Horton Announces Transition to All-American Production

Horton Announces Transition to All-American Production

KENT, OH-Horton Archery, the leader in crossbow technology and innovation, proudly announces that it has completed its final transition to all-American operations in Kent, Ohio. This process began over a year with the transition of all major components and assembly being U.S. based. The last of the tooling and small parts are now stateside.

“This is a very important and necessary step in Horton’s evolution and growth,” said Gregg Ritz, Horton President & CEO. “Our decision to move all production to the U.S. demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality, and our desire to deliver nothing but the very best to our loyal customers. This is simply the right thing to do for our brand, for our dedicated, hard-working staff, and for Horton fans everywhere.”

To learn more about Horton’s 51-year tenure as the trusted leader in crossbow technology, as well as its extensive, innovative 2011 crossbow lineup, visit your local Horton dealer or log on to www.hortonarchery.com.

Stephen Graham, Director of Marketing (810.919.8855); sgraham@wildcomm.com.

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