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Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target – The Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target From Birchwood Casey Provides A Perfect Backdrop For Self Defense Practice

Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target_smThe new Sharpshooter™ Full Silhouette Target from Birchwood Casey® is perfect for all firearms and calibers.

The target is blue on one side and white on the other for excellent visibility in low light conditions and both indoor and outdoor ranges.

Sharpshooter targets are built using a tough corrugated plastic that will absorb hundreds of shots from either pistols or rifles.

The full silhouette size provides for a realistic training experience.

The Sharpshooter Full Silhouette works well with any Birchwood Casey target, including Shoot-N-C and Dirty Bird oval targets, which are designed for silhouette shooting.

The Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target sells for a suggested retail price of $9.70 each and is available in quantities of one, 18 and 200.

For more information, consumers can log onto the Birchwood Casey website at www.birchwoodcasey.com, write to 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2195 or call 800.328.6156 x7933.

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Blade-Tech Introduces Razor Series of IWB Holsters

Blade-Tech Introduces Razor Series of IWB HolstersPuyallup, WA– Blade-Tech Industries, the leading manufacturer of custom production thermoplastic injection molded tactical holsters, knife sheaths and magazine pouches, introduces their line of Razor Series Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters.

“We wanted to create something practical, yet different from what we have available,” Steve Avila, CEO, explained. “So Blade-Tech turned to its customers for input on what features they wanted to see most in a new line of holsters. From the input we received, the new Razor Series of IWB holsters were created.”

The Razor Series holsters are handmade with a smoothly contoured, full-length sweat guard on the body side of the holster allowing for the elimination of hotspots and to assist in providing a more comfortable fit. The belt loop is offset to allow for a thinner profile. The Razor’s thin profile helps increase its overall ability to be concealed.

The Razor offset belt loop is manufactured with high quality, durable Kydex© that does not collapse, making for increased stability, as well as fast and easy re-holstering. The belt loop is made of Kydex and meticulously designed to fit specific belt sizes (1.25″/1.5″/1.75″/2.0″) to help further reduce movement of the holster when worn. The Razor Series works really well with the Blade-Tech Kydex© lined belt-Looper series.

As the market for a comfortable, secure, concealed carry holster evolves, the Razor Series IWB is a benchmark for the industry.

All Blade-Tech holsters and pouches are light and comfortable while remaining tough and waterproof. Each design is custom molded to specific weapons giving them excellent retention qualities while providing extremely fast presentation. Blade-Tech utilizes rigorous field-testing on all its products, conducted by law enforcement and military personnel, as well as Gunsite Academy, one of the worlds premiere firearms institutions. Blade-Tech also produces its own line of quality field knives. 253-655-8059 www.blade-tech.com

Ryan Preece (253) 655-8059 ext 102

Insight Into the Development of Mossy Oak’s Newest Pattern BREAK-UP INFINITY

Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak Founder

Q: How is Break-Up Infinity different than other patterns?

A: When you look at the camo patterns available today, you may notice that your eyes move around the elements of the pattern, but then they reach a stopping point. There’s a background or dead space. Break-Up® Infinity™ keeps the eye moving into the pattern for infinite depth.

For the past several years we have dedicated our effort to patterns built specifically for a pursuit, such as Duck Blind for waterfowl or Treestand for hunting from an elevated position, but we recognized the need to continue to provide the most effective general purpose pattern ever!

Since 1995, Break-Up has not only been our most successful pattern but the most successful pattern in history. It was built on the goal of literally “breaking up” the outline of a hunter by using naturally contrasting elements. This latest evolution of Break-Up uses the most advanced digital technology to create never before achieved depth of field, eye-confusing contrast, and perfect realism. You look into the pattern just like you’re looking into the woods. Break-Up Infinity works equally well on the ground or in a tree. The key is that it is the only pattern that simultaneously breaks up the hunter’s silhouette and blends in with elements that surround it, clearly making it the most versatile pattern ever!

Q: Why is it important to keep developing new patterns?

A: Mossy Oak Brand Camo was founded on the pure obsession to get closer to critters, which led to creating the industry’s most effective camouflage patterns. Clearly that pure obsession is stronger today than ever! Our experiences in the field inspire us to create new patterns to get hunters closer. We’re constantly seeing elements and details in nature that if applied to our clothing, guns, boots and other gear, will help us blend in and get closer to our pursuit. Developing new camouflage patterns is important to feed the hunger all outdoors men and women have for being outdoors and remaining undetected. We stay hungry, so we’ll keep developing new patterns.

The other side to pattern development is technology. Being able to reproduce elements in nature with the utmost realism is energizing for us. Technology is improving by the second. We want to use the technology available to us to give hunters the most realistic patterns available.

Q: How long did it take to develop Break-Up Infinity?

A: 25 years of pattern development and a lifetime of experience! The way I see it, each pattern led to the next. It’s been a continuous evolution of developing camouflage that is more effective and realistic. We’ve spent 15 years on Break-Up alone. Once we had the vision for Break-Up Infinity and new where we wanted to take it, it was a 3-year (+) process of development.

Q: Did the process require new ways of thinking?

A: Numerous new concepts were adapted for this new pattern with emphasis on depth of view. We took thousands of photos of wooded settings across the country to see how we could accurately replicate the “look of” the forest with no real end to the view to create the “infinite” depth in the pattern. We developed a whole new way of photographing our background and elements in natural settings to enhance them. I would say that THE most importance way of thinking for us continues to be “open-minded thinking,” collectively evaluating and honoring thought from every corner of our great team.

Q: What challenges did you face during the development of Break-Up Infinity?

A: One of the challenges was placing elements in proper focus to encourage your eye to look deep into the pattern. We spent months selecting the perfect digital images and hours laying them out on screen and re-adjusting to create that depth. Mossy Oak has always tried to stay connected with the original look of Bottomland in our patterns; with Break Up Infinity, Bottomland provided the pivotal look of the pattern’s centerpiece tree trunk. This gave us a realistic bark to develop all the light and dark elements around and create the perfect breakup of the human form with unlimited field of view.

Q: Did you have any hunter/user input during the development process?

A: As I have stated is the case with all our patterns, the development of Break-Up Infinity was literally a total team effort. While the R&D team is responsible for the development process, each step of the way we solicit and encourage input from all our staff and pros. Often times it is a comment from someone not so involved with the development that turns on the light bulb and makes it better.

Pattern development is always an incredibly energizing process with the entire Mossy Oak family, as it helps to bring us closer together allowing us to be our best as a company. Understand, this pattern is not by or from me…..but our gift to the millions of incredibly loyal consumers we serve.

Today, with the Mossy Oak brand centered in leadership of so many categories that help people “get closer to nature” like Mossy Oak BioLogic wildlife products, Mossy Oak Properties, Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries, Mossy Oak Productions, Mossy Oak Rustiks lodge and funishings, Mossy Oak Outdoor Sports and Entertainment TV and media, and others under the brand, Mossy Oak brand camo will always come first as THE symbol for the entirety of our brand enterprises….nature perfectly replicated for all of us to wear and use in life!

About Break-Up® Infinity™

Featuring unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up Infinity truly offers hunters another dimension in camo. Each element in Break-Up Infinity – leaves, limbs, acorns and branches – was selected to create unprecedented realism and contrast to break up a hunter’s silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multi-dimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created. Break-Up Infinity is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods. Look for Break-Up Infinity this fall on products from over 150 of our valued partners.

Hunt Comfort Introduces Specialist SuperLight Folding Cushions

Hunt Comfort Logo

Specialist Closed-Foliage

Specialist Closed-Treestand

Specialist Open-Foliage

Evergreen, Alabama – Hunt Comfort introduces Specialist, a new, high-tech folding cushion set. Hunt Comfort’s new SuperLight gel cushion technology, which dramatically reduces resting pressure on the body, will be used for Specialist. Specialist cushion set delivers seating performance comparable to Hunt Comfort’s ultra premium seats, and is lighter by twelve ounces. They are easy to carry and adapt to a wide variety of hunting and camping conditions.

Superlight cushions are built on Hunt Comfort’s new “rich stack” foam formula, a system of three layers of varied compression foams designed to improve pressure distribution and comfort afield. This formula combines the proven performance of the FatBoy foundation with the pillow top luxury of our Classic to provide unprecedented comfort in a two and half inch thick cushion. The “rich stack” formula is ideal for back support. The seat cushion is further enhanced with two elliptical gel pads embedded in the cushion to reduce downward seating forces. The patented, one inch gel pads dramatically improve seating comfort by relieving and spreading out seated pressure. The Specialist cushion set is simple to set up and gives hunters ample seat and back protection coverage for all-day hunting and camping conditions.

Specialist is covered in ComfortTEX outdoor seating fabrics developed by Hunt Comfort. Available in Mossy Oak New Breakup® and Treestand® patterns and Hunt Comfort’s new Foliage Green and Coyote Khaki solid colors.

Hunt Comfort is a manufacturer of handmade, high tech hunting and outdoor products located in Evergreen, Alabama. We guarantee all goods to be error free and best quality. All Hunt Comfort products carry a three-year warranty.

Suggested retail price for the cushion set in Mossy Oak Break-Up or Treestand is $89.99. The solid color sets sell for $85.99.

For more information about Hunt Comfort or the new Specialist, please contact David Robinson at Hunt Comfort 888.757.3232 or visit our website at www.huntcomfort.com.

Coleman Launches iPhone Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner

WICHITA, Kansas – Summer is here and that means the height of the cookout season.

To make it easier for busy families to prepare delicious meals on the grill, outdoor stove and fire pit, Coleman is kicking off the cookout and camping season with the release of its newest iPhone application. The “Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner” is a free application that allows users to find the perfect meals based on food type, category or available ingredients, making time spent outdoors even more enjoyable and efficient.

In addition to allowing users to rank their favorite recipes in a host of categories, the “Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner” is the first iPhone app that allows users to plan meals for an entire camping trip by selecting the number of days and campers. The app generates shopping and equipment lists to make pre-trip packing and preparations easier, ensuring that mealtime at the campground or in the backcountry is as delicious as it is memorable. The Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner also organizes recipes for quick reference while allowing users to mark their favorites and E-mail suggestions to friends.

Coleman’s Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner is available now for download through the Apple iTunes store and can be found through the site’s search engine or by browsing under the Lifestyle category.

iTunes Link

Delaina Lee, The Coleman Company Inc. (316) 219-7419 DLee@Coleman.com

Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon scopeThe Nikon Riflescopes were arrayed on the table before Homes like the pieces of the puzzle that they were. Homes turned his sharp eye over them, and I could tell that my master was deducing much more than their precision opticals and rugged construction. When he looked at the Nikon Monarch, I knew that he could see that the Extra Low Dispersion glass would have given unmatched clarity and resolution.  My master, Homes, was Cantebury’s premier detective.

“Homes,” the police detective stepped forward and looked at the riflescopes. “I tell you, the murderer had to have used the M223.”

“Negative,” Homes cried, grabbing the scope from the detective. “Notice that this scope has a super-wide field of view. The murderer could have only had a narrow field.” He carefully placed the scope back on the table and picked up the Nikon Monarch Gold. “This scope is perfect for low light hunting. But I deduce that the murderer operated in daylight, so the murderer cannot be the man who owns the Monarch Gold.”

The police detective nodded as I wrote down Homes comments. “Dr. Whereoff,” My master turned to me. “Tell the police detective why the murderer is not the man who owns the Nikon Monarch African.” He lit his pipe.

I cleared my throat and picked up the well-balanced African Riflescope. “Officer, the Nikon Monarch African scope is made especially for fast, dangerous game. For situations where it is good to have both eyes open. The man who hunts with this scope is too brave to be the murderer. Our victim was found shot in the back.”

Homes nodded, but frowned. “Dr. Whereoff, you forget the most important clue!” He strode over to the Nikon Monarch X scope, the well-known long-distance riflescope, but then he bypassed it for the Turkey Pro BTR. “This scope wasn’t used either. For the hunter who goes after turkey, or coyotes,” he touched the Coyote Special Riflescope, “they are patient. This murder was a crime of passion.” He looked at me. “And we both know that both of those scopes have antiglare technology. The victim spoke of the glint of glass from the weapon, before he died.”

Homes bypassed the Laser IRT riflescope. It combined the powers of a rangefinder with the deadliness of a Nikon riflescope. He also passed over the Encore Handgun Riflescope, for the murderer had been shot by a rifle. This also cut out the Slughunter, Nikon’s dependable and accurate riflescope made just for shotguns. There weren’t many scopes left. All that remained were the Nikon Dot Sight, which has variable dot sizes available, the Omega, which is made for muzzleloaders, the Buckmaster which allows a whopping 92% light transmission for its price range, and the ProStaff, a scope that offers a wide field of view and unbelievably crisp images for its price range.

It looked as if the Case of the Mysterious Riflescope Murderer was going to remain unsolved, but then Homes reached down a grabbed what looked like thin air, but in his long wiry hand was another riflescope. The camouflage was so perfect on the Nikon RealTree than I hadn’t even seen it on the table.

“How did you know that was the scope?” The police officer sputtered as his fellow officers grabbed the owner of the scope, a scraggly chimneysweep from Leeds.

“It’s elementary, my dear Whereoff.” Homes turned to me. “I knew the murderer had been right there, in broad daylight, working fast, and almost invisible. Only the RealTree could offer that kind of blending in to the surroundings.” He nodded to the police officers. “Now, Whereoff, let us continue the hunt.” He grabbed the Monarch Gold as he hustled us toward our next case.

Blaser Introduces R8 Professional

Blaser Introduces R8 ProfessionalOnly six months have passed since the launch of the R8 bolt action rifle. Now Blaser continues its success story with the new R8 Professional. This exciting addition to the R8 line stands out as a true workhorse that is purpose built for hunting in extreme conditions.

No detail has been overlooked in the design of the stock for the R8 Professional. It has been optimized to offer ergonomic perfection in all shooting positions. The ambidextrous stock with Elastomer grip inserts in the pistol grip and forearm provide secure handling even when wet. The matte dark green stock is highlighted with a black forearm tip and black pistol grip cap. To customize the modern classic, a wide variety of optional grips caps has been introduced. However, innovation does not stop there. The new recoil pad offers outstanding recoil reduction. Combined with superb sliding characteristics it also provides a snag free mount for a quick shot.

All calibres of the R8 program are available. Orders are being taken now at any authorized Blaser dealer for a July delivery. For more information on Blaser products visit www.blaser-usa.com or you may contact Kevin Wistner at 210-377-2533.

Kevin Wistner (210) 377-2533

Whitewater Outdoors® Unveils NEW Softshell Jacket For Hardcore Hunting

Whitewater Outdoors - Softshell Jacket_smCANNON FALLS, MN – Whitewater Outdoors® is strategically partnering with Ducks Unlimited® to introduce a NEW line of duck hunting clothing to satisfy duck hunters throughout the season. These garments include NEW features, added durability and increased versatility for hardcore duck hunters.

The NEW Whitewater® Outdoors WindBlocker® Softshell utilizes 100-percent WindBlocker® protection for enhanced versatility with a three-layer fabric for a quiet softshell outside, windproof inner membrane and soft, warm fleece on the inside. The WindBlocker® Softshell can be used as a stand alone jacket or as an outer layer for protection on blustery, bitter days. Lining this jacket with our S3® antimicrobial treatment enhances the garments life before washing by keeping it fresh for a longer period of time. Along with wind protection, this jacket offers DWR (Durable Water Repellency) for protection against rain, sleet and snow. Two zippered front pockets are strategically placed for all your gear along with a zippered sleeve pocket for license storage. Complete comfort and functionality are obtained through the BodyLock waist straps and hook and loop adjustable cuffs.

DU WindBlocker® Softshell Jacket

  • 100% WindBlocker® Protection
  • S3® antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
  • DWR treated (Durable Water Repellency)
  • Three layer fabric with a quiet softshell outside, windproof inner membrane, and a soft, warm fleece on the inside
  • BodyLock™ waist
  • Two zippered front pockets and one zippered sleeve pocket
  • Hook and loop adjustable cuffs
  • Sizes: M-2XL
  • Color: Mossy Oak DuckBlind®/Brown

For more information on Whitewater’s DU Waterfowl Line, or other strategic hunting apparel, contact Whitewater Strategic Hunting Apparel, W. 4228 Church Street, Hingham, WI 53031; (920) 564-2674 phone; www.whitewateroutdoors.com.

Whitewater produces official licensed products of Mossy Oak/ Haas Outdoors Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak (www.mossyoak.com). Mossy Oak specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoorsmen. Mossy Oak patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the outdoor industry leader in modern camouflage design, international licensing and marketing. Haas Outdoors Inc. markets its services and products under widely recognized brands including: Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, and Mossy Oak Properties.


Browning Introduces Model 11 Folding Knives

Browning Introduces Model 11 Folding KnivesMorgan, UT-Browning’s new Model 111 Folding Knives are designed by Russ Kommer and packed with practical features. Kommer took an old design and added his expertise in knife design to make them even more user friendly.

The knives are designed with grooved handles that are constructed from either rugged G-10 or walnut. Handles on the knives are contoured for a comfortable, sure grip. The bolsters add to the beauty and balance of the knives.

Each 3 ¼” blade is made of Sandvik® 12C27 stainless steel. The blades are easy to sharpen and hold an excellent edge. A Browning Buckmark logo is etched into each blade for a unique look only to a Browning knife.

The ultra-thin construction of the Browning 111 knives allow them to slide easily into a pocket without adding excess bulk.

The Model 111D with black G-10 scales has a suggested retail price of $34.95. The Model 111C with walnut scales has a suggested retail price of $39.95.

Paul Thompson (801) 876-2711 ext. 3229 or pault@browning.com

HIP Proline Package Now Available For the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock

HIP Proline Package Now Available For the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine StockMilwaukee, WI (2010)- Advanced Technology International, known as ATI, a leading manufacturer in gun stocks and firearm accessories introduces the HIP Proline Package for the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock.

The HIP Proline Package for the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock features a new 17″ aluminum top Picatinny rail, new 2″ aluminum side Picatinny rails, and a new 6″ aluminum bottom Picatinny rail. The rails provide increased options to place your weapons attached lights/lasers and other accessories on your gun, including your scope mount. All rails are constructed of T6 aluminum with a coat type III anodized finish. The rails are quick and easy to install.

HIP Proline Package For the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock Features:

* New 17″ aluminum top Picatinny rail
* New 2″ aluminum side Picatinny rails
* New 6″ aluminum bottom Picatinny rail
* Rails are constructed of T6 aluminum with hard coat type III anodized finish
* Easy to install
* Fits: ATI Hi-Point 9mm Carbine stock

To purchase your new HIP Proline Package for the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock, visit www.atigunstocks.com or by calling toll free 800.925.2522.

ATI is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an ISO Certified facility complete with its own plastic mold injection plant consisting of state of the art robotic machinery. ATI has its own in-house tooling facility for a quick turn around on new product development. The testing facility, located in Iowa, warrants the safety and quality of ATI products, and is taking advantage of the advancements in synthetic polymer resin engineering. ATI’s guiding principles are to provide high quality gunstocks and accessories for a vast variety of rifles and shotguns, to produce economical priced products that never compromise quality, and develop products that are easy and safe to install onto your firearm. For more information on ATI or to view the all new ATI GunBuilder please visit www.ATIgunstocks.com.

Kim Cahalan, Media Direct, (309) 944-5341 or kim@mediadirectcreative.com