Beretta Xtrema2

Beretta Xtrema2

Make no mistake, the Beretta Xtrema2 camouflage shotgun, available in Realtree MAX-4™, set the standard for all autoloaders. Others tried to follow, but the Xtrema2 remains the choice of serious waterfowlers. The truth is that no other inertia or gas autoloader can match the Xtrema2 for corrosion protection, reliability, recoil reduction, and simplicity of maintenance. In fact, the Xtrema2 has more recoil reduction features than any other autoloading shotgun on the planet. It will pound out shot after shot, season after season-even generation after generation. No wonder that in the relentless pursuit of excellence, our engineers set the benchmark for a “do-it-all” shotgun with the Xtrema2:- Shooting Illustrated’s “shotgun of the year.”

Beretta’s unique self-compensating gas-operation system is considered the best and most reliable in the world. Recoil is significantly reduced, as the system automatically vents the excess gases of even the most powerful shells. This action simply can’t be match by inertia-operated shotguns, which in cycling the action 100% of the recoil signature to the shooter, and creates a very short “operating window” for the shotgun to function. The Beretta system uses only the gas it needs to cycle; the shotgun has a “reserve” of energy, introducing more gas into the cylinder and increasing the pressure until the action cycles.

The result is the most reliable, durable shotgun that performs time after time, every time.

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