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eotech.webyshops.com – Launched!

EoTech.webyshops.com – our tactical reflex site oriented blog is finally live.  Internet is a great resource, but sometime information about your favorite subject, brand or product is all over the place.

EoTech blog is based on the idea of pulling together all relevant information about the company, its products, latest technologies and promotions and organizing it for easy browsing and review.  Our in-house EoTech fanatics are mediating the blog, while our industry sources do most of the contributions.

We welcome other EoTech fans, users, enthusiasts to this blog and encourage your participation.  Our goal is to bring the most complete and up to date information about everything EoTech to other people out there that may have heard of EoTech but have not had a chance to use one.

Whether you are interested in Hunting, Competitive Shooting, Target Practice or use these products in your career in the military or law enforcement – we welcome you to this blog and encourage you to subscribe to an RSS feed to get the latest news delivered straight to your email account.

EoTech Blog Logo

Webyshops.com launches of its latest brand specific blog – Leupold.webyshops.com

Webyshops.com launches of its latest brand specific blog – Leupold.webyshops.com.
The blog is administered by our in-house Leupold product experts and brings to you the most up to date information, news and reviews on your favorite Leupold products, promotions and events.
Through our industry contacts – we compile the latest feeds, new product announcements, professional and amateur reviews, timely promotions and much more.
Whether you are interested or already have a Leupold Riflescope, Leupold Binocular, Leupold Spotting Scope, Leupold Laser Range Finder, or Leupold Flashlight – you will find helpful information on our blog.
Check periodically or subscribe to an RSS feed to get the latest news delivered straight to your email account.
Get involved and comment on the articles, ask questions and post your reviews. Our goal is to have the most complete blog about Leupold Hunting, Sporting and Golfing products.

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AstroScope 9350EOS-FF adds night vision to your Canon DSLR

Looking to put together a really complete bag of camera gear? Then you might want to give some consideration to Electrophysics’ new AstroScope 9350EOS-FF, which will add some night vision capabilities to the full-frame Canon DSLR of your choice. As you can see above, the module fits between the lens and camera body, and thankfully maintains all the necessary electrical connections and doesn’t impede on all-important features like image stabilization. The module itself will also give you some variable gain control to adapt to different lighting situations and reduce noise, and it supposedly eliminates any vignetting of images, which can be a bit of a problem with other night vision rigs. No word on a price just yet, but it looks like it should be rolling out to dealers now.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/15/astroscope-9350eos-ff-adds-night-vision-to-your-canon-dslr/

Minox NV mini II makes night vision pocketable

There’s certainly no shortage of portable night vision gear available for those that often find themselves out and about at night, but there’s few quite as pocketable as Minox‘s new NV mini II scope, which (as you can see) is almost small enough to fit on your key ring. You’ll still get 2x magnification despite that diminutive size, however, and a built-in infrared illuminator for “perfect vision” even in complete darkness.

Still no word on a price, but this one should be available from all your usual night vision retailers by the end of the month, if it’s not already.

minox nvmini

IR-detecting OLED film could mean cheap night vision on everything

Night vision, once the exclusive property of military special forces and dreadlock’d aliens, has over the past few years become far more accessible for the everyman — even everymen with small pockets. But, we could be on the verge of a green-screen revolution if research taking place at the University of Florida, led by Dr. Franky So, comes to fruition.

He and his students are working on OLED film that is excited by infrared. Multiple layers of the stuff convert that light into a spectrum that we can see and, if all goes well, could be inexpensively layered onto anything from glasses to car windshields. So is indicating this film could start production in 18 months, but given the accuracy of original predictions regarding monstrously huge yet inexpensive OLED displays we won’t exactly be holding our collective breath over here.

Night VisionSource: Discovery

D.T. leading the way once again

The BL series Natural Flush Bird Launchers from DT Systems have an Easy-Load trap door that lets you load and unload single or multiple birds safely and easily.

A Quiet-Release system helps prevent “spooking” your dog.  Large scent holes create a natural flow of bird scent in the air.  Remote launchers have a 700 yard range and a transmitter that can control 16 different launchers.  A remote-activated beeper helps you locate each launcher after training sessions.  Launchers are available in a small or large size for different sized birds.

New Bushnell Trophy® XLT Scopes Feature Greater Light Transmission

Overland Park, Kan.Bushnell has redesigned their top selling line of Trophy series scopes for 2010 with a host of new upgrades.

The new Trophy XLT scopes feature fully multi-coated lenses that provide an incredible 91% light transmission.

The scopes have a new stylish sleeker design with slimmed down bells, a new integrated saddle and a redesigned easy to operate power change ring with the magnification numbers facing the shooter for faster in the field adjustments.

The new Euro design windage and elevation knobs are finger adjustable for quick and easy sight-in or in the field changes. The windage cap features the new Trophy XLT logo.

Each new Trophy XLT scope also comes with a set of Butler Creek flip open caps

Nikon Archer’s Choice Range Finder

Nikon Archer's Choice Range Finders

If you are like me, you live and die by your range finder. If you ever have gone out into the field leaving yours behind, it might have cost you the shot. I have shown you all a few range finders here on the site, but today I am showing you the first one that is made for tree stand hunting. That one is the Archer’s Choice from Nikon. This thing was made for use in a treestand and we are going to show you why.
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Winchester Repeating Arms Adds 20ga. To The Super X3

Morgan, UT – The Winchester Super X3 is not only the world’s fastest cycling shotgun, it’s also the best fitting, sweetest handling and most advanced autoloader. Therefore, it was only natural that a 20 gauge would come along at some time. Well, that time is now and the SX3 family just got a little larger. The SX3 20ga. Will be offered in the Walnut Field model.
Features include:

  • Active valve system
  • Back-Bored technology
  • Perma-Coat™ UT finish
  • Cast / Drop shims
  • Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad
  • Length of pull spacers
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Hard chrome chamber and bore
  • Available in 26” and 28” barrel lengths

Suggested Retail Price $1,199

Insight Technology Releases New X2/X2L LED Series Tactical Illuminators

Insight Technology, the world’s leading provider of tactical lasers, illuminators, thermal imaging equipment, and red dot sighting systems release their new X2/X2L LED Series Tactical Illuminators.

The X2™ series are the world’s first and best subcompact weapon-mounted light/laser units now delivering a peak output of 80 lumens from a new LED emitter. The X2L LED features a visible red Class IIIa laser with a range of 200 meters. Both models are powered by one CR2 lithium battery for a run time of 60 minutes. The X2L LED Series easily mounts to most subcompact pistol rails utilizing Insight’s patented Slide-Lock® interface. The ambidextrous rocker switch allows the X2 LED series to be activated in either a Momentary On or Constant On mode. A two position laser switch on the X2L turns the laser on and off so it can be used in a white Light Only or White Light and Laser mode. Replacement LED kits available later this year. The X2/X2L LED series improve light output, extend run time, and increase durability.

insight X2/X2L LED Series