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2011 Prostaff Spotting Scope “On the SpotSavings”$100 Instant Savings Promotion


Program Period: July 7, 2011 – August 14, 2011
Promotion Terms and Conditions
1. Description of Promotion. The Nikon PROSTAFF® Spotting Scope “On the Spot $100 Instant
Savings” Promotion (the “Promotion”) is valid from July 7, 2011 through August 14, 2011 (the “Promotion
Period”). A Nikon Inc. authorized sport optics dealer or reseller (collectively, a “Dealer”) that at the time of
purchase provides bona fide retail customers (“Customers”) with $100 savings (the “Instant Savings
Amount”) on each purchase by such Customer of a new, qualifying Nikon PROSTAFF Spotting Scope
product set forth in Section 5 below (the “Spotting Scope Product”) and otherwise adheres to these
Promotion Terms and Conditions will receive a credit in the amount set forth in Section 4 below for each
such Spotting Scope Product for which the Instant Savings Amount was applied by Dealer (the “Credit
2. Advertising Requirements. For each Spotting Scope Product for which Dealer requests a Credit
Reimbursement, Dealer must (a) advertise the product at least once during the Promotion Period as
indicated by the example below, in media that complies with the 2011 Nikon Sport Optics Cooperative
Advertising Program, (b) display in the advertisement the regular price, the Instant Savings Amount and
the After Instant Savings price as indicated by the example below, and (c) fully comply with the 2011
Nikon Sport Optics Cooperative Advertising Program requirements.
3. Requirements. The Promotion is valid only for retail sales of new Spotting Scope Products purchased
from Nikon Inc. by Nikon authorized Dealers or distributors and sold by Dealers from July 7, 2011 through
August 14, 2011 and delivered to Customers in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Purchases made in or delivered to other countries are ineligible.
4. Qualifying Nikon PROSTAFF Spotting Scope Products:
Only the following Nikon spotting scope products listed below will qualify for this Promotion:
Description Product # Instant
PROSTAFF 16-48×65 Straight
Body 8308 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
PROSTAFF 16-48×65 Angled
Body 8309 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
PROSTAFF 16-48×65 Spotting
Scope Outfit 8314 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
PROSTAFF 20-60×82 Straight
8311 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
PROSTAFF 20-60×82 Angled
Body 8312 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
PROSTAFF 20-60×82 Spotting
Scope Outfit 8317 $ 100.00 $ 60.00
5. Dealer Credit Reimbursement. Credit Reimbursement claims must be submitted as a single package
by Dealer to Nikon on or before September 14, 2011. Multiple submissions will not be permitted and
Dealer’s first submission will be the only submission accepted. Dealer must submit a copy of Dealer’s
advertisement displaying the Promotion together with a completed Credit Request Form for the Promotion
in the form attached hereto, including but not limited to, a copy of the point-of-sale receipt for each
Spotting Scope Product sold, which receipt shall state the name of the Customer and the date of the sale,
and show that the Instant Savings Amount was applied to the purchase price for the Customer at the time
of sale. The actual selling price for the Spotting Scope Product is determined by Dealer. No Credit
Reimbursement will be issued for claims submitted after September 14, 2011.
6. Non-Compliance. Nikon reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any Dealer from receiving
any Credit Reimbursements if Dealer does not comply with any terms and/or conditions of this Promotion.
Any fraudulent, false or deceitful submissions or acts by a Dealer in connection with this Promotion will
automatically disqualify such Dealer from receiving any Credit Reimbursement.
If there are any questions concerning the Nikon PROSTAFF Spotting Scope On the Spot $100 Instant
Savings Promotion, please email Nikon at: jadsit@nikon.net.


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