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The most technically advanced ballistics program on the market today is compatible with whatever shooting platform you use. More than that, it is available to you absolutely free.

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When riflescopes first appeared, reticle used was a simple crosshair providing the shooter one aim point on the magnified image. As the scopes evolved, so did the reticles. Now, Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) reticles are all but common place, with multiple aim points and advanced ranging capabilities. A new problem arose, how to effectively sight your firearm in, without going broke paying for ammunition shooting at all those ranges. Universal spacing straight out of the box is also virtually impossible due to the tendencies of individual firearms and loads. The Hawke® BRC solves that problem.

By compiling real life data from your personalized setup such as actual muzzle velocity, velocity change over distance, and scope height, the BRC program can create a complete an accurate ballistic profile for your rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, crossbow, or air gun.

Designed to work exclusively with Hawke® reticles, you can now blueprint your reticle, without spending days at the range experimenting with live ammunition. In addition to the money you save by not wasting ammunition at the range, the BRC program is 100% free for download at the Hawke website.

With additional features such as labels to fit your flip-up caps, printable ballistic charts, and the ability to save your ballistic data to be used at any time in the future, the BRC program is certain to provide its users with all the benefits expected from such an advanced program.

A detailed BRC video tutorial can be found by visiting the YouTube tab on our Facebook page, or by visiting the Hawke Optics channel on YouTube.

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