Elcan Rifle Scopes

Elcan Rifle Scopes

These are the voyages of the Elcan Riflescope. It’s continuing mission, to provide ultimate shooting accuracy with quality digital image recording.

Captain’s log, star date 2010. We find ourselves in the Delta Quadrant facing down the Klingtrons, the alien of Rigel Prime. They have captured our science officer, Mr. Sprock, and I will not leave him to die at their hands. They have moved out of range amid the dangerous sulfur volcano rocks of Ganymede IV and my loyal crew is working to find a way to rescue him in that dangerous landscape.

Spotty, our head engineer, brought some gear up to the bridge. “Cap’n, we can save Mr. Sprock by these adjustments.” He held out several sleek-looking tools. “These are the Elcan Digital Riflescopes. They’ve got electronic ballistics compensation and will be perfect if we have to pick a fight on that desolate planet.”

“You can’t shoot the Klingtrons,” our tactical officer, Sasha Lar, spoke up. “They’ll claim self defense to the Planetary Alliance and then we’ll be grounded.”

“That’s why you use the automatic video capture to record that they have Mr. Sprock hostage,” Spotty replied, clicking buttons on the computer. “This will work, Captain.  We can set the resolution on the video capture to high, to see the details in their faces. We can connect the video output port so that the Planetary Alliance can watch our rescue operation in real time. Or we can attach it to the USB drive and save the rescue video to show it to them later.”

“The shot’s too far,” Sasha said. “You’ve got to go in there with the shuttle, Captain. Transport Mr. Sprock out of there before it’s too late.” She ran her hands through her short hair.

“It’s not too far,” the chief engineer puffed. “Electronic ballistic compensation will enable us to hold where we want to hit. The electronic zoom helps in aiming without losing image quality. Magnification is accomplished electronically, centered about the designated center pixel and the aim point will not change at all during magnification changes like it does on a conventional scope, nor does resolution as we change from wide to narrow fields of view. We can set up the Digital Hunter for four different reticles, so we can pick reticles for any lighting or distance situation.  Or we could use this one, the Digital Hunter Day Night Riflescope.”

He handed the scope to me, and I caught it. Its engineering was smooth and it felt heavy and comfortable in my hands. “This is good for the dusky twilight of Ganymede IV?”

Spotty nodded. “It utilizes the near infrared, so more light is available to the scope, for brighter images in low light situations. After dark, active night vision will enable us to be effective whether you want us to go in for surveillance, or to kill those Klingtron varmints.” Spotty smiled.

“You’ve convinced me,” I said to Spotty. “Set up an away team. Set up the Elcan Digital Hunter Riflescopes on our weapons.” I pulled out my ray gun. “I’m going with you.”

Spotty smiled. “Do you want instant replay?” He started to adjust the settings on the scopes, which seemed very easy to do, even for him. “We can capture video or still photographs, and set a shot activated video or photograph capture set for a five second sequence before, after, or a combination of before and after the shot.”

I thought of my dependable friend, Mr. Sprock being held by those despicable Klingtrons, and I shrugged my shoulders. “Just set it so that they never kidnap one of my crewmembers again. I took the Elcan Digital Hunter and attached it easily to my ray guy. “These Klingtrons won’t know what hit them.”

Captain’s Log, star date 2010b. We took the Elcan Digital Hunter Riflescopes, attached to our ray guns down to the surface of Ganymede IV today to rescue our science officer, Mr. Sprock. The mission was a success. Mr. Sprock was so impressed with the riflescopes that he is now studying them for applications to integrate their superior technology into our ship’s navigation and tactical systems. The Elcan Riflescopes are an amazing piece of engineering.

Elcan Rifle Scopes

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