Firefield Tactical Shotgun Flashlight

Firefield Tactical Shotgun Flashlight

Mansfield, TX – Firefield Tactical Shotgun flashlight features weapons mountable capabilities for shotguns, so the perfect shot is in sight every time no matter the darkness. The Firefield Tactical Shotgun flashlight gives the user an illuminated field of view featuring a Cree LED light, ensuring shooters hit their target every time.

Its sleek, compact design is ideal for travel and its energy efficient push button battery cap ensures that the Firefield Tactical Flashlight gives the maximum use.

Featuring a tactical “on” pressure pad, the Firefield Tactical Flashlight saves precious battery life, ensuring a long-lasting experience for the novice or experienced shooter.

The Firefield Shotgun Flashlight features an accessory weaver mount, which affixes to all various shotgun barrels for a seamless and dynamic shooting experience that can withstand the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun.

“The Firefield Tactical Shotgun flashlight is a great dual use product, due to the fact that it can be hand held for traditional flashlight uses and weapons mounted for home defense and tactical use,” said Chase Stephens, national sales for Firefield. “Whether used for tactical shooting, hunting or home defense, the Firefield Tactical Shotgun Flashlight can be a versatile part of any outdoorsman’s armory.”

Firefield™ concentrates on providing the consumer with products for fast-paced situations while being durable yet affordable. Firefield™ works diligently creating products to serve the next generation of fast-paced gun enthusiasts. For more information on Firefield™ products, log on to Please contact Sarah Tajvar at or 817-225-1713 for any additional information.

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