Genesis Patterns Partners With Chiappa Firearms

Genesis Patterns Partners With Chiappa Firearms


Lexington, N.C. – Genesis Pattern Technologies LLC, today announces the new Triple Crown patented tri-barrel shotgun from Chiappa Firearms will be available with KLOAK Cryptic Camouflage 3D patterns such as KonBat Desert, KonBat Canyon and StrutKon Spring.

Come see these exciting patterns at the KLOAK booth #11240 as well as the Chiappa Firearms booth # 11729A at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Offering the Triple Crown tri-barrel shotgun in KLOAK’s revolutionary camouflage patterns was an easy decision,” said Steve Regan, CEO of Genesis Pattern Technologies. “It’s awesome to see innovative products working hand-in-hand for the benefit of the sportsman.”

Click here for a product information brochure.

Genesis Pattern Technologies strives to become the international leader in the development of camouflage patterns, as well as the development, marketing and production of other outdoor products and technologies for sale to outdoor enthusiasts. KLOAK patterns are based upon mimicry patterning and cryptic colorations found in the natural world.

See Ron Norton of Chiappa firearms demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Triple Crown Shotgun below:

Chiappa Firearms Ltd. is one of the nations leading manufacturers and importers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market. Chiappa Firearms Ltd. will import handguns and shotguns from leading firearm manufacturers located in Turkey.

For more information on Chiappa Firearms, visit or contact Ron Norton,

For more information on Genesis Pattern Technologies (GPT) / KLOAK, contact: GPT/KLOAK, 395 NC Hwy. 47, Lexington, NC 27292. Ph.  (336)
For information on licensing or any of KLOAK’s other patterns, contact: Steve Regan,

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