Hi-Lux Optics Introduces Toby Bridges Muzzleloader Scope

Hi-Lux Optics Introduces Toby Bridges Muzzleloader Scope

There are now a number of multi-reticle scope models on the market for the modern muzzleloading hunter. Shooting loads prescribed by the various manufacturers, the shooter can use the proper reticle for the determined range and keep hits in the kill zone. While most of these scopes do a fairly good job of living up to the claims made, the 3-9x40mm Toby Bridges Muzzleloader scope from Hi-Lux Optics continues to win over more muzzleloading hunters thanks to its versatility with a much wider range of loads.

During the development of this scope, Bridges put more than 1,000 rounds down range. That shooting was not only to determine exactly where the longer range 200…225…and 250 yard reticles had to be in order to put a sleek modern saboted polymer-tipped spire point bullet, at around 2,000 f.p.s., where it needed to go, but to also determine where those same reticles printed loads with a slower velocity or a less aerodynamic bullet. A chart in the manual that comes with this scope shares the ranges where the different reticles will print with bullets that have ballistic coefficients ranging from .150 to .250 at velocities ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 f.p.s.

Some of the test scopes he has used now have more than 10,000 rounds fired under them, including the original prototype Bridges used to take the buck in the accompanying photograph at 191 yards during the 2006 seasons. That scope is still in use today, and is as precise and reliable as it was then.

The TB-ML model is praised for its clear, sharp and bright sight picture. Like all Hi-Lux Optics models, it comes with photographic quality lenses which have had every air surface multi-coated for maximum light transmission. Other features include positive 1/4″ click windage and elevation adjustment, reliable Tri-Center coil spring tension on the erector tube, and Fast Focus eyepiece. The scope comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The matte blue-black model retails for $179, the matte silver model retails for $189.

For more on information on these great scopes, go to www.hi-luxoptics.com, drop Hi-Lux Optics an e-mail atinfo@hi-luxoptics.com , or call 1-888-445-8912.

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