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An Officer Says Thank You to BLACKHAWK!

I wanted to say thank you for designing a top notch retention holster. I am a police officer with the Tampa Police Department and purchased the SERPA Level III holster for my Sig Sauer P226. I purchased this holster a while ago when they first were offered.  I wanted something which offered more security and was very glad I did.
Approximately a year ago, I became involved in incident where the subject tried, several different times, to disarm me. I encountered him after he fled from officers. I caught up to him behind a garage and confronted him. As I attempted to arrest him, the fight was on. During this struggle the subject attempted, several different ways, to unholster my gun. I used several different techniques to stop his actions however he continued. At one point, he was able to flip the hood up. The second retention feature kept the gun locked in place. The holster, absolutely, did its job. It prevented all his attempts to disarm me and I owe my safety to its retention. Two fingers to his eyes eventually stopped the fight and, in the mean time, the holster kept the firearm locked in place. I recently got issued a firearm with a light attached. I am hoping that Blackhawk makes a holster to fit it. The issued Safariland holster is nice however I swear by the SERPA! Thanks for designing a holster that assures the safety of police officers.
Officer Shane Gadoury
Tampa Police Department, Fl


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