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Fleece Favourites For Silent Stalking

Bone Collector Brotherhood Jacket Ð Features SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial technology for odor control. Made of silent, lightweight fleece. Attached hood is designed not to inhibit your peripheral vision. Click here to order.
Bone Collector Brotherhood Pants - Constructed of quiet, lightweight fleece that is bonded with SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 technology for extra odor control. Features double rubber snap closure and wasit tabs for comfortable fit. Click to order. Bone Collector S3 Hammer Fleece Jacket - Features S3 antimicrobial technology, full front zip and two zippered side pockets for convenience. Collar, cuffs and waist are designed to keep elements out. Made of anti-pilling fleece. Click here to order.
Freak Nasty Sherpa Fleece Vest Ð Offers 100 percent WindBlocker protection and is reversible to suit surroundings. Comes with a safety harness slit in the back for convenient attachment and concealment. Click to order.

Fleece can be a hunter’s best friend. It is deadly quiet, provides great warmth-to-weight ratios and has a comfortable, soft fit. But not all fleece is created equal. ScentBlocker goes to great lengths to source fleece that is lightweight and durable. Then the fleece is bonded with proven ScentBlocker technologies, such as SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial. ScentBlocker fleece garments are engineered for maximum range of motion and comfort to allow you to move into position when the shot presents itself.

Click here to learn more from ScentBlocker.com

LaserLyte Expands Rear Sight Laser Line and Offers New Installation Tool

Cottonwood, Ariz. – LaserLyte® announces new Rear Sight Laser (RSL) models for Ruger® Mark I™, II™ and III™ pistols, Ruger 10/22® rifles with rear dove tail sights and Smith & Wesson® Sigma™ VE and GVE pistols. The RSL’s groundbreaking laser design incorporated into the rear sight, compact size and revolutionary performance make it the most extraordinary system LaserLyte has produced. Easy-to-install and easy-to-operate, the new RSL offers a high-power laser with the benefit of not having to replace existing grips or internal stock parts.

The RSL’s activation switch is a strategically placed button at the back of the slide that is easily activated by the thumb in a normal shooting position for left- or right-handed shooters. First press of the activation switch produces the constant on mode, second press produces pulse mode, and third press deactivates the laser. A small LED on the back of the laser indicates if the laser is on and what mode it is in.

The RSL is also available for many other pistols including Glock®, Springfield Armory® XD/XD(M)™ and Smith & Wesson M&P™. The unit is constructed from MIM 4650, nickel enriched high carbon steel, the same material used for most heavy-duty gun parts such as iron sights, hammers and levers. It is also black chrome, bead blasted for a non-reflective finish. When mounted onto the pistol the RSL will fit all Level I and II holsters.  The RSL is powered by four 377 batteries that provide six hours of normal usage. Normal usage is defined as one minute on and one minute off. This test mimics actual usage where the unit is turned on and off and the battery is given time to automatically regenerate. MSRP $199.95.

LaserLyte also announces its new Rear Sight Laser Installation Tool. This ingenious system easily removes the rear sight from the dovetail of almost all* semi-auto pistols and makes installation of the LaserLyte RSL effortless. The RSL Installation Tool is perfect for gunsmiths or gunsmith-minded people and smoothly drifts the sight in or out. No more tapping or banging required.

The RSL Installation Tool frame is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum with an anodized finish and the fully adjustable clamp screws made of 1215 steel for ultimate durability.  The specially designed sight extractor is made of 8620 steel with HRC 50-54 hardness and the metal contact points are rubber coated to protect the slide from marring. MSRP $199.95

LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries. The company strives to heighten the experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced lasers and other firearms accessories. For additional information about LaserLyte, visit www.laserlyte.com.

*Excluding de-cocker mounted slides, Beretta 92, PX4 Storm, etc.



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LaserLyte: www.laserlyte.com
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DeSantis Announces New Product For FN Herstal FNX-40 4

AMITYVILLE, New York – DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces its Thumb Break Scabbard and Speed Scabbard® for the all new FN Herstal FNX-40 4″.

The Thumb Break Scabbard, style #001 is a high ride design and the firearm is presented at an optimum draw angle. Its thumb break and exact molding, together with a tension device, allows for a secure and highly concealable carry. Belt slots are 1 •” wide. This model is available in black or tan leather, with or without suede lining, plain or basket-weave finish. MSRP starting at $66.95

Right Hand
Left Hand

Plain Black

Plain Lined Black

Basketweave Black

Basketweave Lined Black

Plain Tan

Plain Lined Tan

Basketweave Tan

Basketweave Lined Tan

The Speed Scabbard®, style #002 is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring a holster without a thumb break while still providing firearm retention. This is accomplished with precise molding and tension screw device. This model is available in black or tan unlined leather. Belt slots are 1 •” wide. MSRP starting at $65.00

Right Hand
Left Hand

Plain Black

Plain Tan

Big Green Targets Expand Line With Big Green Crossbow Pro

Big Green Targets Expand Line With Big Green Crossbow ProBig Green Targets Expand Their Product Line With The Addition Of The Big Green Crossbow Pro The Big Green Crossbow Pro is designed to meet the needs of high powered cross bows Lamar, MO- Big Green Targets, the leading manufacturer in targets made with 100% recycled materials introduces the Big Green Crossbow Pro target to their popular Pro Series line.

The Big Green Crossbow Pro is sure to handle all the demands that crossbow enthusiasts expect from their targets. The Crossbow Pro comes in a durable and lightweight package. The target’s dimensions are 20″x 20″ x 14″ with an approximate weight of 32 lbs. The target is built to handle all that a high powered crossbow can dish out. With a suggested retail of $79.99, The Crossbow Pro not only helps the environment go “green”, it also puts some green back in your wallet.

The “Green” in Big Green Targets refers to the company’s commitment to the environment. Each target is produced from 100-percent post-industrial waste that, without being put to good use, would have ended up in a landfill. To top it off, Big Green Targets accepts all used targets for recycling as well, but don’t expect to wear them out any time soon because they are built to last Each Big Green Target is 100-percent weatherproof, and features double-sided targets on the front and back.

The target features a proprietary design consisting of a heat bonded, layered closed-cell foam outer core filled with a combination of recycled fabric and foam that is capable of stopping arrows shot at 350 feet per second or more. While each target is designed to stop blazing fast arrows, they are also built with arrow ease- of-removal in mind to ensure an enjoyable shooting experience. About Big Green Targets Big Green Targets, a division of Poly-Green Foam, LLC is the premier supplier of recycled foam archery targets.

For more information on Big Green Targets or the products they offer call (888) 390-5548 or visit www.biggreentargets.com.

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark Without Cannon’s New Security Safe Light

San Bernardino, Calif. – The Security Safe Light by Cannon is a revolutionary new light that offers safe owners clear and discrete access to safe controls and contents. This compact red LED light attaches to almost any safe with its simple magnetic attachment and features easy push-button activation. Once the safe is opened the Security Safe Light can also be easily removed to act as a mini-flashlight to locate safe contents.

This product is ideal for many situations, such as the need to open a safe without turning on a room light that would potentially alert an intruder to the owner’s possible location, or in the event of a power outage – all without impairing the user’s night vision. For optimal fit the Security Safe Light is available in an electronic lock or dial lock version.

First press of the button automatically activates the two-minute lighting cycle. This feature allows the user to quickly activate the light and then have their hands free to easily concentrate on engaging the safe’s controls. The Security Safe Light is powered by one included 3V lithium battery that provides at least 750 lighting cycles per battery. MSRP $19.99.

To learn why “Nothing Protects Like a Cannon™”, visit www.cannonsafe.com.


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Be Prepared For Any Weather Conditions With The Hitman Blind Snow Cover

Hitman Snow Blind Cover-2-smHunter’s Specialties® Hitman Layout Blind offers hunters a durable quick way to set up a layout blind that can be easily collapsed and stored into a short-bed pickup. It has a patent pending Swift Set System that expands the blind quickly and firmly into place. The Hitman is offered in Brown with Layout Blind Stubble, or Advantage Max-4 HD® camo.

For 2010 Hunter’s Specialties has introduced a new snow cover that easily attaches to the blind. The cover doesn’t require straps, snaps or buckles, which can get tangled up or clogged with mud to keep it in place. This allows waterfowl hunters to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions and keep hunting when fields are snow covered.

The Hitman Blind Snow Cover is made of a durable white fabric that is water resistant with a UV 30+ Protectant. It sells for a suggested retail price of $59.99

For more information about other Hunter’s Specialties products, log onto the Hunter’s Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com, write to 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.


Watch Hunter’s Specialties Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel

New Stratum Takes Its Place in SureFire’s “Practical” Product Line

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, announces the release of the latest model in their growing line of variable-output flashlights. The all-new Stratum features three very useful output levels: five lumens on low, 50 lumens on medium, and 160 lumens on high, more than enough light to find your way in the dark. The styling is a modern take on SureFire’s original 6P® flashlight, that has been the company’s best seller since 1988.

Stratum’s three output levels offer users more control by allowing them to select the best output for the task at hand-and to better manage the light’s power source, two 123A lithium batteries. At its five-lumen low setting, the flashlight will not compromise a user’s night-adapted vision and continues producing useful light levels for up to 60 hours on a set of batteries. At its 50-lumen setting, Stratum’s range increases while its runtime decreases: down to five hours. The high setting delivers a lot of light for an impressive 2 hours.

Push or click Stratum’s tailcap pushbutton switch, at any level, for a beam optimized by its micro-textured coated precision reflector. The resulting beam-especially on high-has plenty of reach with enough surrounding light to accommodate peripheral vision and maximize situational awareness. The high-output, virtually indestructible LED has no filament to burn out or break, and is regulated by an internal microprocessor. All of this sophisticated technology is protected from the elements by a lightweight but durable aerospace aluminum body and O-ring and gasket sealing that keeps out moisture, dust, and dirt.

At only five inches long, less than six ounces loaded with batteries, the Stratum comes in an attractive, machined body that is Mil-Spec hard-anodized in black for extreme durability. The light retails for $165.00 and is available now. For more information, visit www.SureFire.com.New Stratum Takes Its Place in SureFire's Practical Product Line

SureFire Releases First AA Battery Flashlight

surefirelogoSureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has released a new model to its popular Outdoorsman series of flashlights. Like other members of the Outdoorsman family, the new E2L AA features a dual-output, solid-state LED emitter; tailcap switching; a TIR lens, and a weather-resistant aerospace aluminum body that’s been Mil-Spec hard anodized. It differs, however, in its power source. The E2L AA, as its name suggests, runs on either two AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries-a first for SureFire.

The progression of LED technology has finally led to a reasonable output/runtime combination that measured up to SureFire standards. For nearly twenty years, SureFire was the only flashlight manufacturer to use lithium 123A batteries, the only sufficient compact power source to run the high-output incandescent lamps that made SureFire famous. However, 123A batteries aren’t as cheap as AA and are harder to find. AA batteries are still not as powerful as the 123A so the E2L AA Outdoorsman was designed primarily for outdoor use, but it’s built to the same standards as its battle-proven brothers.

Of course, a choice of batteries is not the only factor that makes the E2L AA a great fit for the Great Outdoors. Its power-regulated LED generates two output levels: 80 lumens of light on high (four times the light of a typical two-D-cell flashlight), perfect for searching or signaling, or three lumens on low, enough light for navigating, reading a map, or other close-range tasks without compromising night-adapted vision. The flashlight runs for nine hours on a set of AA lithium batteries at its high setting and 60 hours at its low setting, allowing a user to better manage runtime by switching between the two levels as needed. A Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens gathers the solid-state LED’s light and shapes it into a versatile beam with plenty of reach and enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision. And to protect the E2L AA from the elements, its Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body is sealed with O-rings and gaskets to keep out moisture and dirt.

The E2L AA retails for $159 and is available now. For more information visit www.SureFire.com.

Predator Tactical Announces Gen 2 Burkett Offset Mount

Predator Tactical Announces Gen 2 Burkett Offset MountTempe, Arizona -Predator Tactical announces the new and improved Gen 2 Burkett Offset Mount . Made in American, this mount features stronger, thicker wings, a quick detach thumb nut, and optional rail slot usage. Nearly every small red dot sight can now be mounted at an exact 45 degree offset to vertical on either the left or right side. The mount fits on all picatinny rails and includes extra scope mounting screws.

From practical shooting to tactical operations, the new mount compliments any Ar-15/10 platform that is using a powered optic giving the operator increased capabilities for short range shooting. The Gen 2 is in field use by US Special Operations and LE SWAT units. Two of America’s top professional shooters, Matt Burkett and Jerry Miculek use the mount in 3-Gun competitions.

The mount’s reversible base plate accepts nearly all mini red dot sights, including the Burris FastFire 1&2, J-Point, Trijicon RedDot, Trijicon RMR, C-more STS, Tasco Optima, Firepoint, Docter, and Leupold Delta Point.

Pricing & Availability

The Gen 2 Burkett Offset Mount is now available for immediate delivery for $139.95 through Predator Tactical’s online store www.predatortactical.com.

Predator Tactical LLC provides innovative firearms, accessories, instructional videos, and professional firearms training throughout the world.

Matt Burkett, Predator Tactical LLC sales@predatortactical.com or (602) 652-2864

Mark AR Riflescopes: Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm Riflescope


The Leupold Mark AR series of riflescopes is ideal for those who hunt with AR15/M-16 style rifles, delivering high performance at a price that’s right on target.

The wide field-of-view at 1.5x combined with the intermediate range precision of 4x make the Leupold® Mark AR™ 1.5-4x20mm a perfect selection for close and mid-range shooting with an AR15/M-16 style rifle. From heavy brush to rolling hills, the Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm has it covered.

  • The Multicoat 4® lens system delivers optimal brightness, clarity, and contrast in all light conditions.
  • Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece keeps your focus set.
  • The large power selector dial has a tactile power indicator and aggressive knurling to provide a sure grip in all conditions.
  • Available with the Leupold Duplex® reticle.
  • Durable matte black finish.
  • Custom Shop serviceable. Let the Leupold Custom Shop transform your Mark AR riflescope into a one-of-a-kind shooting tool.
  • Tested to the same performance standards as Leupold Mark 4® optics.
  • Rugged and absolutely waterproof in all conditions.