Elzetta Announces New Tactical Strobe Tailcap

Elzetta Announces New Tactical Strobe Tailcap

Elzetta is pleased to announce our new Tactical Strobe Tailcap, available on new Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED Flashlights and also available separately as an upgrade (all Elzetta Flashlight components may be purchased individually).

Unlike competitive designs, you do not need to know Morse Code to change modes. There are no multiple clicks, no confusing menus, and no precise movements required to change modes.

On/Off is achieved with the pushbutton while High/Strobe is selected by rotating the Tailcap (fully clockwise is Constant-On while unscrewing the Tailcap anywhere from a few degrees to a 1/4 rotation engages the Strobe feature). This decoupled user interface is simple and intuitive, appropriate for high stress situations. (The user interface is just like our popular High/Low Tailcap only a high-frequency strobe replaces the ‘Low’ mode.) The Mode can be changed whether the Light is On or Off.

Also, unlike many competitive units, this High/Strobe Tailcap draws Zero current when switched off so it will not drain your batteries when the light is in storage.

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