Hawke Sport Optics Introduces Deer Pass SR and MAP Series

Hawke Sport Optics Introduces Deer Pass SR and MAP Series

Fast, accurate, point & shoot range finding scope systems designed specifically for today’s shotgun & muzzleloader hunters.

The DeerPass Series of scopes are one more example of how Hawke Sport Optics is technically advancing the world of hunting optics. Designed by respected North American hunting engineers, extensive research and field-testing produced a simple range finding scope system that would function quickly and accurately for all experience levels of shooters. An easy to use precision aiming tool for taking all types of North American game was the result. Consistent with Hawke’s high quality standards, reliability is to be expected. And best of all, these scopes are available at a surprisingly affordable price.

Once the setup and sighting-in procedure is completed, the shooter simply brackets the target by placing the appropriate predetermined measurement bracket on a known size area of the target and you’re ready to shoot (40″ chest to tail, 12″ nose to ear, 2″ white circle around eye for deer). Based on standard Foster Slug and Sabot Slug ballistics, the scope’s range finding reticles effectively compensate for bullet/slug trajectory and drop. With built in 50, 100, 150, and 200 yard aim-points, the result is a quick, clear and accurate kill shot.

Detailed set-up directions are included with the accompanying instruction manual, and Hawke’s technical support help line is available for helping out with questions and specific instructions if necessary.

All DeerPass scopes are covered by the Hawke Worldwide Warranty. They’re waterproof, shock proof, fog proof, fully rated and recoil tested using the most punishing guns available on the market.

Hawke® DeerPass SR Series: 3-9×40 IR EV SR — Special Features:
The SR version features a glass etched reticle with 6 red or green illuminated aiming points.
The illumination is operated by a side rheostat positioned on the saddle and powered by a single CR2032 battery.

Hawke® DeerPass MAP Series: 3-9×40 EV MAP & 3-9×40 MAP — Special Features:
Both MAP versions feature a range finding point and shoot, easy to use reticle system to ensure every shot is a guaranteed hit.

EV (Extreme View) Optical System (3-9×40 IR EV SR & 3-9×40 EV MAP):
Newly developed EV optical systems provide an additional 20% field of view over standard rifle & shotgun scopes, without increasing the size of the scope itself. This new feature allows for a much clearer, quicker and easier target acquisition.

FREE BRC SOFTWARE (Ballistic Reticle Calculator):
All of the DeerPass® Series scopes are fully supported by the Hawke BRC software. Designed by the best ballistic engineers in the world, the science is done for you and it’s really easy to use. Applicable to all rifle calibers, it’s available FREE for everyone, simply download it from the Hawke web site. Take advantage of the easiest and most effective tool available for increasing your accuracy in the field.

For More Information Please Visit Our Web Site at www.hawkeoptics.com


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