Enhancements Take The Raptor Series To The Next Level

Enhancements Take The Raptor Series To The Next Level

Enhancements Take The Raptor Series To The Next LevelDecatur, AL- Never being satisfied, Summit’s engineers have been diligently seeking ways to improve the Raptor Series of Hang On stands. This popular stand series features a single cable spreader design, which has already been copied by others, but those others will continue to play catch up. Summit’s engineers have come up with two modifications that will enhance both the new lineup, and Raptor Series stands that are already in the field.

The new RSX Seat for our Raptor Series Hang On Stands is made from closed cell foam using cross link technology. To us regular folks, that means that this seat is completely waterproof, and cushioned enough to sit on for hours. We’ve also tested it to see if pesky squirrels will do any damage to it, and after a year in the field, they haven’t touched it. This seat can be purchased to fit the 2009 models of RS Hawks, RS Falcons, and RS Ospreys.

2010 models that feature the RSX Seat are the RSX Hawk and the RSX Osprey. If you prefer to have a gun rest on your Raptor Series Stand, we can accommodate that, too. The new Raptor Series Hang On Gun Rest will fit all of our Raptor Series stands, and can be installed in just a few short minutes. This gun rest is adjustable to fit most any size hunter, comes with a pad to eliminate noise, and can be pivoted out of the way for easy entry and exit of your stand.

About Summit: Summit is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance treestands, safety straps, and ground blinds. Founded by John Woller, Sr. in 1981, the company combines a passion for engineering and hunting, which clearly shows in the design elegance and in-field functionality of all their products. Summit holds over a dozen patents and has consistently led the industry with new innovations, comfort, and convenience features. Summit has been part of PRADCO Outdoor, a division of EBSCO Industries, since 2002. Suggested Retail for the Waterproof RSX Raptor Replacement Seat is $29.99. Suggested Retail for the Raptor Series Gun Rest is $39.99.

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