Carbon Express Introduces A Double Dose Of Destruction

Carbon Express Introduces A Double Dose Of Destruction

Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, add to the deadly F-15™ line up with their new 125 grain F-15™ Dual Blade Broadhead.

“The technology behind the F-15™ Series of broadheads is another great aspect of the Carbon Express contribution to engineer products to change the world of hunting for the better. We test our products to ensure integrity and durability so that our customers know that this broadhead is going deliver a quick and easy kill,” stated Mike Snyder, the company’s Marketing Manager.

The F-15™ is the only broadhead on the market with dual, side by side cutting blades. Two sharp razor blades give your shot six cutting edges creating up to an additional 250% greater wound opening than the competitor’s broadheads. Field point accuracy is guaranteed with an aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing that enhances precision and penetration accompanied by bone crushing strength thanks to the Pressure Injected Molding made from one piece of 440 stainless steel. These great features results in a thicker blood trail and a faster kill.

The new 125 grain F-15™ Dual Fixed Blade Blade Broadhead features a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter along with .030″ blade thickness. The 100 grain model has a cutting diameter of 1-1/8″ and a blade thickness of .030.

F15 125 grain Suggested Retail: $39.95

About Carbon Express®

Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit, or call 800.241.4833.

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