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UTG Most Affordable and Dependable QUICK DETACH 3X MAGNIFIER

UTG 3X Magnifier w/ Max Strength QD Picatinny Mount and High Profile Riser Adaptor
Item No.: SCP-MF3X43
Detail Information:
Extends Capability and Clarity of Weapon Dot Sight System
Quick Detach Mounting Deck with Lever Lock for Fast Deployment and Full Adjustability to Fit on Any Picatinny Rail
Mounting Deck Can Be Installed with or Without Riser to Provide Optimal Height Compatible with A Wide Range of Dot Sights
Built-in Corrective Lens System with Focus Adjustment to Transform Your Glaring Dot to a Perfect Dot
Robust Construction with Precision Machining for Maximum Strength
Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled to Eliminate Risk of Water Ingress and Fogging


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