Disse Gear™ Introduces The Celo 1ed™ And Celo 2ed™ Shoulder Carry Bags

Disse Gear™ Introduces The Celo 1ed™ And Celo 2ed™ Shoulder Carry Bags

(October, 2010) GLEN ALLEN, VA – Disse Gear providing high quality bags and shotgun cases, introduces their New Celo 1ed and Celo 2ed Shoulder Carry Bags. Disse Gear bags, using a multi-functional design offer many opportunities for use from concealed carry to outdoor photography. The Celo 1ed is compact in design, yet large enough to carry the necessities and its counter-part, the Celo 2ed is a full-size carry bag with even greater room to take along the needs of the day.

The Celo 1ed Compact and Multi-Functional Carry Bag is rugged in design and comfortable to carry. It offers five zippered pockets and a pouch with a quick release buckle for instant access. The dual zippered-easily accessible pocket measures 8″ long by 9″ wide. The additional pockets are well-located for carrying other basic needs such as cell phone, flashlight, or GPS. The Celo 1ed has several rows of extra webbing and two D-rings to allow for the attachment of keys or additional accessories. The ID holder located on the front of the bag allows quick access of your identification without having to reach into the bag. The main compartment is covered with a zippered lid for added protection and measures 7″ x 6.5″ wide and 4″ deep give room for compact binoculars, tape recorders, wallets, etc.

The Celo 2ed Full Size and Multi-Functional Carry Bag is an upgrade in size over the Celo 1ed, yet is still compact enough in design to carry comfortably. The Celo 2ed offers four larger zippered pockets, a pouch with a quick release buckle, an adjustable rifle magazine style side pouch and an adjustable top pouch. This multi-functional bag carries a lot of gear with the ability to customize and is built to endure the unexpected conditions of everyday carry. The Celo 2ed dubs nicely as a camera bag.

Both the Celo 1ed and Celo 2ed are constructed using UTX buckles, YKK® zippers, functional nylon webbing, high strength nylon stitching and rugged 1000D Nylon. During the production of these products, Disse Gear demanded the use of the finest raw materials as they do not believe in sacrificing quality by using inferior materials. Their goal is to build long lasting, quality gear, coupled with functionality that will hold up to the harsh treatment of its users. Whether you are heading to the local range, exploring the nearest river or trail or going to take a short hike, or if the office is your destination, Disse Gear has a product for you.

Celo 1ed Compact Multi-Functional Carry Bag Size Specifications:

* Main Compartment: L 7″ x W 6.5″ x D 4″
* Front Pocket: L 7″ x W 6″ x D 1.5″
* Side Pockets: L 6″ x W 3″ x D 1.5″
* Buckled Pouch: L 4.75″ x W 2″ x D 1.5″
* Dual Zipper Pocket: L 8″ x W 9″

MSRP is $56.99.

Celo 2ed Full Size Multi-Functional Carry Bag Size Specifications:

* Main Compartment: L 8″ x W 8″ x D 5″
* Front Pocket: L 7″ x W 7″ x D 1.5″
* Side Pocket: L 6.5″ x W 3.5″ x D 1.5″
* Buckled Pouch: L 4.5″ x W 2″ x D 1.25″
* Dual Zipper Pocket: L 9″ x W 9″
* Top Pouch: L 4.5″ x W 2″ x D 1″
* Side Pouch: L 5″ x W 3″ x D 1.75″

MSRP is $64.99

Quite simply, they bring “real world experience” to produce “real world gear”.

About Disse Gear: From the beginning, team members at Disse Outdoor Gear, LLC have been working in close collaboration with individuals in the tactical and outdoor industry to define their products. Because of these partnerships, the team at Disse has a great understanding of how important it is to have quality gear that serves their intended purposes. Disse continues to work quickly to introduce product lines that exceed the needs of their customers by maximizing functionality and quality. For more information on Disse Outdoor Gear or to view their complete line of products please visit www.dissegear.com or by calling 888.854.5605.

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