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Utah DWR Offers Hunters $10,000 Contracts for Coyotes


The growing number of coyotes in Utah and the threat they present to mule deer led to the creation of the state’s Predator Control Program in 2012. By the time wildlife officials ended the program’s first year last June, more than $380,000 was paid out to 1,055 participating hunters and trappers. What many may not know, however, is that the state also awarded 13 contracts to high-performing hunters for work between December 2013 and June 2014.

According to the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Division of Wildlife (DWR) began forming the contracts last November. To be eligible, hunters had to have turned in at least 25 coyotes through the Predator Control Program. This narrowed the pool of potential hunters to just 60. According to a report released by the DWR, more than 7,100 coyotes were taken as a result of the program, but most hunters only turned in one animal.

“The program is very successful in terms of participation,” DWR mammals coordinator John Shivik told KSL.com’s Grant Olsen.

Shivik explained that the contracts work by matching up experienced hunters and trappers with areas where fawn-to-doe ratios are low. The contracts require about 200 hours of work and may reach up to $10,000. The 13 contracts in effect now will end in June, and the DWR is considering agreeing to a similar number later this year after evaluating the program.

“This is a new program, however, that hasn’t been tried at this scale before,” Shivik said. “That is why it is so important for us to collect data on deer populations and coyote removal. In a few years, we will have enough data to be able to make a good assessment of the effectiveness of the program for helping deer herds.”

The Predator Control Program is funded by the Mule Deer Protection Act. Although coyotes can be dangerous to other animals, wildlife officials are primarily concerned about the effect the predators have on mule deer fawns. The combination of harsh winters, scarce food, and pressure from coyotes can strain deer herds to their limit, and biologists hope that the program will lead to a resurgence in the mule deer population.

“If the weather is mild and the habitat is good, then removing predators could increase the number of fawns that survive. More fawns could help to stimulate an increase in mule deer numbers,” the DWR states on its website.

Other factors make it hard to gauge whether the Predator Control Program is having an effect on deer numbers, such as available forage and the severity of weather. Animal rights groups were quick to criticize the program, while some biologists say that coyote culls have historically done little to reduce their population.

DWR officials hope otherwise, although it may be a few years until the department has enough data to make a conclusive analysis. Coyotes can produce up to six pups a year and can be difficult to hunt. Currently, the Predator Control Program reimburses hunters and trappers $50 for every confirmed coyote taken.

Source: Outdoor Hub: http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/utah-dwr-offers-hunters-10000-contracts-coyotes/

Photo: Justin Johnsen via Wikimedia Commons

Webyshops Begins Selling Firearms And Ammunition Online

ARLINGTON, Texas, March 6, 2014: Outdoor retailer Webyshops.com has announced that they will begin selling firearms and ammunition to all US online customers. With this recent move, Webyshops challenges the likes of other online firearm and ammunition retailers like Midway USA, Brownells, and Cheaper Than Dirt.

Webyshops CEO Mikhail Orlov recently commented on his excitement about venturing into online firearm and ammunition sales:

“While firearm sales in general and online specifically are a hot political topic today, the industry is lacking companies that can do it in full compliance with Federal and State laws while also delivering an exceptional shopping and customer service experience. We believe we can do both.”

Orlov went on to further describe how rare it is to find a reliable online retailer for firearms and ammunition: “Google and Amazon are starting to shun businesses in the shooting industry by removing product listings and shutting down ads that focus on gun accessories and parts. We see this as an opportunity to fill in the void and provide law abiding citizens with access to exceptional values on firearms, ammunition, scopes, and other accessories from over 300 brands and 250,000 SKUs.”

Part of their new online sales campaign involves educating the consumer on the legal and safe way to acquire firearms from legitimate sources at prices unmatched by big box stores. Now customers can easily follow their guidelines to make the process painless. Once approved for transfer, a customer can have the firearm of their choice shipped to an authorized FFL certificate holder or dealer in just a matter of days.

What are the advantages of purchasing a firearm online from Webyshops? Unlike most stores that have high cost of retail space, Webyshops maintains lower prices on their inventory because they operate more like Sam’s Club or Costco. In addition, Webyshops is electronically connected to key manufacturers and distributors in the outdoor industry. This gives customers an insider opportunity to buy direct at almost wholesale prices. Webyshops’ strong connectivity also translates into inventory that covers not hundreds, but thousands of firearms and accessories. Because of their diversified product offering, Webyshops customer service representatives can find gun parts based on the year and model of a firearm. Think an automotive parts store solution for firearms and outdoor equipment.


Like many prominent retail sites on the web, you can trace the origins of Webyshops to a small home office. Founded by a tight knit group of outdoor retail industry veterans in 2010, CEO Orlov and associates noticed there was a gap between sites that were selling firearms and sites that were focused on general outdoor gear. The former typically looked homemade and lacked the functionality consumers expect. The latter did not offer the shooting products that Webyshops’ founders considered to be in high demand. Building on the formula that customers want knowledge and direction alongside low prices, site functionality, and good design, Webyshops began by exclusively selling sports optics. Success soon saw the company expand to the entirety of the outdoor equipment market. Today they are committed to being the personal gear outfitter for every variety of shooter and outdoor explorer. In addition to their ever-growing list of online products, Webyshops also maintains a spacious Show Room at their Arlington, Texas headquarters.

For more information on how to purchase firearms online from Webyshops visit: How To Buy A Firearm Online.

Open box item for sale: 5.11 Single Pistol Case

Open box item for sale: 5.11 Single Pistol Case, TAC OD (58724-188) .
Free shipping
Call 800-851-9329 or email info@webyshops.com to purchase

Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope

Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope

Vortex Riflescopes: First vs. Second Focal Plane

Some of you are already very familiar with the differences between first and second focal plane riflescopes but for those of you out there who are unsure, we put together this short, basic video to give you some basic insight and help you decide which design would likely work best for you. If you have any questions about anything explained in the video, please give us a call at 800-426-0048. Thank you for your interest in Vortex Optics.

Simmons Offers Value and Performance with its New Trail Camera Line


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January 2012
Mike Capps
(573) 898-3422/ mcapps@howardcommunications.com
Paul Arnhold – Bushnell Outdoor Products
(913) 752-6105 / parnhold@bushnell.com

Simmons Offers Value and Performance with its New Trail Camera Line

Overland Park, Kan.Simmons, a leader in high-quality, high-value sports optics for more than 25 years, has added three new trail cameras to its 2012 product line. Hunters can now monitor game activity around the clock, thanks to the new Simmons low-glow LED night vision technology.

Featuring a one-second trigger speed, full-color images up to 7 MP, and a high-quality 640×480 video mode, the Simmons trail cameras capture the quality and detail hunters demand. The multi image mode allows users to select from capturing one to three images per trigger, and the video mode is programmable to record five- to 60-second video clips.

Using low-glow LED flash technology, the cameras are virtually invisible to game. Add to that Simmons motion-activated, passive infrared (PIR) sensor, and hunters can monitor game out to 25, 40 or 45 feet (see chart below).

Thanks to an SD card capacity of 32GB, all three cameras can capture and store thousands of images. Powered by four AA batteries, the Simmons cameras offer an impressive six-month battery life for long-lasting, uninterrupted performance in the field. The easy-to-use LCD setup screen allows users to deploy the camera in just minutes.

Model Product Name Resolution Settings PIR Sensor Night Vision Flash Battery Life SD Capacity Estimated Retail
119234C Whitetail 2,4 MP 25 ft 15 LED 6 mos. 32 GB $79.99
119236C Whitetail 5, 6 MP 40 ft 18 LED 6 mos. 32 GB $99.99
119421C ProHunter 3, 5, 7 MP 45 ft 20 LED 6 mos. 32 GB $129.99

The Simmons Whitetail and ProHunter trail cameras will be available in May 2012 for an estimated retail price range of $79.99 – $129.99. Learn more about Simmons and its complete line of high-value sports optics at www.simmonsoptics.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Tasco®, Serengeti®, Bollé®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, Stoney Point®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Cébé ®, Uncle Mike’s®, Millett®, Simmons® and Final Approach® brand names. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

CES 2012 – Can you power your house with a Yetti?

Generators are big, heavy, noisy and typically not the cleanest sources of power you can find.

What if you could have a power unit that could offer clean, renewable energy, relative portability, utmost quiet and the flexibility of a super efficient power delivery system… would you give it a try?

GoalZero thinks you will.

Nikon’s Zoom In on Father’s Day Rebate

We aren’t saying just because your father is getting older his eyesight is going. What we are saying is helping him zoom in on any object with a pair of Nikon 10-22×50 Action Zoom XL Binoculars (model 7234).

The Action Zoom XL Binoculars are rubber armor coated making them durable and easy to keep in your grip even when wet. Featuring fingertip controls for the zoom and a central focus wheel for quickly clearing the fuzziness from the viewed image. They even come equipped with a convenient tripod mount.

So whether your Father pursues big game in various local and exotic locations, watches birds from his rocking chair on the porch, or just wants a closer look at the baseball game…that’s on TV, the Nikon Action XL binoculars are a great choice.

Purchase a pair of Nikon Action XL Zoom binoculars from May 13, 2012 until June 18, 2012 and become eligible for a $40 mail in rebate. Show dad what an excellent shopper you are by saving even more by purchasing from Webyshops.com, receiving free shipping and taking advantage of Nikon’s rebate. With this kind of savings, you can afford to buy an extra pair!

Moultrie Takes Game Spy M-80 To The Extreme

Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC introduces the next generation of their top selling mini-cam, the Game Spy M-80XT. This 5.0 megapixel game camera is loaded with new features like Motion Freeze Technology, FastFire continuous shooting and updated Plot Stalker time-lapse mode.

In 2011, Moultrie entered the mini-cam market with the Game Spy M-80 featuring the Illumi-Night sensor, providing the clearest and brightest nighttime images. In 2012, the Game Spy M-80XT takes clear images to a new level with Moultrie’s new Motion Freeze blur-reduction technology, greatly reducing nighttime blur caused by an infrared flash. Combining the Illumi-Night sensor and Motion Freeze Technology gives the Game Spy M-80XT unprecedented picture clarity, leaving no question how many points are on that trophy buck’s rack. Plus, the M-80XT has a night range of over 60-ft, and captures images and videos in 16:9 widescreen providing a wider field of view.

Also new with the M-80XT is FastFire continuous shooting mode, capturing up to three pictures per second. Additionally, updated Plot Stalker time-lapse mode now captures pictures at preset intervals PLUS images triggered by game.

The Game Spy M-80XT features:
• 5.0 megapixel infrared game camera
• Night range up to 60-ft
• 3 operational modes
– IR triggered game camera
– Hybrid time-lapse plot camera*
– Plot camera* by day, infrared camera at night
• Up to 1-year battery life
• Illumi-Night Sensor provides the brightest and clearest nighttime infrared pictures
• New Motion Freeze technology reduces infrared nighttime blur
• 16:9 widescreen images and videos provide a wider field of view than standard game cameras
• New FastFire Continuous Shooting Mode captures up to 3 photos per second
• Records video with sound
• Picture delay – 5/15/30 seconds, 1-60 minutes
• Easy to read photo strip with temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID stamp
• Battery life calculator
• Color day pictures and video
• Infrared night pictures and video
• Four picture resolutions, two video resolutions
• External power port for optional Moultrie PowerPanel
• SD memory card slot – up to 32GB
• Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries

For more information contact Moultrie at 800-653-3334, visit
www.moultriefeeders.com or e-mail info@moultriefeeders.com.

Company Description

Moultrie is the most recognizable game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures feeders, spreaders, sprayers, scouting cameras, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With over 30 years of experience, Moultrie is an expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at www.moultriefeeders.com.

Mike Mattly
Tel: 641-895-1004
Email: mmattly@ebsco.com

NWTF Phone App Now Available for iPhone and Android

The powerful new NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox is now available for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android devices.

The widely praised app was the top selling app in iTunes and Google Play’s “Sports” categories for several days.

The official NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox has everything a turkey hunter needs in one phone app.

Exclusive turkey sound ringtones
Turkey sounds recorded from live wild turkeys
Video tips from champion callers
Valuable turkey hunting tips
Range map of wild turkey subspecies
Wild turkey score calculator
Photos and descriptions of the wild turkey subspecies
Links to every state wildlife agency for hunting regulations

The exclusive iPhone app features calling tip videos from champion turkey callers, 12 live turkey sounds, and instant access to dozens of proven turkey hunting tips. All are accessible at your fingertips without an Internet connection – even in the most remote corner of the forest.

Turkey hunting fanatics will enjoy exclusive NWTF turkey ringtones. Be the talk of your office when a boss gobbler sounds off from your hip, and then catch everyone’s attention when you lower the boom on him.

The app’s wild turkey range map can help hunters explore and zoom in to where each subspecies lives across North America. With a few simple measurements, the app calculates the score of a turkey based on the NWTF Wild Turkey Records official requirements.

Sign up for an NWTF membership, find local events and keep up with the turkey talk on the NWTF’s Facebook page through this do-it-all app.

The app, only $1.99, was created in cooperation with www.HuntGeek.com.

The NWTF, a non-profit conservation organization founded in 1973, has conserved and improved 17 million acres of essential wildlife habitat with its partners by raising and investing $372 million since 1985. Habitat projects that help wild turkeys also improve habitat for deer, quail, rabbits, songbirds and many other species in our fields and forests.

The NWTF’s outreach programs – JAKES, Women in the Outdoors and Wheelin’ Sportsmen – introduce about 100,000 youth, women and people with disabilities to the outdoors annually. Passing on the outdoor tradition is essential to the future of conservation and hunting.

For more information on the NWTF, visit www.nwtf.org.