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Fleece Favourites For Silent Stalking

Bone Collector Brotherhood Jacket Ð Features SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial technology for odor control. Made of silent, lightweight fleece. Attached hood is designed not to inhibit your peripheral vision. Click here to order.
Bone Collector Brotherhood Pants - Constructed of quiet, lightweight fleece that is bonded with SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 technology for extra odor control. Features double rubber snap closure and wasit tabs for comfortable fit. Click to order. Bone Collector S3 Hammer Fleece Jacket - Features S3 antimicrobial technology, full front zip and two zippered side pockets for convenience. Collar, cuffs and waist are designed to keep elements out. Made of anti-pilling fleece. Click here to order.
Freak Nasty Sherpa Fleece Vest Ð Offers 100 percent WindBlocker protection and is reversible to suit surroundings. Comes with a safety harness slit in the back for convenient attachment and concealment. Click to order.

Fleece can be a hunter’s best friend. It is deadly quiet, provides great warmth-to-weight ratios and has a comfortable, soft fit. But not all fleece is created equal. ScentBlocker goes to great lengths to source fleece that is lightweight and durable. Then the fleece is bonded with proven ScentBlocker technologies, such as SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial. ScentBlocker fleece garments are engineered for maximum range of motion and comfort to allow you to move into position when the shot presents itself.

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