of the NSSF’s ongoing modern sporting rifle media campaign.

ISSC-Austria released the MSR MK22 rifle in December of 2010 as the first product in ISSC’s future line-up of modern sporting rifles. The MK22 rifle is a metal and polymer, durable, military-style rifle built on the modern elements of today’s modern sporting rifle platform. ISSC-Austria purchased the two domains as part of the ISSC MSR MK22 marketing campaign. NSSF began a national modern sporting rifle media campaign in 2009 in order to educate gun owners and non-gun owners alike about AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles and to correct widespread misperceptions about their use and operation. Through its MSR campaign, the NSSF continues to place educational ads in major firearm and sporting magazines and on outdoor cable television networks. Furthermore, NSSF created a dedicated website NSSF.ORG/MSR to serve as the industry’s preeminent resource containing facts, videos, and other information about MSRs. As part of its mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports, the NSSF has made its national MSR campaign to rebuild the image of AR-15 rifles and other commonly used and owned sporting firearms its number one priority.


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