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Deal of the Day by Webyshops.com: GOMOTION Sport Runner 100 (SR100U)

TheĀ GOMOTION Sport Runner 100 (SR100U) has 100 lumen Cree LED that mounted at Waist level for comfort and convenience – will light up the entire road. Comfortable, padded mesh Waist-Pack for Low-Light Running & Walking. Contoured, waist-level running belt designed as a lightweight solution for walkers and recreational runners with comfort mesh construction.

Features include beam width and brightness control and light angle adjustment. Safety features include two rear tail-lights, reflective trim, two zip pockets for cell phone and accessories. No more uncomfortable headlamps or having to carry a flashlight. Experience the comfort, stability, and improved night vision, depth perception, and peripheral vision with GoMotion’s wearable body mounted lighting systems.


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