Aimpoint Launches FCS 12 Fire Control System

Aimpoint Launches FCS 12 Fire Control System


Aimpoint, the innovator and world leader in electronic red-dot sighting technology has unveiled a new Fire Control System for shoulder fired rocket launchers (such as the Carl Gustav) and crew served weapons like the Mk 19 and GMG automatic grenade launchers. This announcement of the Aimpoint FCS12 follows several years of intensive product development and initial deliveries and advanced field trials have been conducted on a contract with the Swedish Defense Forces.

The Aimpoint FCS12 is comprised of a sight module incorporating an 1550 nm infrared Laser Range Finder, a ballistic computer with stored algorithms for different munitions, and a state-of-the-art heads-up display. The system can be controlled via a digital user interface on the sight housing, or by using a wireless remote control module that allows the operator to control the most important functions of the system without taking their eyes off of the target or changing their grip. The FCS12 is compatible with all generations of Night Vision Equipment, and is powered by a replaceable battery pod containing six AA size batteries. The unit is completely solid state, has no moving parts, and is environmentally sealed and hardened for combat use. Despite the advanced features and technical complexity of this system, operation in a combat situation is extremely user friendly and intuitive. In most cases, the operator only needs to push one button before pulling the trigger of the weapon.

“The FCS12 is truly a unique product on the market, and the development of this system has forced Aimpoint to take several huge steps in terms of our research and development capabilities in order to meet the very high standards that we established for this project” said Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB. “The FCS12 allows a dramatic increase in first-shot hit probability, and significantly reduces the time required for a weapon crew to engage a target. The addition of this advanced fire control system immediately raises the overall effectiveness of nearly any weapon system considerably.”

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