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Caldwell Natural Series Targets Show Spot-On

Caldwell Natural Series Targets Show Spot-OnPreparation is the key to a successful hunting season. Before taking to the deer woods with a firearm this fall, take some time to find out just where your bullets are hitting with Caldwell’s innovative Natural Series Targets.

Caldwell’s cardboard-backed, life-size Natural Series Targets offer full color photographs of whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey and coyote. The unique advantage of these targets are the illustrations of both the vital organs and skeletal structures of the animals. These illustrations can be easily viewed up close, yet disappear at a distance, allowing hunters to practice accuracy and proper shot placement.

Shooting at a life like image is a training tactic hunters should use to see exactly where their shot is impacting an animal. Natural Series Targets are also great tool for teaching new or young hunters about proper shot placement. After visually showing an inexperienced hunter what an animal’s kill zone looks like, they may better understand the importance of shot placement.

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