Global Outfitters Selects EOTECH’s HHS1 “Best of the Best” for Turkey Hunting

Global Outfitters Selects EOTECH’s HHS1 “Best of the Best” for Turkey Hunting

This is not an unclad video game warrior it is the Vitruvian Man, circa 1487. Also known as the Canon of Proportions or Proportions of Man, this pen and ink on paper is arguably Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous work ( Accompanied by notes based on the work of famed architect, Vitruvius, it is said this image exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance provides the perfect example of Leonardo’s keen interest in proportion.

A panel of experts selected by Global Outfitters will draw inspiration from the Vitruvian Man to define the art and science of modern turkey hunting as they establish “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”. Global Outfitters President, Sam Hall, states our panel will outfit and arm hunters much like modern day video game warriors to take the field in search for the most allusive of turkey species, the Eastern. And who better to test our archery setup than acclaimed super human and master archer, Byron Ferguson. And for the gun hunter we have selected World famous hunter, Dr. Warren Strickland, who accomplished a double Grand Slam in 2011.

Global Outfitters adds the second optics selection to “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”. For turkey hunters, target ranges vary in ever-changing hunting conditions. The EOTECH Holographic Hybrid Sight I, w/ G33STS (HHS1) ( provides a solution for engaging ALL GAME in Close Quarter situations, quickly transitioning to a 500m targeting.

Instant transition is achieved through a Quick Switch to Side (STS) mount that offers a simple, quick disengagement of the magnifier. This durable, Night Vision compatible system offers wide field optical performance with superior light transmission for visibility in extreme low-light conditions. The HHS I and HHS II are Featured in the Blockbuster Hit

Final product selections to “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup” will be announced on March 12th. Chattokee Lodge in Northeast Alabama and Goodman Ranch in East Tennessee will host the hunts, and Global Outfitters will chronicle the events that include expert panel discussions on each product selection.

Turkey hunters everywhere can keep up with the progress and contribute to the process by visiting The entire program will be documented and reported as it unfolds, then aired on Pursuit Channel this Fall in documentary format on The Global Outfitter Show.

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