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Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Out Performs the Competitors

Surpassing by far what the other guys are marketing and exceeding even the original Day 6 PlotWatcher time-lapse video camera, the new PlotWatcher Pro redefines field reconnaissance. With extended battery life that is 10 times more than other time-lapse cameras and a 2.5″ LCD for onboard camera set-up, video aiming and camera status messages, the PlotWatcher Pro will put you that much closer to getting that trophy buck on your hit list.

Best of all, the software is very user friendly…It’s as easy as testing the wind. The PlotWatcher Pro is designed to maximize observation and minimize intrusion, and the longer battery life lets you dream about dead booners not dead batteries.

Like the original PlotWatcher, the PlotWatcher Pro uses time-lapse video technology to record high-definition images, taking a picture every 5 or 10 seconds and saving these individual pictures as an HD video. So whether the animal is 30 feet away or 330 feet away, you’ll see it on the video. Essentially, the PlotWatcher Pro records what you would have seen if you’d been scouting that same spot for all of that time. A single PlotWatcher Pro allows you to be two places at once…just imagine if you had more than one.

In addition, the PlotWatcher Pro accepts add-on zoom lenses, features temperature and moon-phase info on each image, uses a SD card storage, is security cable ready and saves video files in ½ of the memory space. It also features defined time-of-day for video start and stop. The GameFinder video player software, free with the PlotWatcher Pro, gives you the ability to watch an entire 12-hour day’s worth of video in just a few minutes. We’re not talking “Say Cheese and hold still for the camera boys!” …This is state of the art surveillance capability, data collection and storage file convenience that can seal the deal for you this fall. The competition can’t begin to match the superior performance of the PlotWatcher Pro.


For more information on the PlotWatcher, check out www.day6outdoors.com.

Darkwoods Blind Double FX Deluxe Model

Sometimes bigger is better as proven by Darkwoods Blind Double FX Deluxe Model Blind. Boasting all of the great qualities of the popular Double FF blind, but on a larger scale, the Double FX is not only grand in size but in function and performance as well.

Measuring over 5-feet wide and 7-feet long, the Double FX exceeds ADA interior requirements for handicap hunters while meeting federal/state handicap interior 360 degrees turnaround capabilities. The Double FX can be mounted on a custom made, pre-wired highway ATV trailer with a drop-down ramp and flat black finish. The title/ownership paperwork is included.

Like the Double FF series, the Double FX includes a Plano® gear box, cup holders, lights, magnetic see-thru camo curtains, choice of Realtree® camo patterns and personalized signplates.

Double FX Models to choose:
Handicap Model
Base Model
Deluxe Model
Pro-Hunter Model
Pro-Hunter Signature Series Model (coming soon)
HYBRID Model (Waterfowl – Deer – Turkey – Predators)
Darkwoods Blind is a Registered Federal Contractor and it accepts federal purchase orders.

“We hunt record-class whitetails in the most severe deer hunting conditions in North America. And, the worse the weather gets, the better the hunting gets. Knowing that I have a Darkwoods Blind when Mother Nature makes it especially challenging and my hunt is on the line, makes all the difference.”

— Jim Shockey
World’s most Successful Muzzleloader Hunter

” Whether I am hunting big whitetails in Montana or turkeys in Tennessee, the Darkwoods Blinds are the most comfortable blinds I have ever hunted out of. At Shoot Straight TV, it is all about hunting together as a family. The Darkwoods Blinds are perfect for hunting and filming. There are plenty of windows to shoot out of and they are built tough.”

–Chad Schearer
Television Host, Outfitter & Guide, Outdoor writer

To check out other celebrity endorsements or for more info on the Darkwoods Blinds, go to www.darkwoodsblind.com, or call 405-520-6754.

Stephanie Mallory
Mallory Communications, Inc
Website: http://www.mallorycommunicationsinc.com
Email: stephanie@mallorycommunicationsinc.com

Walker’s Announces Their New Game Ear HD Elite

Grand Prairie, TX- Walker’s Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces their new HD Elite.

The New HD Elite is now 20% smaller and has four digital sound processing channels that provide clear audio without outside interference. The 20 bit audio processor yields extremely crisp and precise sound. The HD Elite features an 8 band graphic equalizer that gives the audio that rich, full, wide-band quality. The automatic feedback control helps eliminate unwanted feedback. Equipped with one environmental adaptive listing mode and 40 db of enhancement, you will hear better than ever before. The toggle volume control allows the user to adjust the volume based on the environment. Fast acting sound compression quickly suppresses any noise that could harm the user’s ears with a 29dB NRR rating. The HD Elite has a low battery tone indicator that warns the user when the battery is low.

Key Features of the Game Ear HD Elite:

Four digital sound processing channels
20 bit audio processor for crisp clear sound
8 band graphic equalizer
Automatic feedback control
One environmental adaptive listing mode
40 db of enhancement
Toggle volume control
Fast acting sound activated compression
Low battery tone indicator
29dB NRR
Available in gray and beige
Power source #13 battery
Included: unit, sound tube, earplug, 3 batteries & carrying case
MSRP: $249.99

For more information on these and other Walker’s products, visit www.walkersgameear.com

Kim Cahalan

Leupold’s® New SX Spotting Scopes: High Performance and Value

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Products of Leupold‘s® Synergy Project Team, the new SX-1 Ventana™ and SX-2 Kenai™ spotting scopes offer high magnification, versatility and optical quality for various hunting/shooting applications and budgets.

The SX-1 Ventana comes in two magnification ranges – 15-45x60mm and 20-60x80mm – with the option of either a straight or 45-degree angled eyepiece offered for each model. Available in straight or angled eyepiece models, the SX-2 Kenai provides multiple options to suit user needs. The Kenai has a premium 80mm High Definition (HD) objective lens, and comes packaged with a 30x fixed wide-angle eyepiece and a 25-60x variable eyepiece.

Both the SX-1 Ventana and SX-2 Kenai are also available in a kit that includes a hard-side carrying case, soft case and compact adjustable tripod.

“Our new SX spotting scopes feature a distinctive, stylish and easy-to-handle ergonomic design, which resulted from the Synergy Project Team’s work,” said Pat Mundy, communications manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Consisting of more than 20 designers, engineers, production personnel and quality control specialists, the team has devoted thousands of hours to producing the best possible line of spotting scopes and binoculars, and making it uniquely Leupold.”

The extreme magnification range of both SX-1 Ventana models provides versatility for various hunting situations, from viewing big game across open prairie to spotting varmints at long range. The SX-2 Kenai’s wide-angle eyepiece allows the user to see the whole field, while the variable eyepiece adds flexibility.

Both the SX-1 Ventana and SX-2 Kenai are designed to deliver a sight picture with outstanding detail and clarity at all practical distances, even at the highest magnification levels. The SX-2 Kenai’s 80mm HD objective lens enhances color fidelity, image brightness and overall picture resolution, making it especially useful for spotting game in the field or targets at the range from dawn to dusk. Also serving to enhance image quality are the SX-1 Ventana’s Multicoat 4® Lens System, and the SX-2 Kenai’s BAK4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses.

Built for rugged use in the field, both of the new spotting scopes are nitrogen filled to make them waterproof and fog proof. Although tough, the SX-2 Kenai’s magnesium body is lightweight and has a balanced design that serves to keep the spotter steady and stable when viewing on a tripod.

Other features common to both the SX-1 Ventana and SX-2 Kenai:

Knurling on the body in key locations allows for an easy grip and operation, even with gloved hands
A retractable lens shade helps when viewing in low-angle sunlight or high-glare conditions, and provides cover against rain or snow
Twist-up eyecups and ample eye relief allow comfortable viewing for extended periods, even with eyeglasses
SX-1 Ventana and SX-2 Kenai spotting scopes are covered by Leupold’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The SX-1 Ventana has a black body, while the SX-2 Kenai is gray and black.

For more information, visit a local dealer, go to www.leupold.com or call 1-800-LEUPOLD.

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., the preeminent American-owned and -operated optics company, employs more than 700 people in its state-of-the-art facility near Beaverton, Ore., where rugged, dependable, high-performance Golden Ring® optics, Mark 4® riflescopes and Redfield® Revolution™ riflescopes are designed, machined and assembled. Leupold is a fifth-generation, family owned company whose products are sold worldwide to hunters, competitive shooters, American military warfighters, law enforcement personnel and wildlife observers. The product line includes rifle, handgun and spotting scopes; binoculars; rangefinders; trail cameras; flashlights; mounting systems; and optical tools and accessories.

Patrick Mundy (503) 526-1467 or pmundy@leupold.com
Jeff Patterson Swanson Russell (402) 437-6410 or jeffp@swansonrussell.com

Basic Feeding Considerations For The Highly Active Dog During The Hunting Season

February 2011

Purina-Highly Active Dogs

Dr. Brian Zanghi

Research Scientist

Nestle Research Center

Nestle Purina Petcare


Kevin Howard
Ph: 573-898-3422
Having a feeding program that optimally complements your hardworking canine is a great way to help ensure that your dog’s season, performance, and health will be in peak form.  There are several concepts to discuss and why they work.  Some things to consider include, feeding a performance food formula with greater caloric density, the optimal time to feed, how often to feed daily, and how to adjust feeding amount relative to your dog’s needs.    This first article will discuss some initial feeding and nutrition concepts to consider.

For many of you that have sporting dogs, having a dog that is very active during the hunting season and much less active in the spring and summer may be the way of life.  For others, training, competitions, and hunting may be a year-round passion.  With any hardworking dog, providing a performance food containing 30% protein/20% fat versus a maintenance formula containing 24-26% protein/12-16% fat has been shown to optimize many physical and metabolic characteristics important to exercise in nutrition studies with dogs.  To briefly summarize, a performance food provides two major benefits. First, it is more calorie dense, which is important when more food is needed to meet the dog’s higher energy demand of increased activity and cooler temperatures. Second, and in my opinion more importantly, a performance formula appropriately provides a greater proportion of nutrients delivered from fats and protein to significantly increase a working dog’s metabolism that favors exercise.  This article’s discussion will focus more on the importance of adequate calorie delivery and optimal daily feeding strategies.   Whereas, a previous article, entitled “Optimal Nutrition for the Working/Sporting Dog”, discussed this second point in greater detail along with the benefits of feeding a performance food all year.

Did you know that a hardworking dog’s energy needs can double or as much as quadruple over the course of the season, compared to its resting energy needs in the off-season?  Of course, the change depends on the intensity, frequency, and duration of exercise that the dog participates in, as well as the terrain and environmental temperature while not exercising.  So, what does this mean?  As an example, if your dog consumes 2 cups a day during the lazy summer, you may have noticed that you have to increase the amount of food during the hunting season to 4, or even up to 8, cups a day by the middle or end of the season just to keep the dog’s weight stable.  However, this significant increase in caloric need does not occur overnight and will vary for each dog.  This is a gradual shift that occurs over several weeks as the season progresses, time in the field increases, and physical conditioning improves.  Therefore, the increased caloric needs will increase accordingly as metabolic rate and exercise frequency increases.

The question often comes up, “how do I know how much more or less to feed, and how do I best adjust the amount”.  Ultimately, there are two rules of thumb to have in mind.  First and most importantly, always feed an amount to maintain a stable body weight and ideal body condition.  And second, always add or subtract in small incremental changes, such as ¼ or ½ cup amounts every few days as appropriate to promote a stable body condition.

For making incremental changes in feeding amount, it is a good time to mention that an actual measuring cup filled with a level amount of kibble is the best tool to know exactly how much food you are giving daily.  This will be helpful in making it easier to adjust the feeding amount on specific increments.  I have noticed over the years that when asked, many pet owners use a variety of scoopers or containers to measure out their dog’s food, or is heaping over the sides of the container.  Using an un-marked container can make adjustments more challenging and less consistent.  In addition, having a standard measuring cup will aid communications between you and your veterinarian during routine health visits, in which topics relating to maintaining a healthy body condition and feeding practices are likely to come up.

This strategy is recommended because it is significantly easier to understand and practice than trying to calculate a specific caloric energy requirement that is an estimate based on your dog’s body weight, how much time it’s exercising a day, and level or unlevel terrain, etc., etc…To the sporting dog in the field, everyday or week could potentially be different terrain, different game (ducks vs. pheasants), different duration and intensity.  Consequently, trying to fit you and your dog’s field experience into an equation would not be the most beneficial.   Plus, keeping your dog’s body weight and condition stable as the effects of the season wear on is the best indicator that the caloric and nutritional needs are being met.  Finally, large and abrupt increases in food volume could result in an incidence in diarrhea.  Therefore, gradual changes to food intake would be the most appropriate approach.

Our hunting dogs are nothing less than elite athletes in every way.  We expect high performance when they are afield and we train them for success, so it is important that we consider how providing the best nutrition and feeding strategies support our canine athlete.  This is critical to complement the training and breeding of your pet.  Taken together, all these suggestions can contribute each in simple ways to develop an optimal feeding program for your hardworking dog.  Good luck.

MasterPiece Arms Unveils 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine

MPA 9300SST-XMasterPiece Arms unveiled the new Defender 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Built on the popular MPA Mac Mini 9MM, the carbine comes complete with a muzzle break, 16″ barrel, multi-reticle Holosight, an aluminum quad rail for application of accessories, a side cocking scope mount and a low profile, lightweight buttstock and a polymer 36-round magazine. The MPA Defender 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine is completely built in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty on their state-of-the-art CNC machinery in one of few world class machining facilities in the Southeastern US. MSRP is $749.00.

Sentry Solutions Finds a Cleaner Way to Protect Weapons Article from the Union Leader, Written by Nancy Bean Foster

A company that began operations in a Hopkinton (NH) barn now provides oil-free weapon lubricants used by tens of thousands of American combat troops and is available on military bases around the world.

In addition to the U.S. military, Sentry Solutions has contracts with the Malaysian Ministry of Defense, as well as police departments both national and international. Gun and sporting goods shops also carry its products.

Iraq soldier
Helping soliders and police offices maintain their weapons without the drawbacks of traditional lubricants is the mission of the Wilton-based company.

Sentry Solutions produces oil-free lubricants for cleaning and maintaining guns, knives and tools used by members of the military, police forces, and sportsmen.

In order for guns to function properly, they need to be kept clean and lubricated, and to do that job properly, people have long relied upon oil-based products. But traditional oils can create serious problems.

Read the full article to learn more about Sentry Solutions and their revolutionary products.

ISSC-AUSTRIA Gifts Two Modern Sporting Rifle Domains to the NSSF

ISSC-Austria has announced that it will transfer ownership of its domains www.modernsportingrifle.com and www.modernsportingrifle.org to the National Shooting Sports Foundation as a demonstration of ISSC’s good faith and support of the NSSF’s ongoing modern sporting rifle media campaign.

ISSC-Austria released the MSR MK22 rifle in December of 2010 as the first product in ISSC’s future line-up of modern sporting rifles. The MK22 rifle is a metal and polymer, durable, military-style rifle built on the modern elements of today’s modern sporting rifle platform. ISSC-Austria purchased the two domains as part of the ISSC MSR MK22 marketing campaign. NSSF began a national modern sporting rifle media campaign in 2009 in order to educate gun owners and non-gun owners alike about AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles and to correct widespread misperceptions about their use and operation. Through its MSR campaign, the NSSF continues to place educational ads in major firearm and sporting magazines and on outdoor cable television networks. Furthermore, NSSF created a dedicated website NSSF.ORG/MSR to serve as the industry’s preeminent resource containing facts, videos, and other information about MSRs. As part of its mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports, the NSSF has made its national MSR campaign to rebuild the image of AR-15 rifles and other commonly used and owned sporting firearms its number one priority.

LaserLyte® Offers Caliber-specific Laser Trainer Cartridges Realistic Training in the Comfort of Your Own Home

LT Cartridges
LaserLyte® introduces the caliber-specific Laser Trainer Cartridges that offer a revolutionary way to train almost anywhere. The Laser Trainer Cartridge is the most realistic training option in LaserLyte‘s popular line of Laser Trainers with the choice to practice tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills. Designed to match popular calibers in 9mm, .40 cal. and .45 ACP, the new Laser Trainer Cartridge fits inside the pistol chamber and features a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. For the cost of one or two visits to a local range, shooting enthusiasts can enjoy a lifetime of free training with the Laser Trainer Cartridge at the location that works best for them.

Each Laser Trainer Cartridge easily installs into the firing chamber in seconds, works regardless of barrel length and does not stick out of the barrel. The Laser Trainer Cartridge activates for 100 milliseconds each time the firing pin strikes the cartridge. This modified cartridge is rimless, so the Laser Trainer Cartridge is not expelled during dry fire, which allows for tap, rack, bang or malfunction training drills. A hardened rubber plunger on the laser also acts as a built-in snap cap to protect the firing pin and two rubber rings on the laser help ensure a proper fit in order to best replicate bullet impact for accurate training. The Laser Trainer Cartridge requires three 377 batteries, good for approximately 3,000 shots. Each model is sold separately for $99.95.

LaserLyte Cartridge Laser Trainer Specifications:

  • Product Number: LT-9(9mm), LT-40(.40 S&W), LT-45(.45 ACP)
  • Batteries: 3 x 377
  • Battery Life: 3000 shots
  • Weight: LT-9: 0.375 oz./11 g., LT-40: 0.5 oz./12 g., LT-45: 0.625 oz./19 g.
  • Min. Diameter: LT-9: 0.34 in./9mm., LT-40: .39 in./9.86mm., LT-45 – .44 in./11.19mm
  • Max. Diameter: LT-9: 0.38 in./9.7mm., LT-40: .42 in./10.63mm., LT-45 – .47 in./12mm
  • Length: LT-9: 1.35 in./34.5mm., LT-40: 1.36 in./34.57mm., LT-45 – 1.36 in./34.52mm
  • MSRP: $99.95

ATN’s MO4-1: Night Vision Monocular with Built-In “Smart Technology”

ATN M04-1
For those of you who have enjoyed some nighttime varmint hunting or those of you who enjoy a foray into the backyard at night to view your local wildlife, you understand that seeing critters with a little night vision aid is a far better deal than trusting your own eyes. American Technologies Network‘s MO4-1 is just the ticket. It’s a Night Vision Monocular with built-in ATN “Smart Technology.” That means the proximity sensor automatically turns the monocular on when you bring it into viewing position. It saves valuable battery life and limits your fumbling around in the dark and scaring off whatever that large, dark and looming shadow was. Another facet of Smart Technology is that digital controls which allow you to activate or deactivate all of the features of the MO4-1 with just the push of a button. And the final benefit of Smart Technology is the powerful built-in Infrared Illuminator that allows you to see in total darkness with outstanding clarity! The ATN MO4-1 is a Gen1 night vision monocular with an MSRP of $319.00.