Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit named…

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit named…

in “TrailBlazing Gear” as one of “the 25 best tools for tackling your next backcountry adventure.”

There are plenty of solar chargers on the market, but we haven’t found one that gets the job done quite as quickly as Goal Zero’s Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit (it charged our tester’s iPhone in less than two hours on a mostly sunny day). Plug your device directly into the dual solar panels via USB, or, if it’s overcast, juice up from the included battery pack, which contains four rechargeable AAs and a handy LED flashlight to help you find the one that died in your pack. No need to wait around for the sun to do its work—an external loop allows you to attach the device to the outside of your pack for powering up on the go. ($160, goalzero.com)

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