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Item_____________ Description
PRO-AK-A19_____ PROMAG AK-47 7.62x39mm 40rd Magazine, Black Polymer (AK-A19)
PRO-AK-A6_____ PROMAG AK-74 5.45x39mm 30 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (AK-A6)
PRO-AK-A9_____ PROMAG AK-47 7.62x39mm 20 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (AK-A9)

PRO-COL-A4_____ PROMAG AR-15 .223 20 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (COL-A4)

PRO-CAR-01_____ PROMAG M1 Carbine .30 Carbine 10 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (CAR 01)
PRO-CAR-A1_____ PROMAG M1 Carbine .30 Carbine 15 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (CAR-A1)
PRO-COL-04_____ PROMAG Government 1911 .45 ACP 10 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (COL 04)

PRO-RUG-A3_____ PROMAG Mini-14 .223 30 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG-A3)
PRO-RUG-A4_____ PROMAG Mini-14 .223 30 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (RUG-A4)

PRO-SAI-03 PROMAG_____ Saiga .308 10 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (SAI 03)

.380 ACP
PRO-RUG-14_____ PROMAG LCP .380 ACP 10 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG 14)
PRO-RUG-A21_____ PROMAG LCP .380 ACP 15 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG-A21)

PRO-SKS-A3___ PROMAG SKS 7.62x39mm 40 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (SKS-A3)
PRO-SAI-A2____ PROMAG Saiga 7.62x39mm 30 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (SAI-A2)
PRO-RUG-A12_PROMAG Ruger Mini-30 7.62X39mm 30rd Magazine, Black Polymer (RUG-A12)

.22 LR
PRO-RUG-A14_____ PROMAG 10/22, Charger .22 LR 50 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer, Drum (RUG-A14)
PRO-GSM-A1____ PROMAG GSG-5 .22 LR 22 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer (GSM-A1)
PRO-SMI-19_____ PROMAG S&W M&P 15-22 22LR 10rd Magazine, Black Polymer
PRO-RUG-A9_____ PROMAG 10/22, Charger .22 LR 32 Rd Magazine, Smoke, Polymer (RUG-A9)

12 Gauge
PRO-SAI-05_____ PROMAG Saiga 12 Gauge 10 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer, Drum (SAI 05)
PRO-SAI-A7____ PROMAG Saiga 12 Gauge 12 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer, Drum (SAI-A7)
PRO-SAI-02 _____PROMAG Saiga 12 Gauge 10 Rd Magazine, Black, Polymer, Box (SAI 02)

PRO-RUG-A10_____ PROMAG All 9mm P-Series 9mm 20 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG-A10)
PRO-BER-A1_____ PROMAG 92F 9mm 15 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (BER-A1)
PRO-BER-A4_____ PROMAG 92F 9mm 32 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (BER-A4)
PRO-BRO-A6_____ PROMAG Hi-Power 9mm 32 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (BRO-A6)
PRO-RUG-A5_____ PROMAG P93, P95 9mm 15 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG-A5)
PRO-SMI-A2_____ PROMAG 910, 915, 459, 5900 Series 9mm 20 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (SMI-A2)

.40 S&W
PRO-RUG-A8_____ PROMAG P94 .40 S&W 20 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (RUG-A8)

.45 ACP
PRO-COL-A5 PROMAG Government 1911 .45 ACP 15 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (COL-A5)
PRO-PAR-A3 PROMAG Warthog, P12, P13, P14 .45 ACP 20 Rd Magazine, Blue, Steel (PAR-A3)



IR-K3 Extra Long-Range IR Illuminator (805nm)

Product Description

The IR-K3 IR Illuminator features a fixed beam, simple on/off controls and versatile mounting capabilities.

Because the performance of any night vision or low-light CCD device is dependent on ambient light, magnification, atmospheric transparency, and contrast between the target and its background, addition of the right IR Illuminator can significantly enhance visual acuity and extend detection ranges.

The IR-K3 mounts easily to night vision or CCD devices or can be hand-held. Ideal aid for extreme low light conditions. Significantly extends capabilities of weapon sights, observation devices and photographic equipment.

Capabilities of IR Illuminators are a function of ambient conditions, power and wavelength. Effective range is a function of power and wavelength. Higher power and shorter wavelengths result in longer ranges.

Additionally, IR sources above 940nm are virtually invisible to the naked eye, while shorter-wavelength sources emit a visible, point-of-origin signature what viewed from the front.

Detailed Product Specifications

IR-K3 ELR IR Illuminator

Night Optics Part # IR-K3
Type Eye Safe Diode
Power 350 mW Fixed
Peak Wavelength 805 nm
Beam Angle
Batter Type/Life 3v CR123 / 50 Hours
Mount 1/4″-20 screw
Temperature Range 4°F – 113°F
16°C – 45°C
Dimensions 6.4″ x 1.4″ x 1.3″
163mm x 36mm x 34mm
Weight 5.9 oz
Warranty 1 Year


Nikon Rock Your Rimfire – Deals by Webyshops


6718 4×32 Matte Nikoplex

Regular Price: $ 109.95
Instant Savings: $ 30
Price After Instant Savings: $ 79.95


6725 3-9×40 Matte BDC 150

Regular Price: $ 149.95
Instant Savings: $ 30
Price After Instant Savings: $ 119.95


6734 Target EFR 3-9×40 AO Matte

Regular Price: $ 189.95
Instant Savings: $ 30
Price After Instant Savings: $ 159.95


8498 2-7×32 Matte Nikoplex (Extra Turret)

Regular Price: $ 179.95
Instant Savings: $ 30
Price After Instant Savings: $ 149.95


8499 2-7×32 Matte BDC 150

Regular Price: $ 179.95
Instant Savings: $ 30
Price After Instant Savings: $ 149.95


Open Box by Webyshops: SLIDE-FIRE AK-47 Rifle Stock

SLIDE-FIRE AK-47 Rifle Stock, Right Hand (SSAK-47-XRS-RH)
Price: $289.95
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in Open Box Item SLI-10-0300-00. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: TIFOSI Wisp Series Sunglasses

The TIFOSI Wisp Series Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame, Smoke / AC Red / Clear Lens (T-I900) feature decentered shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to virtually eliminate distortion, give sharp peripheral vision, and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays, bugs, rocks, or whatever comes your way. Lens installation/removal is fast and easy.

These are the suglasses to choose if you enjoy spinning down the open road, jogging to your favorite beats, or flying through the shaded woods. Dial in your Tifosi Interchangeable sunglasses with Smoke when the sun is high and the skys deep blue, AC Red for sunny-to-cloudy conditions, and Clear for low-light.

The frame is made of Grilamid TR-90, a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.

Hydrophilic Adjustable Temples are designed to increase grip when in contact with sweat. Hydrophilic rubber resists aging and UV breakdown. Adjustable temples allow for a customizable fit and increased wearing comfort.

Reflective lens coating reduces glare and decreasees eye fatigue while still allowing the wearer to distinguish terrain breaks. Hydrophilic Adjustable Nose Pieces are designed to increase grip when in contact with sweat Hydrophilic rubber resists aging and UV breakdown.

Polycarbonate Decentered Lenses feature high impact resistance: flex instead of shattering upon impact. Optical clarity: decentering eliminates optical distortion and magnification. 100% UVA/UVB protection with all lenses. Ventilated Lenses decrease fogging and help cool the wearer.

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: BKL 1in. Dia x 1in. Long Double Strap Dovetail Rings-High

The BKL 1in. Dia x 1in. Long Double Strap Dovetail Rings-High, Black (BKL-263H-MB) is a sturdy set of rings designed for the target shooter who is looking for more dovetail clamping surface. It is .2″ taller than the BKL-263.

Available in Matte Black.

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: ZEISS Conquest 3-9×40 Riflescope

This classic, all-purpose ZEISS Conquest 3-9×40 Riflescope, Rapid-Z 600 Reticle (52 14 60 9971) with excellent light gathering ability offers wide fields of view and brilliant, contrasted images in poor light. It is perfect for shotguns, muzzleloaders, and centerfire rifles.

The robust, one-piece tube body of the Conquest riflescope is built to stand up to the most abusive recoil and demanding terrains. Designed to meet the needs of every hunting style and scenario, this model scope excels in whatever situation presents itself.

The Conquest 3-9×40 riflescope features Carl Zeiss MC coatings for enhanced light transmission, anodized finish, wide field of view, 1/4 MOA, wide adjustment range. Self-centered 2nd image plane reticle enables quick and precise sighting in. This rifle scope is waterproof, dust proof, and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.

The Rapid-Z 600 Reticle offers long-range hunters the supreme advantage of precision aiming with accurate holdover and wind-corrected information for shots at extended distances – without complication. And because the reticle is located in the second image plane, there is minimal target cover, even at high magnification. Combined with an integrated ranging feature, all the information you need to make clean, precise shots from the greatest distances is displayedclearly within the scope. Eliminating the need for estimation or timely calculations.

Rapid-Z 600 ballistic reticle features numbered holdover lines that correspond to target distances and wind compensation hashes to correct for crosswinds. Once the distance and crosswind has been determined the corresponding holdover line is placed over your target for a precise shot, even from long range.

Whatever suits your hunting style, Zeiss riflescopes offer unmatched ease of use so it’s possible to react quickly – and confidently – when the opportunity arises.

SALE Price: $539.00


Hawke® Sport Optics is expanding the Sport HD IR line of rifle scopes with a new reticle and chassis design that is geared specifically towards hunters.

“Hawke® Sport Optics continues to raise the bar in scope technology.  The new 30/30 IR technology is amazing. No guess work, just center the cross hairs on your target and squeeze,” said Michael Lee, Hawke® Pro-Staff Member and host of Backwoods Life TV.  He continued, “The red or green illumination helps in all light conditions as well as providing pin point accuracy. Buying a Hawke® scope is a “no brainer” for the target shooter or hunter alike.”

Target shooters have long enjoyed the illuminated mil-dot reticle available in the Sport HD IR family, but hunters have asked for something less complicated.  Hawke® has answered these requests by introducing the 30/30 IR reticle.  The 30/30 IR features an open, uncluttered sight picture to aide in quick target acquisition.  Additionally, the outer posts of the reticle come to a point, allowing the shooter to arrive on target more quickly.  With dual red/green illumination on the unbreakable, glass-etched reticle, maximizing reticle visibility is done easily, no matter what the lighting conditions.  This new reticle is available in three hunter friendly chassis options, 2-7×32 as well as 3-9 and 4-12×40.  The 40mm objective lenses allow the rifle scopes to be mounted low on the receiver, maintaining a lower overall profile, and reducing the possibility of snags or hang ups in the field.  With a full 3.5” of eye relief, the new Sport HD IR is rugged enough to take the recoil of magnum rounds, and provides the shooter adequate safety in doing so.  To view the Sport HD IR rifle scope line visit http://www.hawkeoptics.com/hawke-sport-hd-ir-riflescopes.html.

As with all Hawke® scopes the lenses are fully multi-coated for the best possible light transmission and management.  Waterproof, shockproof, and nitrogen purged to be fog proof, the Sport HD IR scopes are covered by the transferable Hawke® Worldwide Warranty.

About Hawke Sport Optics: Hawke® Sport Optics draws on more than 30 years of experience in the shooting sports market in the UK and Europe.  After establishing its North American distribution center in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2007, Hawke® set out to bring the #1 optics brand in the UK to hunters and shooters on this side of the pond.  The Hawke® product line includes a full range of binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as scopes and accessories for rifles, crossbows, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and air guns.  In addition to optics, Hawke® also offers the Tracer® line of hunting and tactical lights, lithium polymer batteries, and remote mounted lights.  To learn more visit www.hawkeoptics.com . Hawke® Sport Optics can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hawkesportoptics, on twitter @hawkeoptics, or view the Hawke® YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/hawkeoptics.

Contact:           Trent Marsh

877-429-5347 (x401)


Bushnell Brings Wildlife Imaging to a New Level with Three New High Definition NatureView Cameras March 2013

Overland Park, Kan. – Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for 65 years, has introduced a new line of high quality camera traps for recording wildlife activity. The NatureView Cam HD product line allows wildlife enthusiasts to remotely capture high-quality images and high definition (HD) videos generally unattainable in-person.


The NatureView HD cameras feature a .6 second trigger speed that is motion and heat activated, giving users the ability to remotely capture wildlife activity around the clock. With an 8MP camera, the NatureView products capture high-quality color photos during the day and clear black and white images at night. Waterproof and built to perform in temperature ranges from -5 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the NatureView HD cameras are all-weather performers.


Loaded with features, the NatureView cameras include the exclusive Hybrid Capture mode from Bushnell, allowing users to capture an image followed by a video each time the camera is triggered. Multi flash settings allow users to select from a low, medium or high flash setting to choose the best option based on the distance of the subject, while an adjustable Freeze Frame Shutter improves the capture of stop-action nighttime images. Each image or video includes a comprehensive information stamp that provides the date, time, temperature and moon phase.


NatureView Cam HD, the opening camera in the line, has 32 low-glow LEDs and its Hyper Night Vision feature offers a 60′ flash range, brighter output and expanded nighttime coverage. The 8MP camera captures high-quality still images and 720p HD video with audio. In addition to live capture, Field Scan technology allows users to capture images or video at preset intervals (1-60 minutes) during two windows of time, such as dawn and dusk.


The Natureview Cam HD Max features 32 black no-glow LEDs for complete covert capture of nighttime images. The HD Max includes two detachable lenses (25cm and 46cm) to improve the quality and sharpness of close focus images such as those captured at a feeder or near a den. Featuring an upgraded camera, the NatureView Cam HD Max captures 1080p HD video with audio. The HD Max is available with an optional built-in color viewer that allows users to view captured images and video in the field.


With an industry-leading one-year battery life, users can count on the NatureView Cam HD to perform year-round. The NatureView series is compatible with up to a 32 GB SD Card, and powered by either AA batteries or an external 6V DC power source (sold separately). With a user-friendly interface that makes setup quick and simple and an adjustable web belt to attach the camera to a tree or post, the NatureView Cam HD is quick and easy to deploy.


Click here to view table.


Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the company sells its products worldwide under theBushnell®, Bee StingerButler Creek®, Final Approach®, Gold Tip,Hoppe’s®, Millett®, Night OpticsPrimos®, Simmons®, Stoney Point®, Tasco®,Uncle Mike’s®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®,and the following eyewear brands: Bollé®, Cébé® and Serengeti®. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

Zeiss Announces New Website-Based Ballistic Calculator


NORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA – Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer in high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce a completely new online ballistic calculator. Fully redesigned, the new system virtually eliminates the guesswork for hunters and sport shooting enthusiasts alike. The user-friendly, intuitive ZEISSBallistic Calculator was developed by a team of the most experienced ballistics engineers andpromises to help hunters and shooters of all levels to master the long range. It is programmed specifically to compliment the newly designed RAPID-Z, RZ-6 and RZ-8 ballistic reticles and is fully compatible with the latest Windows or Mac versions and the most popular web-browsers.

“With this newly updated ballistic system and the cutting edge technology of our ballistic reticles the user experience will be phenomenal” stated Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “We are constantly striving to provide truly innovative technology that will compliment every skill set for our passionate customers.”

The new ZEISS Ballistic Calculator allows users to pick their exact ZEISS Riflescope with ballistic reticle from a drop-down menu. The user also has the ability to select factory or hand load data as well as environmental variables, and then the system will calculate and display theoptimum magnification setting. The result is that distant yardages now coincide with the ZEISSballistic reticle subtensions. The system allows the user to adjust standard settings for altitude, temperature, and incline angle as well as advanced settings for muzzle velocity, sight height above bore and sight-in distance. A new convenient print/save option for field reference is also available.

“The entire ballistic reticle marketplace is generally complex and confusing to most shooters.” stated Mike Jensen. “We have intentionally spent hundreds of man hours simplifying our system, making it more user friendly and self-explanatory. It’s the most accurate and simplistic system in the industry designed by hunters for hunters and we are proud that it works exclusively with our RAPID-Z and RZ reticles.”

Key Features:
– One page screen application for fast data entry and easy to read results
– Comprehensive and current database for factory and hand loaded ammunition
– Adjustable settings to customize unique shooting environments
– New slide feature to visualize how change in magnification settings affect point of impact

Check out the new ZEISS Ballistic Calculator at www.zeiss.com/sports.