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Game Cam Leads to Wildlife Violation Conviction

IDAHO FALLS – The detection of a trail camera placed over an illegal bear bait in Oregon in 2008 has resulted in the conviction of former Idaho resident Aaron Loosli on wildlife related violations that occurred in Idaho and had been stored on the camera. On April 12, 2010 Loosli now of La Pine Oregon, was sentenced in Idaho’s Madison County for unlawful possession of a bull moose in October of 2004.

The camera found implicated a number of other individuals in illegal wildlife activities both in Oregon and Idaho. A joint investigation between Oregon and Idaho wildlife enforcement officers resulted not only in this conviction, but a variety of other charges. The investigation resulted in the confiscation of numerous illegally gotten trophy animals. Officers involved in the investigation stated this was not about subsistence poaching to feed a family, but lust for trophy quality animals.

While investigators were able to charge Loosli with nearly 30 violations as the result of their investigation, legal maneuverings resulted in only the bull moose charge moving entirely through the court system. The sentencing issued on April 12th was as follows:

v 9 year revocation of hunting privileges
v 1 year of determinant / 2 years indeterminate jail time (suspended)
v $10,000 civil penalty to be paid to the State of Idaho at $200 a month
v $500 in fines plus $181 in court costs
v 150 hours of community service
v 30 days in jail served in either Idaho or Oregon
v Shall not carry any weapons during probation.

Daniel Parker of Bend, Oregon was also found guilty for his role in the illegal killing of this same bull moose and received a similar sentence. Because of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact both individuals will lose the privilege to hunt in the participating 33 states for the next 9 years!

According to IDFG Regional Investigator Robert Howe, “”This case demonstrates the distance that wildlife criminals will cover, as well as the staggering number of animals that they can illegally kill over the course of a few years!”


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