Guns & Ammo Launches Magazine App for iPad, iPhone

Guns & Ammo Launches Magazine App for iPad, iPhone

New York, NY (January 18, 2011) – The venerable Guns & Ammo brand announced today the launch of its magazine app developed for the iPhone and iPad. The Guns & Ammo Magazine app is priced on a per-issue model and is available now at Apple’s App Store ( Today’s news comes on the heels of Guns & Ammo’s recently launched and highly successful gaming application-G&A’s Point of Impact-which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since its launch in early December. Collectively, the Guns & Ammo digital efforts will serve as a blueprint for the other 15 brands in parent company InterMedia Outdoors’ market-leading portfolio.

The Guns & Ammo Magazine digital application incorporates many of the best features of print, such as layout design and editorial flow, with many of the best digital features, such as flexible navigation, content sharing, and bookmarks. The Guns & Ammo app was developed on an in-house digital publishing platform that combines artfully designed content with easy navigation creating an intuitive and compelling user experience. The app features much of the print version’s leading and authoritative reporting, as well as editorial content, features and how-to segments, in addition to a deep library of HD footage from America’s most watched firearms show, Guns & Ammo TV, airing on Sportsman Channel.

“Unlike other digital magazine solutions, we have the capacity to expand what we do with G&A every month, building upon what works and shelving what doesn’t,” said Howard Stevens, VP, Chief Information Officer for InterMedia Outdoors. “That flexibility allows G&A to provide its advertisers and readers with unparalleled flexibility and opportunity as G&A continues to learn, adapt and develop the ultimate digital magazine experience. G&A has tasked its editors, writers and designers with thinking about execution and content strategy that supports content across multiple platforms.”

“Guns & Ammo is arguably the most ubiquitous media brand in the shooting sports and when people think of authoritative firearms content, G&A is top of mind. IMO and G&A’s goal is to provide all people interested in firearms, ammunition and related gear-whether that be new audiences, the curious, beginners, intermediates and experts-the exact material they want and need, exactly how they want to consume it,” said Jeff Paro, CEO of InterMedia Outdoors. “The Guns & Ammo model will serve as a blueprint for the other 15 brands in our portfolio, with each title serving superior content across multiple platforms-the web, digital apps, gaming, print, video, as well as emerging technologies. Essentially, we’ll take a more agnostic approach to the brand and develop content which best suits the medium for which it’ll be seen and read.”

About GUNS & AMMO: Guns & Ammo (G&A), published by InterMedia Outdoors, is the preeminent, most respected media brand in the firearms enthusiast category. G&A covers the complete spectrum of firearms, accessories and related products and it reaches more enthusiast consumers than any other content provider serving this niche, including in print (Guns & Ammo magazine), online ( and on TV (Guns & Ammo TV, Guns & Ammo Classics and Personal Defense TV).

About INTERMEDIA OUTDOORS: InterMedia Outdoors, Inc. is the largest media company in the outdoor-enthusiast category, exclusively serving the information and entertainment needs of 50,000,000 outdoors enthusiasts, with the largest network of websites dedicated to hunting, shooting and fishing; a portfolio of 15 magazines including powerful brands such as Petersen’s Hunting, North American Whitetail, Guns&Ammo, In-Fisherman, Fly Fisherman, and Florida Sportsman; syndicated radio programming; 23 market-leading television productions, the largest library of outdoors television programming and Sportsman Channel, the only television network dedicated exclusively to hunting, shooting and fishing.

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