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Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Out Performs the Competitors

Surpassing by far what the other guys are marketing and exceeding even the original Day 6 PlotWatcher time-lapse video camera, the new PlotWatcher Pro redefines field reconnaissance. With extended battery life that is 10 times more than other time-lapse cameras and a 2.5″ LCD for onboard camera set-up, video aiming and camera status messages, the PlotWatcher Pro will put you that much closer to getting that trophy buck on your hit list.

Best of all, the software is very user friendly…It’s as easy as testing the wind. The PlotWatcher Pro is designed to maximize observation and minimize intrusion, and the longer battery life lets you dream about dead booners not dead batteries.

Like the original PlotWatcher, the PlotWatcher Pro uses time-lapse video technology to record high-definition images, taking a picture every 5 or 10 seconds and saving these individual pictures as an HD video. So whether the animal is 30 feet away or 330 feet away, you’ll see it on the video. Essentially, the PlotWatcher Pro records what you would have seen if you’d been scouting that same spot for all of that time. A single PlotWatcher Pro allows you to be two places at once…just imagine if you had more than one.

In addition, the PlotWatcher Pro accepts add-on zoom lenses, features temperature and moon-phase info on each image, uses a SD card storage, is security cable ready and saves video files in ½ of the memory space. It also features defined time-of-day for video start and stop. The GameFinder video player software, free with the PlotWatcher Pro, gives you the ability to watch an entire 12-hour day’s worth of video in just a few minutes. We’re not talking “Say Cheese and hold still for the camera boys!” …This is state of the art surveillance capability, data collection and storage file convenience that can seal the deal for you this fall. The competition can’t begin to match the superior performance of the PlotWatcher Pro.


For more information on the PlotWatcher, check out www.day6outdoors.com.


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