Cuddeback Attack and Attack IR Offer Fastest Trigger Speed

Cuddeback Attack and Attack IR Offer Fastest Trigger Speed

The new Cuddeback Attack series scouting cameras have been over three years in development and are the result of twenty-five years of scouting camera experience! Technologically a quantum leap over previous generations, Attack and Attack IR feature Ultra Hair Trigger – they will snap an image within ¼ second. That’s faster than any Cuddeback ever and fast enough to catch a deer running over 20 feet per second! This means you’re far more likely to get an image of the animal that triggered the camera. And, thanks to Cuddeback’s Centered Subject Technology, that animal is more likely to appear in the center of the image.

But that’s not all – not even close! Both Attack models also feature Full Season Battery Life. Operating on 4 “D” cell batteries, Attack will take 10,000 images on a single set of batteries. Attack IR will take 50,000 images on a single set of batteries. That’s easily a full season without changing batteries! This also dramatically reduces battery cost. And, it means you’ll pay for your Attack in short order just with battery cost savings compared to some cameras.

Attack also takes video! This feature is called Video Plus because it gives you premium quality, 24-frames-per-second clips that are 30 seconds long, plus a still image! So, you don’t have to give up your still image when you select video (and, with Attack’s exceptional battery life, you can shoot a lot of video).

Image quality with the 5 megapixel Attack and Attack IR is outstanding. Cuddeback’s Smart Color Image Technology is state-of-the-art image processing that results in vibrant colors. And, with Attack IR, you’ll get 5 megapixel infrared images that are not only remarkably clear, but virtually void of the motion blur and exposure problems you get with other infrared cameras.

Both Attack and Attack IR have a brand new time lapse mode called Guard Duty where the camera will automatically take an image every 12 seconds. This lets you monitor a food plot, stand site or field, any larger area you wish to watch, all day every day! Guard Duty gives you an entire day’s worth of high resolution 1.3 megapixel images that you can view in rapid fashion in just 10 minutes with Fast Watch, a feature on Cuddeback’s Trophy Room software which is available for free download at With Guard Duty, you’ll be able to determine if and when there was any daytime (only) activity in a larger general area well outside the reach of scouting cameras. Guard Duty creates images, not video. This way you can save the images you want and delete the rest.

Attack and Attack IR also have a built-in USB port. Plug in a flash drive and copy images on the spot from the camera’s SD card to the flash drive. This eliminates the need for card swapping, lets you download images from multiple cameras to a single flash drive and makes transferring images to a computer easier than ever!

Another clever innovation you’ll find on Cuddeback Attack and Attack IR is the new Genius Mount System. Every camera comes with a Genius mounting bracket that either straps or screws into the tree onto which the camera itself slides. With Genius, you’ll be able to attach additional brackets to favorite camera locations and simply slide the camera in place when you get there. It also allows you to readily check your camera or
change batteries.

Attack features a 1.5″ strobe flash that assures a real 60 foot flash range. Attack IR uses 36 high-power infrared LEDs for a comparable 60 foot IR flash range. Both models operate on four “D” cell batteries, use either SD or SDHC media (1 GB to 32 GB), feature Cuddeback’s famous Super Simple Setup and a 60 MB internal memory so if you forget or lose you SD card you can still get approximately 60 images.

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