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For Fall Turkey Hunting Success, Get Down-N-Dirty

Lewisburg, KY—Fall turkey hunting can be as exciting as spring turkey season, but it certainly takes different technique and a lot of patience. Gobblers are not gobbling to mate at this time of year, but with some scouting and persistence, the birds can be put into a pattern, and your pay off can be great.

According to champion caller and co-owner of Down-N-Dirty Outdoors game calls, Jason Kidd, “By far, one of my favorite and one of the most effective ways to hunt turkeys in the fall is by scattering a flock and calling them back.

First, you locate a flock, and get into a position where you can effectively scatter it,” Kidd continued. “Keep in mind, that for this tactic to work, you have to scatter the birds in all different directions. This means you have to get relatively close to the flock before you scare them off. Within about 20 minutes of scattering the flock, the woods will come alive with turkey sounds-yelps, kee-kees, cutting and cackles. This is when the stage is yours to put on a show.

I like to yelp and kee-kee on a mouth call, and I even do some yelping and clucks at the same time on a friction call. Keep in mind that you want to command your presence and lead this show. The DND Arsenic three-reed mouth call from the Poison Series has long been my go-to for fall turkey hunting. It has the traditional cutter style cut with a small slash in the back that gives it a pitch that is pure turkey. It gives me a nice clear kee-kee followed up with some high-pitched raspy yelps.

Simultaneously, I will be yelping, clucking or cutting on the DND Soul Crusher Slate call. Personally, I like the slate call because it is more forgiving.”

Fall turkey hunting is not only an opportunity to harvest a great bird, but also a time to really listen and learn from the turkey. Not as many hunters flock to the woods for turkey this time of year, so the competition from fellow hunters is less. Enjoy this time-get out there, and get Down-N-Dirty with some birds this fall.

Through their experience and determination, Down-N-Dirty Outdoors has come to offer hunters the most advanced line of game calls available today. From the unique-looking diaphragms to the exceptionally designed pot calls, the entire line is built by hand with one goal in mind: to create the finest quality, affordable game calls that absolutely mimic your prey.

There are no gimmicks; no pretty faces; no bull. The calls from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors are just the finest calls available on the market today, and they will make you a more successful hunter now and in the years to come.

For more information on Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, go to www.downndirtyoutdoors.com. Be sure to visit the Down-N-Dirty Outdoors fan page on Facebook.

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