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Deal of the Day by Webyshops:NIKON Buckmasters 4-12×50 SF Riflescope

The NIKON Buckmasters 4-12×50 SF Riflescope, BDC Reticle, Matte (6483) are available with the patented BDC reticle for long- range shooting precision. Offering large exit pupils for low light hunting combined with the greater resolving capability of higher magnification, the 4-12×50 provide superb brightness and clarity for virtually any hunt. The 4-12×50 model features side-focus adjustments for parallax-free sighting.

No other riflescope brings to mind trophy deer and happy hunters as the famous Nikon Buckmasters line. You simply won’t find a better combination of critical light transmission, must-have features, and rugged durability. With the Buckmasters family, there’s a perfect match for every rifle, every hunter and every hunting style.


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