Hawke Sport Optics Introduces New Multi-Purpose Riflescope

Hawke Sport Optics Introduces New Multi-Purpose Riflescope

The latest piece of innovation from Hawke Sport Optics cannot be contained to just one segment of the shooting sports market. A combination of chassis, reticle, and utility design revolution makes the new 1x scope from Hawke a must have item for turkey hunters, primitive arms shooters, CQB and tactical users, as well as crossbow shooters.

Constructed with a one piece mono tube chassis, the new 1x scope from Hawke optics was originally designed with the crossbow user in mind, as a scope option for states with more stringent regulations on the magnification power of scopes used on crossbows. With a dual cross, 6 aim point reticle, calibrated at 315 fps, extreme accuracy is possible even without the use of magnification.

For the turkey hunter, the reticle solves two common issues. First and foremost, as opposed to red dot sights traditionally used for turkey hunting, the illuminated reticle of the new 1x scope from Hawke is glass etched not projected. In the past, when a battery died or bright ambient light was available the red dot scope became virtually un-useable. Now, with the fully floating glass etched reticle, you never have to worry if you will be able to see your aim points. Additionally, the top cross in the reticle represents 4″ at 40 yards. This measurement is commonly used to represent the area between the top of a turkey’s head and the bottom of the wattle. No more fumbling for a range finder or guessing at the last moment if he is in range. When the cross covers his face and does not extend into feathers, you can pull the trigger knowing the bird is safely within your patterned range.

The ever growing tactical and CQB segment will also find use for this compact, low profile scope. Weighing in at just over 9 ounces this scope allows for quick target acquisition courtesy of its generous eye relief and parallax free image reproduction. The simple, illuminated cross aim points are easy to use, and are ideal for use in high intensity CQB settings.

This new scope (Hawke Part# HK3265) truly is a multi-purpose design that meets the needs of many consumer segments in one compact package. The scope is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, and covered by the Hawke Worldwide Warranty. The chassis is crossbow and all firearm caliber rated for years of use on whatever you choose to mount it.

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