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FS: CUDDEBACK Digital Scouting Camera from Webyshops.com. Clearance.

For Sale: CUDDEBACK Capture Digital Scouting Camera (1125) – Model year clearance

Reg Price: $260

Our Price: $169.99

CUDDEBACK Digital Scouting Camera

I would like to move this CUDDEBACK Digital Scouting Camera to a good home.  Always wanted to have a trail camera but have not seen a good price?  Drop me a note and I will give you a personal quote. Below is the description and general specs of this trail camera by Cuddeback.

With the CUDDEBACK Capture Digital Scouting Camera (1125) you can get great quality images with a minimum of setup time and effort. Having been designed with rotary switch programming this camera is the easiest one to operate. Just insert the batteries and storage card, set the time, date, and year, pick a delay setting, and go!

The revolutionary Hair trigger technology makes the trigger on this camera twice as fast as those on previous Cuddeback models. A faster trigger allows for better motion pictures and helps to ensure improved picture quality.

This digital scouting capture camera features a 50 foot flash range to produce full color 3.0-Megapixel images both day and night. Flash recovers quickly, sometimes as fast as 30 seconds. The extended battery life gives you more than 2,000 images on a single set of four D-cell batteries (not included).

If you are interested in this Cuddeback Digital Scouting Camera – send me an email to info@webyshops.com.  Copy the subject line.  Or call me at the number below.

FS: BUSHNELL 8MP Trophy Cam Trail Camera, Bone Collector, Camo Case (119445C)

FS: BUSHNELL 8MP Trophy Cam Trail Camera, Bone Collector, Camo Case (119445C)

I would like to move this BUSHNELL 8MP Trophy Cam Trail Camera, Bone Collector, Camo Case (119445C) to a good home.  The item is new but there is a minor damage to clamshell.

The price is only $199.99


This model has been upgraded from 24 to 32 night-vision LEDs for improved image quality after dark. Heightened resolution is now a selectable 3, 5 or 8 megapixels. And still featuring a PIR sensor coverage area 3x larger than any camera Bushnell has built before, the Trophy Cam is now compatible with up to a 16GB SD card for unmatched image capacity. Select up to three rapid-fire images per trigger, or a 1 second to 60 minute delay. Video mode records a programmable 1 to 60 seconds of footage with enhanced resolution for 2010. Plus, an improved 2 built-in viewer (optional) gives you an instant look at whats passed by. This viewer model now has an image stamp with date, time, temperature and moon phase.


Black&White Text LCD

3, 5 or 8 MP high-quality full color resolution

Day/night autosensor

External power compatible

Adjustable PIR (Lo/Med/High)

Trigger speed one second

Trigger interval 1 sec. to 60 min. programmable

PIR sensor is motion activated out to 45 ft.

If you are interested in this Bushnell Trail Camera – send me an email to info@webyshops.com.  Copy the subject line.  Or call me at the number below.

Bushnell Introduces Field Scan Time Lapse Software by Scouting Assistant

JPG (lo-res) – JPG (hi-res) JPG (lo-res) – TIF (hi-res)
May 2011
Mike Capps
(573) 898-3422/ mcapps@howardcommunications.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Paul Arnhold – Bushnell Outdoor Products
(913) 752-6105 / parnhold@bushnell.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bushnell Introduces Field Scan Time Lapse Software by Scouting Assistant

Overland Park, Kan. — Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has partnered with Scouting Assistant to introduce a new software application for Trophy Cam users. Field Scan Time Lapse software allows users to review days of time-lapse images in minutes thanks to sophisticated motion search technology.

Bushnell introduced Field Scan technology with the 2011 Bushnell Trophy Cam line to help trail camera users more effectively pattern game and capture images outside the 45-foot motion activated sensor range. With Field Scan, users can set the trail camera to capture images at pre-set intervals of one minute to one hour, while simultaneously capturing live trigger images, becoming the first in the industry to offer this unique capture capability.

Field Scan Time Lapse software allows users to import time lapse image collections from an SD card to the computer, and quickly review the frames with variable speed playback. With the software’s motion search technology, users can create custom searches and efficiently scan captured images for key frames. Photo sets can ultimately be converted to high speed motion video that can be easily viewed or shared.

Each 2011 Bushnell Trophy Cam includes one free license for the Field Scan Time Lapse software. Software download and registration instructions are available with product literature or can be accessed online.

For more information about the complete line of Bushnell Trophy Cam trail cameras, visit the product section online. To learn more about Bushnell Outdoor Products, visit www.bushnell.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Tasco®, Serengeti®, Bollé®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, Stoney Point®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Cébé®, Millett®, Uncle Mike’s®, Final Approach® and Simmons® brand names. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

Cuddeback Attack and Attack IR Offer Fastest Trigger Speed

The new Cuddeback Attack series scouting cameras have been over three years in development and are the result of twenty-five years of scouting camera experience! Technologically a quantum leap over previous generations, Attack and Attack IR feature Ultra Hair Trigger – they will snap an image within ¼ second. That’s faster than any Cuddeback ever and fast enough to catch a deer running over 20 feet per second! This means you’re far more likely to get an image of the animal that triggered the camera. And, thanks to Cuddeback’s Centered Subject Technology, that animal is more likely to appear in the center of the image.

But that’s not all – not even close! Both Attack models also feature Full Season Battery Life. Operating on 4 “D” cell batteries, Attack will take 10,000 images on a single set of batteries. Attack IR will take 50,000 images on a single set of batteries. That’s easily a full season without changing batteries! This also dramatically reduces battery cost. And, it means you’ll pay for your Attack in short order just with battery cost savings compared to some cameras.

Attack also takes video! This feature is called Video Plus because it gives you premium quality, 24-frames-per-second clips that are 30 seconds long, plus a still image! So, you don’t have to give up your still image when you select video (and, with Attack’s exceptional battery life, you can shoot a lot of video).

Image quality with the 5 megapixel Attack and Attack IR is outstanding. Cuddeback’s Smart Color Image Technology is state-of-the-art image processing that results in vibrant colors. And, with Attack IR, you’ll get 5 megapixel infrared images that are not only remarkably clear, but virtually void of the motion blur and exposure problems you get with other infrared cameras.

Both Attack and Attack IR have a brand new time lapse mode called Guard Duty where the camera will automatically take an image every 12 seconds. This lets you monitor a food plot, stand site or field, any larger area you wish to watch, all day every day! Guard Duty gives you an entire day’s worth of high resolution 1.3 megapixel images that you can view in rapid fashion in just 10 minutes with Fast Watch, a feature on Cuddeback’s Trophy Room software which is available for free download at cuddeback.com. With Guard Duty, you’ll be able to determine if and when there was any daytime (only) activity in a larger general area well outside the reach of scouting cameras. Guard Duty creates images, not video. This way you can save the images you want and delete the rest.

Attack and Attack IR also have a built-in USB port. Plug in a flash drive and copy images on the spot from the camera’s SD card to the flash drive. This eliminates the need for card swapping, lets you download images from multiple cameras to a single flash drive and makes transferring images to a computer easier than ever!

Another clever innovation you’ll find on Cuddeback Attack and Attack IR is the new Genius Mount System. Every camera comes with a Genius mounting bracket that either straps or screws into the tree onto which the camera itself slides. With Genius, you’ll be able to attach additional brackets to favorite camera locations and simply slide the camera in place when you get there. It also allows you to readily check your camera or
change batteries.

Attack features a 1.5″ strobe flash that assures a real 60 foot flash range. Attack IR uses 36 high-power infrared LEDs for a comparable 60 foot IR flash range. Both models operate on four “D” cell batteries, use either SD or SDHC media (1 GB to 32 GB), feature Cuddeback’s famous Super Simple Setup and a 60 MB internal memory so if you forget or lose you SD card you can still get approximately 60 images.

To learn more about the amazing new Attack and Attack IR from Cuddeback, visit www.cuddeback.com

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Out Performs the Competitors

Surpassing by far what the other guys are marketing and exceeding even the original Day 6 PlotWatcher time-lapse video camera, the new PlotWatcher Pro redefines field reconnaissance. With extended battery life that is 10 times more than other time-lapse cameras and a 2.5″ LCD for onboard camera set-up, video aiming and camera status messages, the PlotWatcher Pro will put you that much closer to getting that trophy buck on your hit list.

Best of all, the software is very user friendly…It’s as easy as testing the wind. The PlotWatcher Pro is designed to maximize observation and minimize intrusion, and the longer battery life lets you dream about dead booners not dead batteries.

Like the original PlotWatcher, the PlotWatcher Pro uses time-lapse video technology to record high-definition images, taking a picture every 5 or 10 seconds and saving these individual pictures as an HD video. So whether the animal is 30 feet away or 330 feet away, you’ll see it on the video. Essentially, the PlotWatcher Pro records what you would have seen if you’d been scouting that same spot for all of that time. A single PlotWatcher Pro allows you to be two places at once…just imagine if you had more than one.

In addition, the PlotWatcher Pro accepts add-on zoom lenses, features temperature and moon-phase info on each image, uses a SD card storage, is security cable ready and saves video files in ½ of the memory space. It also features defined time-of-day for video start and stop. The GameFinder video player software, free with the PlotWatcher Pro, gives you the ability to watch an entire 12-hour day’s worth of video in just a few minutes. We’re not talking “Say Cheese and hold still for the camera boys!” …This is state of the art surveillance capability, data collection and storage file convenience that can seal the deal for you this fall. The competition can’t begin to match the superior performance of the PlotWatcher Pro.


For more information on the PlotWatcher, check out www.day6outdoors.com.

Stealth Cam announces firmware upgrade

In an effort to continue to improve the function & quality of its scouting cameras, Stealth Cam has released a free firmware upgrade available for the following camera models.

* UNIT – Model #’s STC-U840IR, STC-U840IRNXT
* Nomad – Model #s STC-I530IR, STC-I530IRC, STC-I530IRNXT

This new firmware update addresses potential white out issues in transition lighting periods such as hours around sunrise and sunset. To download the update go to: http://www.stealthcam.net/sc_downloads.html

Follow the complete instructions to install the firmware. Any questions, concerns or assistance needed contact Stealth Cam toll free customer service at 877-269-8490.

Founded in 2000, Stealth Cam, LLC offers a variety of digital scouting/ surveillance and specialty cameras, along with a variety of accessories to enhance output of these products. For more information, contact: Stealth Cam, LLC, 3385 Roy Orr Blvd. Grand Prairie, TX 75050, Phone: 877-269-8490, www.stealthcam.net or email info@stealthcam.net

Game Cam Leads to Wildlife Violation Conviction

IDAHO FALLS – The detection of a trail camera placed over an illegal bear bait in Oregon in 2008 has resulted in the conviction of former Idaho resident Aaron Loosli on wildlife related violations that occurred in Idaho and had been stored on the camera. On April 12, 2010 Loosli now of La Pine Oregon, was sentenced in Idaho’s Madison County for unlawful possession of a bull moose in October of 2004.

The camera found implicated a number of other individuals in illegal wildlife activities both in Oregon and Idaho. A joint investigation between Oregon and Idaho wildlife enforcement officers resulted not only in this conviction, but a variety of other charges. The investigation resulted in the confiscation of numerous illegally gotten trophy animals. Officers involved in the investigation stated this was not about subsistence poaching to feed a family, but lust for trophy quality animals.

While investigators were able to charge Loosli with nearly 30 violations as the result of their investigation, legal maneuverings resulted in only the bull moose charge moving entirely through the court system. The sentencing issued on April 12th was as follows:

v 9 year revocation of hunting privileges
v 1 year of determinant / 2 years indeterminate jail time (suspended)
v $10,000 civil penalty to be paid to the State of Idaho at $200 a month
v $500 in fines plus $181 in court costs
v 150 hours of community service
v 30 days in jail served in either Idaho or Oregon
v Shall not carry any weapons during probation.

Daniel Parker of Bend, Oregon was also found guilty for his role in the illegal killing of this same bull moose and received a similar sentence. Because of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact both individuals will lose the privilege to hunt in the participating 33 states for the next 9 years!

According to IDFG Regional Investigator Robert Howe, “”This case demonstrates the distance that wildlife criminals will cover, as well as the staggering number of animals that they can illegally kill over the course of a few years!”

Bushnell Expands Trophy Cam Trail Camera Line For 2010

Overland Park, KS. – Longer battery life, small size, good quality photos and video, and a reasonable retail price all helped the Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail camera set a new standard in the trail camera market in 2009.

The first feature to catch a person’s eye is the diminutive size of the Bushnell Trophy Cam. The camera fits in the palm of your hand and runs off of four or eight AA batteries. New technology has greatly increased the battery life and under normal use, the Trophy Cam will continue to take photos for up to a year on the same set of Lithium AA batteries. This money saving feature means fewer purchases of batteries and less maintenance of the camera in the field.

Bushnell is improving and expanding the already popular Trophy Cam line in 2010. Three Trophy cam models will be available, a standard model, a model with a built in color viewer and a new Bone Collector camouflage model in Realtree® AP™ camo. All of the models have the same photo and video capturing features. The only technological difference is the color viewer in the top of the line model.

The 2010 models of the Bushnell Trophy Cam have the following improvements:

* 32 Infrared Night Vision LEDs
* Resolution settings of 3MP, 5MP or 8MP
* Will accept up to 16GB SD Card (Card Not Included)
* Maximum Video Resolution 720×480
* Cable Lock Adaptable
* Adjustable Web Belt and ¼-20 Socket for mounting camera to tree
* Date and time stamp on all images

In addition to the above improvements, the color viewer model now has a 2-inch color LCD viewer for quick in-the-field viewing of photos and built-in temperature and moon phase stamp with the date and time.

Other features standard in all the Trophy Cam trail cameras includes:

* Day/Night Autosensor
* External Power Compatible
* VGA Video 16fps
* QVGA Video 20fps
* Adjustable PIR (Lo/Med/High)
* Trigger Speed- 1 Second
* Trigger Interval 0 Seconds to 60 Minutes
* Multi Image Mode – 1-3 images per trigger
* Video Length- 1-60 Seconds programmable
* Temperature range -5F to 140F
* PIR Sensor is Motion Activated out to 45′
* Uses 4-8 AA Cell Batteries (User Supplied)
* Up to 16 GB SD Card Capacity (User Supplied)

The Bushnell Trophy Cam has already proven itself in the field. The new models for 2010 continue to improve the efficiency of this line of trail cameras.

Models and retail prices:

Standard Model with B&W text LCD, Retail price $199.99
Bone Collector Model with B&W text LCD, Retail Price $229.99
Trophy XLT with Full Color LCD Viewscreen, Retail price $249.99

For more information on Bushnell Products visit www.bushnell.com or call 800-423-3537 for consumer inquiries.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Tasco®, Serengeti®, Bollé®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, Stoney Point®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Cébé®, Millett®, Uncle Mike’s®, Final Approach® and Simmons® brand names. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

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