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Browning Introduces 1911-22 L.R. Autoloading Pistol

Morgan, Utah – In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the classic 1911 pistol designed by John M. Browning, Browning is pleased to introduce a scaled-down, 22 L.R. version of this great firearm for 2011. The new pistol is almost an exact replica of the original 1911, just smaller. The new Browning 1911-22 is proudly made in the USA. Guns shipped in 2011 will include a special first year of production collector’s certificate plus a free limited edition commemorative canvas and leather zippered pistol case.

The frame and slide of the Browning 1911-22 are machined from aluminum alloy with a matte blued finish. The barrel has a stainless steel barrel block and target crown. The new 1911-22 has a single action trigger and a straight blow back action for enhanced simplicity and reliability. Other features include fixed sights, detachable 10-round magazine, manual thumb safety and grip safety. The new Browning 1911-22 is 85% the size of the original 1911 John M. Browning design. The smaller size makes it very light and easy to handle, especially for smaller shooters.

An A1 version of the 1911-22 will be offered with a 4 ¼” barrel and 5 1/2″ sight radius that weighs 15 ½ oz. Overall length on the A1 is 7 1/8″. A Compact 1911-22 version will also be offered with a 3 5/8″ barrel and 4 7/8″ sight radius that weighs 15 oz. Overall length on the Compact is 6 1/2″. Grips on both models are brown composite.

All controls operate just as those on the original John M. Browning-designed Model 1911. New Browning Model 1911-22 L.R. A1 and Compact models have a Suggested Retail price of $599.99. Shipments are expected to start in the first quarter of 2011.

Scott Grange scottg@browning.com or Paul Thompson pault@browning.com (801) 876-2711 ext. 3306 or 3229


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