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Leupold Mark-4 Riflescopes

Rule #1, always bring your firearms, fitted with Leupold Mark 4 riflescopes constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum alloy, when you are clearing out a nest of zombies. My weapon has a Mark 4 riflescope. A weapon with a superior scope can mean the difference between having a zombie eat your brain and survival. With an index matched lens system lens coating, a lockable eyepiece focus design that has generous eye relief, side focus parallax adjustment, 3x twin bias spring erector magnification system, and rugged waterproofing technology, I trust that my Leupold Mark 4 rifle scope will consistently help me bring terror to the living dead.  How many times have you been stuck on the interstate, the shuffling creatures coming at you, their arms extended and the maggots crawling on their skin only to have wasted your ammo with bad shots?

That happened to my friend, Leroy. He didn’t use a riflescope. Now he’s a zombie.  We were holed up in our SUV out on the interstate, out of gas, past sunset, and the zombies were coming for us.  I took out  my weapon fitted with a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T long range scope. Its Mil Dot reticle is fully illuminated and is compatible with night vision. This is the same scope that was used by the U.S. army M-24 sniper system for their daytime ops. Its got superior edge-to-edge sharpness across the visual field and it’s the scope I use for the low light situations near dawn or dusk that zombies seem to prefer. I flipped open its lens cover and as the creature slogged its way into the crosshairs of my Mil dot reticle, I blew its brains out. (Or, probably, the brains of the innocent victims that they had eaten that evening.)

An especially gruesome zombie with only one arm staggered out from behind a tipped over semi truck. He came for us, and I could hear him moaning, “brains.” I put his armless chest in my sites and I took him out. Two more zombies clawed their way out of the ditch, and I let them have it.

The noise of the bullets rang in my ears for a moment, and I screamed as I cleared the world of evil. But when I stopped shooting, there was silence. My friend was gone, the door of the SUV hanging open. He hadn’t had a scope on his rifle, either the Leupold Mark 4 ER/T or the Mark 4 MR/T. The extended range scope can give you a good clear shot of zombies up to distances up to 2,000m. They have a front focal plane reticle which stays at a constant size compared to the target at all magnifications. It’s got pristine clarity across the entire visual field, even at 25x. The midrange Mark 4 MR/T is good for zombies coming at you anywhere from 50 to 700 meters.  But, like I said, Leroy didn’t have a scope, he always blathered on about how he had the “eyes of a falcon” and so he didn’t need one. And the zombies  got him. I wondered how they liked the taste of his eyeballs.

It’s not easy living in the last days of a zombie plague.  Things like chocolate chip cookies, sunrises, and my Leupold Mark 4  riflescope, keep me from the clutches of all my zombie friends.

Leupold Mark-4 Rifle Scopes

Leupold Mark-4 Rifle Scopes

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes

The Nikon Monarch Riflescope, with its 4x magnification zoom and BDC reticle provided flexibility with shooting distance and Nikon’s ultra ClearCoat optical system would draw in the dimmest of light, up to 95% transmission. It was waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. The Eco Glass lenses would provide a big, bright and sharp picture. Will paid attention to his friends.

Christopher was saying, “There’s a green dragon ahead, so I’ve prepared poison resistance.”

Darren glanced at Will’s box. “Whatcha got, Will?”

“Stay in the game,” Sam said.

Darren rolled his eyes. “Okay. But I’ve already got poison resist.”

Will cut in. “Bought a new riflescope. It’s a Nikon Monarch. Look, it has a locking side focus parallax adjustment, 4 inches of eye relief, and magnification numbers that are viewable from the shooting position.” He took the scope out of the box and held it up to the light. It gleamed like a treasure found in the pits of a dungeon.

“I’m jealous,” Erik said. “I’ve read about them. All Nikon Monarch riflescopes feature the Interchangeable Turret Technology System. The Long Range series have a minimum magnification of 3x and some use Nikon’s advanced extra-low dispersion glass to eliminate chromatic aberration. The huge 50mm objective lens gives optimum brightness.”

Sam scowled. “Stay in the game.”

Will smiled. “Fine. I’m putting a Nikon Monarch scope on my crossbow.”

Sam moved a small dragon statue in the middle of the board. “I can’t blame you. Too bad it’s not my Nikon Monarch Gold Series, though. They are the pinnacle of technology and engineering. They feature greater strength, larger internal lenses, enhanced resolution, quick focus eyepiece and a broader light path.”

Christopher took the scope from Erik. “Superlative.” He balanced the scope on his fingers.

Darren muttered. “Let me,” he held out his hand to Christopher. “I’ve heard about the Nikon Monarch X Riflescopes. They’re designed for professionals and will perform excellently for tens of thousands of rounds. They have larger internal lenses.”

Sam said, “I’ve been patient about this scope thing. They wouldn’t have it in this world. Save it for the weekend.”

Will smiled. “Nikon Monarch African Riflescopes use a German #4 reticle, which is the proven choice for dangerous game hunting. The hand-turn adjustments help you get zeroed in quicker and maintain your settings–even with heavy recoil. It’s specifically designed for dangerous game hunting in Africa. It has a huge field of view and the power range keeps shooters on target in fast situations where you want both eyes open.” Will smiled at Sam. “Like when you are hunting dragons with a crossbow.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Will’s character has a Nikon Monarch African Riflescope on his crossbow. It will help him kill the dragon because the optics are fully multicoated for crystal clear viewing, maximum resolution and excellent performance in low-light situations.” He looked at Will. “Your turn.”

Will tapped his dice on the riflescope for good luck. “I’m going to attack the dragon with my crossbow. Because of the riflescope, he’s no longer out of range.” He rolled. The dice tumbled precipitously.

“You killed the dragon!” Christopher laughed.

“Thanks to my Nikon Monarch African Riflescope, which gives shooters increased versatility with almost any kind of rifle, with any caliber, and in any imaginable hunting situation,” Will laughed. “Who’s on for this weekend?” He knocked over the little dragon figurine in the middle of the table. “My deer’s going to go down even easier than this dragon.”

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope

D.T. Systems Announces Expandable Micro-iDT PLUS Collars

The D.T. SystemsTM Micro-iDT PLUS remote trainer provides a well-rounded assortment of training features in a compact, lightweight, and economical package. It’s the most compact remote trainer D.T. Systems offers. The Micro-iDT PLUS now has Add-On capability which allows a trainer to expand a 1-dog system into a 2- or 3-dog unit by purchasing additional Add-On collar units. The new transmitter also has a new textured surface to help the trainer hold and control the transmitter in all types of weather conditions.

With a 900 yard range, there is no other remote training collar that offers more range for this price. The patented MAXX-RangeTM FM antenna is woven into the collar strap eliminating the inconsistencies of AM antennas, allowing for clear, consistent radio signals. The embedded MAXX-Range™ internal FM antenna in the collar belt also gives you 360 degrees of coverage.

The Micro-iDT Collar has 16 levels of stimulation to ensure trainers can easily find the proper intensity for the training situation.

The Vibration feature allows a trainer to get the attention of the dog without the use of stimulation. This feature is especially useful for dogs that are very sensitive, that spend a good deal of time in the water, or for hearing impaired dogs.

MAP price is $169.99

dt systems dog training collar

Leupold Drops Suit Against Zeiss

Portland, Oregon – Leupold & Stevens, Inc. has dropped its lawsuit against Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. for patent infringement. The lawsuit alleges that Zeiss and two other defendants infringe on a patent that Leupold & Stevens holds involving True Ballistic Range® (TBR®) technology.

While Zeiss products do allow users to input ballistic groups and display holdover values at specific yardages, it has been determined that they do not incorporate an inclinometer to compensate for uphill/downhill shot angles. Therefore, they do not infringe on US Patent Number 7,654,029 owned by Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Leupold & Stevens is a fifth-generation, family-owned company that employs over 600 American workers in its state-of-the-art facility near Beaverton, Ore. Leupold has manufactured a variety of optical and surveying instruments since opening for business in 1907, and its modern campus is currently where sport optics are designed, machined and assembled. Leupold manufactures a wide range of optics for the hunting and shooting, military and law enforcement, golf and observation markets.

New Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology

Thanks to Nikon, rifleshooters around the world now have a tool to help them match their preferred load to their style of shooting and to their style of nikon riflescope and reticle. Nikon‘s all new Spot On program allows users to select from the largest database of factory ammo and reloading components ever assembled to build the perfect plan for dialing in their rifle.

“Not all shooters have access to a 400-yard range or the time to figure out with trial and error exactly what their bullet is doing at every range,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager Nikon Sport Optics. “Spot On allows users to match their load of choice to any Nikon riflescope, with any reticle, and see what the possibilities are before they ever pull the trigger.”

An easy to use, intuitive layout makes using and understanding the program a breeze.

Available options include:

-Detailed sight-in info to match the user’s goals

-Ballistic reports for the bullet and load

-Printable reports with trajectory, field references and ballistic graphs

-Adjustable atmospheric conditions

-Adjustable magnification for the ultimate dialing-in of BDC reticles

-Determine point blank range for Nikoplex reticles with adjustable target/vital size

-Easy to follow video tutorial

While nothing can replace time spent shooting on an actual range, Nikon’s Spot On technology/program allows shooters to decide from thousands of load and sight -in options for specific hunts or shooting styles. Never before have so many variables been brought into one tool for rifleshooters.

Nikon’s Spot On program lives at www.nikonhunting.com/spoton and is a free tool for all shooters.

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products.

Brownells Improves AR15Builder.com

Brownells AR-15 Builder changed the way shooters and hunters decided what parts and accessories they wanted to use on their rifle. Now, the company has added new features, and more than 300 new products to this unique, internet tool.

As you scroll through the product images you’ll now see seven items at a time, instead of the previous one. Plus, each photo has the product’s Brand Name and Price clearly visible. The scrolling arrows stand out more, too. Once logged in on the AR-15 Builder, users can quickly move between AR15builder.com and the Brownells.com, without losing their place. That makes it easy to get more information on the products and come right back and continue building.

Company President, Pete Brownell told us, “Our web team keeps finding new things to make the Builder even more user friendly, and with new products coming in constantly they’ve been working awfully darn hard to make the web shopping – or just dreaming – experience even better.”

As more new products are added to the Brownells.com, they’ll continually be added toAR15Builder.com. Another big batch of products will be ready to view very soon.

At Brownells Everything is Guaranteed period! …Forever, 100%, with no restocking fees. Founded in 1939, Brownells supply more than 30,000 firearms parts, accessories and gunsmithing tools to armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide. The company also provides free tech help and there’s no minimum order size or small order fees. To order, or for more information, call 800-741-0015 or visit brownells.com and mention code PFQ

brownell ar 15 builder

Leupold VX-II Riflescopes

It was just a routine expedition for Will, until he locked eyes with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There shouldn’t have been a dinosaur there, but there was. He had pulled his raft up on the shore and he had waded into the stream to where the big rock reached out of the water. The mighty dinosaur was on the other side of his tiny raft, and it was swishing its tail like an angry cat. Like a hungry angry cat that didn’t want to wade in for dinner. Will wished that he had his weapon, fixed with his Gloss Black, Leupold VX-II Riflescope, made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy with a 1-inch maintube diameter. But it was in the raft, almost directly under the dinosaur. He knew that if the worst happened, he’d get a good shot because the VX-II has Leupold durability and crisp optical quality that comes from the Multicoat 4 (R) lens system. And he’d set the magnification indicator with 1/4 MOA click adjustments perfectly.

The scope would zoom in on that dinosaur, giving an image with increased brightness, clarity and contrast even in low light. He stepped into the fast flowing water towards the shore, towards the raft. He could see his rifle. The Tyrannosaurus stepped toward the raft also, its mighty foot sending tremors through the rocks under Will’s feet. “You just leave my stuff alone, you big lizard,” Will muttered as he stared right into the dinosaur’s eyes. The dinosaur reached forward gaping its mouth slightly, hunger glinting deep inside those evil eyes. Wherever it had come from, it hadn’t learned to be afraid of man. Hungrily, it grabbed Will’s raft, shook its neck and flung all of his expedition supplies across the field and into the stream. He saw his firearm arch through the air, but he didn’t worry. He knew that it would perform dependably; even his scope could take a beating. It wouldn’t lose its crisp image because it has a 3x Single Bias spring Erector magnification system. It landed near a strange-looking tree.

The dinosaur roared at him, and Will stepped back, thinking for a moment that confronting a full grown T-Rex might not be the best idea he’d ever had. But he stepped closer to his weapon, keeping his eyes on the dinosaur. The Tyrannosaurus Rex watched every move that Will made, but then it tilted its head as if it heard something, made a chirp like a bird, and glanced out at the field behind it. In a moment, moving faster than Will thought a creature that big could move, it twisted around on its great big feet and ran a thousand feet away from Will, sending ripples through the earth like the greatest earthquake ever known. Buoyed by new courage, Will cried out, “Yeah, run away. Get out of here.”

It ran across the field, and he watched it pounce, its tail swinging up above its head as it speared its nose down into the ground. It came up with blood trickling down its mouth, and a writhing dinosaur in between its teeth. He ate it in two bites, and then he turned to Will, as if to say, “You’ll be dessert.”

“I’m lost. Lost in this strange land.” Will muttered, flinging his hand out for his weapon as the Tyrannosaurus charged. It shook the ground, blood dripped from its teeth as it approached.  Will pulled his weapon to his cheek, the lockable fast-focus eyepiece on the 1-4x20mm model bringing the dinosaur into clear range. The scope was so comfortable with its 3.7 inch eye relief that he could have taken all day to make his shot. But the Tyrannosaurus Rex was too fast. He was coming like a meteor.  With a resounding crack that echoed up and down the streambed, Will took out his game before his game could take him out.

Yeah, it was just a routine expedition.

leupold vx-ii rifle scope

Simmons Enters Laser Rangefinder Market

Overland Park, KS – Since 1983 Simmons has established itself as a leader in high quality, value priced riflescopes and binoculars. Now in 2010 Simmons will also offer a quality, affordable laser rangefinder in its optics line.

The new Simmons LRF400 laser rangefinder will quickly read distances from 5-800 yards with just the push of a single button. Accuracy is an incredible +/- one yard.

The LRF400 has a powerful optical 4x magnification with an in-view liquid crystal display for a clear sight picture and an accurate distance reading.

The unit operates on a single 9-volt battery and comes with a carrying case.

The Simmons LRF400 laser rangefinder sells for the great affordable retail price of $99.99-$129.99.

For more information, visit www.simmonsoptics.com.

simmons laser rangefinders

Sinclair’s 2010 Catalog Now Available

Sinclair International, the premier supplier of ammunition reloading supplies and precision reloading tools, is pleased to announce their 2010-A catalog. The new catalog has grown to 202 pages with more than 11,000 products and hundreds of new items.

“Lots of shooters are getting into reloading after all the shortages and price hikes of the past year,” said company President Bill Gravatt. “We have all the tools and supplies they need to begin reloading along with the more specialized tools for more advanced reloading tasks.”

The new catalog features hundreds of new products from Sinclair, Redding, Hornady, Barnes, Redfield, Leupold, Nosler, Lyman, Lapua and more.

“Our Tech staff are all certified, NRA Metallic Reloading Instructors and can help answer any questions regarding reloading and shooting accuracy,” Gravatt said. “We want to help our customers achieve their reloading goals, whether they want maximum accuracy or just want to save money on their ammo and shooting costs.”

Sinclair International is the world’s premier supplier of high-quality reloading tools, components and accessories plus unique benchrest shooting supplies. Stocking more than 11,000 items, the company supplies reloaders and precision shooters worldwide. To order, or for more information, call 800-717-8211 or visit sinclairintl.com and mention code RE5094

Browning Introduces Buck Mark Holographic Sight

Morgan, UT-Browning is excited to announce the introduction of the new Buck Mark Holographic Sight to the company’s expanding line of shooting accessories for 2010. The new Buck Mark Holographic sight matches up great to Browning’s Buck Mark pistols with the one-piece Buck Mark Scope Base that will be also be offered as an accessory for 2010.

The new Buck Mark Holographic Sight features a rugged aluminum housing with a black matte finish. Four reticle patterns include: Circle-Dot-Cross Reticle, 3 MOA Dot Reticle, Cross-Dot Reticle and Circle-Dot Reticle. A seven-position brightness rheostat is featured to allow easy brightness adjustments. The field-of-view is 15.7m/100m for unlimited eye relief.

The new Buck Mark Holographic sight is powered by one #2032 lithium battery and mounts to a standard Weaver-style base. New Buck Mark Holographic Sight, Suggested Retail, $49.99. Buck Mark Scope Base (one-piece), Suggested Retail, $34.99

holographic weapon sight by browing