IR-K3 Extra Long-Range IR Illuminator (805nm)

Product Description

The IR-K3 IR Illuminator features a fixed beam, simple on/off controls and versatile mounting capabilities.

Because the performance of any night vision or low-light CCD device is dependent on ambient light, magnification, atmospheric transparency, and contrast between the target and its background, addition of the right IR Illuminator can significantly enhance visual acuity and extend detection ranges.

The IR-K3 mounts easily to night vision or CCD devices or can be hand-held. Ideal aid for extreme low light conditions. Significantly extends capabilities of weapon sights, observation devices and photographic equipment.

Capabilities of IR Illuminators are a function of ambient conditions, power and wavelength. Effective range is a function of power and wavelength. Higher power and shorter wavelengths result in longer ranges.

Additionally, IR sources above 940nm are virtually invisible to the naked eye, while shorter-wavelength sources emit a visible, point-of-origin signature what viewed from the front.

Detailed Product Specifications

IR-K3 ELR IR Illuminator

Night Optics Part # IR-K3
Type Eye Safe Diode
Power 350 mW Fixed
Peak Wavelength 805 nm
Beam Angle
Batter Type/Life 3v CR123 / 50 Hours
Mount 1/4″-20 screw
Temperature Range 4°F – 113°F
16°C – 45°C
Dimensions 6.4″ x 1.4″ x 1.3″
163mm x 36mm x 34mm
Weight 5.9 oz
Warranty 1 Year


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