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Down-N-Dirty Releases Mayhem And Mayhem XT

LEWISBURG, Ky. (July 25, 2011) – Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, the maker of high-quality handcrafted turkey and waterfowl calls, is proud to introduce its two new goose calls: the Mayhem and the Mayhem XT. Designed and made from the finest materials by DND champion callers and craftsman, these two new goose calls produce the widest range of natural sounds imaginable.

The Mayhem is a short-reed call that was developed from years of hunting public land and heavily pressured private clubs. Designed with an aggressive open bore and “worn-in guts,” the Mayhem is able to reach out and get geese’s attention and then coax them in for the final approach. The open-bore design of the Mayhem allows the hunter to use less backpressure to achieve the necessary sounds, from the top-end all the way to the bottom. The Mayhem is so versatile, when the birds get close, you can easily manage the call with just one hand.

The Mayhem XT is the Mayhem on steroids. If you are looking for that “old school” sound, this is your call. With a bigger bore and longer keg design, the Mayhem XT offers the caller the deep, low-end sound of the calls of yesterday. This call is designed with the same “worn-in” guts used on all DND goose calls, giving the hunter the ability to keep up with high-gliding migrators as well as finishing the job all the way down to the spread.

These goose calls use guts molded from a call that has been worn-in from more than five years of extensive use in the field. As the reed of that original call slapped the tone board, over time, it actually cut grooves in the edges of the board. This constant wear on the tone board produced an easier running call because the reed was able to flex much more easily. Using those worn-in guts as the mold for the Mayhem and the Mayhem XT, DND created a pair of calls that run smoother, take less air and allow the user to get the full range of sound from top end all the way down to the low moans and growls. Both calls have been field tested by the DND Pro Staff team for two years. From the Northwest to the Mississippi River bottoms, they have proven that they won’t let you down.

“Goose calling can be difficult because geese are smart birds, and if they hear one sound they don’t like, they’re gone,” said DND president Mark Coin. “Fortunately, with the new Mayhem and Mayhem XT calls, even if you are new to goose calling, you can quickly learn to accurately mimic the sounds of the goose with surprisingly little practice.

“We have exhaustively tested preproduction versions of the Mayhem and the Mayhem XT for thousands of hours of working birds, and we’re convinced that they can truly talk to the geese,” Coin added. “Our body counts have confirmed it. We would not put our name on these calls and launch them unless we thought they were perfect. I believe that you would’ve had to have been hatched from a Canada goose egg to create a sound as convincing. We’re very excited to bring them to the marketplace now.”

The Mayhem and the Mayhem XT will be available in September with retail prices of $131.99, each. Specially selected translucent colors will also be available. With either of the new Mayhem calls, DND can bring the geese in for you. Getting them on the ground-well, that part’s up to you.

For more information on Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, and to get demonstrations on the entire line of calls go to www.downndirtyoutdoors.com. Be sure to visit the Down-N-Dirty Outdoors fan page on Facebook.

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