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Cannon Safe Introduces EMP Lock System


San Bernardino, Calif. – Cannon Safe, known for safe manufacturing innovation is now the only safe company with a digital and combination EMP lock system. Cannon’s exclusive dual access EMP lock system offers immediate access, simplicity and day-to-day security of an electronic lock backed up by the assurance of a manual combination lock.

“Cannon’s EMP lock is the cutting edge of high security lock technology. It allows the ultimate user experience with the ease and security of a Type 1 high security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override all of this rolled into the ultimate UL Type 1 rating,” said Aaron Baker, president of Cannon Safe. “At Cannon Safe we have been the drivers of safe innovations and technology advancements since 1965. This is a huge step forward for safes and for the experience a safe owner will have in the future. The EMP Lock will provide the peace of mind you want and deserve but will only find being a member of the Cannon Family.”

The EMP lock system will be included on the Armory, Cannon and Commander series safes in 2013.

Cannon is proud to be the only safe company to offer a lifetime, hassle-free, zero cost warranty on their safes. If a customer’s safe is ever damaged due to a fire, natural flood, or burglary Cannon will cover all costs including locksmith, freight, parts, etc. to repair or replace the safe, even if the owner is not the original purchaser. To learn why “A Safe Family is a Cannon Family™,” visit www.cannonsafe.com.

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Visit Cannon Safe’s website: http://www.cannonsafe.com/
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Stack-On® Products Expands Quick Access Safe Line

Wauconda, IL – Last Fall, Stack-On Products introduced three new Quick Access Safes and will be expanding this offering by adding two more safes to this product offering. These safes provide security for pistols, ammo and other valuables – all have been tested by an independent lab to withstand attack per California Department of Justice Standards.

Three of the safes feature electronic touch pads, allowing the user to program their own 3-8 digit combination, while two models utilizes a biometric (fingerprint) lock. Safes open automatically when the correct code is used or with a backup key, that is included with each safe.

Last Fall, Stack-On began shipping the QAS-1200-B (Biometric) and QAS-1200 safes which include a removable shelf, foam padded interior and fastening hardware to bolt the safe to a shelf or the floor. Dimensions: 10″ w x 12-1/4″ d x 8-1/4″ h.

The two new safes being introduced in 2012 are smaller versions of the QAS-1200 series but they do not include a removable self – they are the same size right to left and front to back but the height of the safe has been reduced to fit into smaller spaces. The new safes are the QAS-450-B (Biometric Lock) and the QAS-450 with an electronic touch pad lock. Dimensions: 10″ w x 12-1/4″ d x 5-5/8″ h.

Also introduced last Fall, the QAS-1000 safe is a breakthrough in the market place with a spring loaded drawer. The drawer pops open when the correct code is entered; drawer operates on a ball bearing slide. This safe is great for securing valuables or firearms under the bed or the seat of a vehicle. The QAS-1000 can be mounted to the floor or shelf; in addition, a 1500 lb test security cable is also included to secure the unit in a vehicle or other location. Dimensions: 10″ w x 12-1/4″ d x 4-4/8″ h.

Stack-On Products Company is a leader in Security Products for sportsmen, law enforcement and consumers. Stack-On offers a full range of products from portable pistol/valuable cases to Fire Rated and Waterproof safes; Stack-On protects your gear. For more information regarding Stack-On Products, log on to www.stack-on.com. Please contact Karin Shotts at kshotts@stack-on.com or 1-800-323-9601 for additional information.

FS: LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe (PBS-001). NEW ARRIVAL

Our Price: $299.99

The LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe (PBS-001) is designed to protect and give quick access to your firearms and valuables. Easy to program and use, it takes one press of a button and a programmed fingerprint to open.

The PBS-001 is made with 9 gauge steel which is twice the thickness of other products to provide a strong tamper-proof box. Four pilot holes in the bottom panel make it easy to mount inside a drawer, a wall, or to any flat surface. This added feature secures the safe and helps keep it out of harm’s way or from unwanted curiosity.

Although hardware is not provided, the unit will take any bolt up to 10mm that can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. Bolt length is dependent on the mounting surface. Additionally, the flip top provides easy access without being hindered by an enclosed space.

The interior dimensions of the Loksaf Personal Biometric Safe will allow storage for items up to 12 inches or 30 cm in length. The PBS-001 fingerprint recognition window is located on the front panel of the safe. Each unit requires and is provided with a standard 9V battery that is located within the same panel under an easy access cover.


Constructed of heavy 9 gauge steel

Foam padded for extra protection

Includes back-up key to access safe at any time

Four pre-drilled mounting holes

Memory for up to 10 fingerprints

Black Finish

One-year Limited Warranty

If you are interested in this LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe – send me an email to info@webyshops.com.  Copy the subject line.  Or call me at the number below.

Chevalier Advertising Client New Product Showcase

Here is a sneak peek at Chevalier’s clients exciting new product introductions. For those of you that are attending the SHOT Show we hope you have an excellent show. Each of our clients has a full line of exciting new products. Please do not hesitate to stop by our booths to say hi or contact us for additional information.

Cannon Safe – Armory Series

The full-size Cannon Armory Series safes deliver massive gun storage capacity of up to 64 guns with exclusive features and proven fire protection. The largest safes in the Cannon line, the Armory Series offers a state-of-the-art internal power supply system, premium lighting package and deluxe interior with ample room to store valuables. Built for a lifetime of use with rugged construction, the Armory Series is durable yet refined with a new hammer-tone finish.

Booth # 14223 – PR Contact: Kristin Hunt – kristinh@chevalier-adv.com

GunVault – AR Vault

GunVault unveils the AR Vault, a revolutionary new way to keep an AR rifle secure. Inspired by extensive customer demand, the AR Vault is versatile, easy to use and priced to fit any budget. A must have for AR owners.This unique design fits in the magazine well and locks into place to keep the AR safe and secure at home, during travel or on the range.

Booth # 14223 – PR Contact: Kristin Hunt – kristinh@chevalier-adv.com

Montana Decoy – Miss Hoptober

The new Miss Hoptober is a foolproof way to trick even the wiliest ol’ coyotes. Utilizing Montana Decoy’s all new HD photography, this life-like rabbit sets up a scenario too tempting for any coyote to resist. Measuring a scant 10×5 inches folded, the Miss Hoptober Predator Decoy expands to 24×10 inches set up. Weighing in at a mere 7 oz means it will go unnoticed until you stop to call. Suggested retail for the Miss Hoptober is $19.99 and will be on dealer shelves by February 2011.

Booth # 1565 – PR Contact: CJ Davis – cjdavis@chevalier-adv.com

Nikon – Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

The new Bolt XR 3×32 is a lower magnification, compact scope built specifically to work with a crossbow. Fully packed with features, including the all-new Nikon BDC 60 Reticle calibrated specifically for crossbow bolts with velocities of approximately 305 fps, the Bolt XR brings incredible precision to the crossbow world.

Booth # 11221 – PR Contact: CJ Davis – cjdavis@chevalier-adv.com

Rossi – Wizard Pistol

The Wizard Pistol takes the same break-open interchangeable barrel system and makes it lighter and smaller for handgun hunting, target shooting or plinking. Available in .243 Win. or .22-.250 Rem with other calibers coming soon, the Wizard Pistol offers outstanding and reliable performance.

Booth # 14251 – PR Contact: Kristin Hunt – kristinh@chevalier-adv.com

SHE Outdoor Apparel – New Waterfowl Wader

The SHE Waterfowl Wader is unique because of the sizing options. Ladies select their boot size (6-10) and additionally, select wader size (S-XL). Abrasion-resistant neoprene color blocked for a feminine look and is also insulated with 1000 grams of Thinsulate for the coldest days on the water. It is available in Realtree MAX-4 and retails for $240.

Booth # 10519 – PR Contact: Shannon Salyer – shannon@chevalier-adv.com

Taurus – Raging Judge 28-guage

Personal protection, home defense and sport shooting are easy work for the latest Taurus® Raging Judge that fires the larger, more powerful 28-gauge shotshell. The first Judge of its kind is ready to take on whatever comes your way. Whatever “it” happens to be.

Booth # 14240 – PR Contact: Kristin Hunt – kristinh@chevalier-adv.com

ThermaCELL – Newly Designed Hand-held Appliance

To celebrate 10 years in the Outdoor industry, ThermaCELL is introducing a newly designed hand-held appliance with many upgrades for the outdoor enthusiast.  Taking into consideration customer feedback, ThermaCELL has redesigned the Appliance to be more user-friendly.

Booth # 2951 – PR Contact: Shannon Salyer – shannon@chevalier-adv.com

Winchester Ammunition – Blind Side™ Ammunition

Winchester® Ammunition is introducing one of the most innovative shotshell loads in the brand’s 144-year history.  The new Blind Side™ ammunition combines ground-breaking, stacked HEX™Shot technology and the new Diamond Cut Wad in the most deadly Winchester waterfowl load available.  Loaded with 100 percent HEX™ Shot, you get more pellets on target, a larger kill zone and more trauma inducing pellets than ever before, meaning quick kill shots.

Booth # 13129 – PR Contact: Jonathan Harling – johanthan@chevalier-adv.com

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark Without Cannon’s New Security Safe Light

San Bernardino, Calif. – The Security Safe Light by Cannon is a revolutionary new light that offers safe owners clear and discrete access to safe controls and contents. This compact red LED light attaches to almost any safe with its simple magnetic attachment and features easy push-button activation. Once the safe is opened the Security Safe Light can also be easily removed to act as a mini-flashlight to locate safe contents.

This product is ideal for many situations, such as the need to open a safe without turning on a room light that would potentially alert an intruder to the owner’s possible location, or in the event of a power outage – all without impairing the user’s night vision. For optimal fit the Security Safe Light is available in an electronic lock or dial lock version.

First press of the button automatically activates the two-minute lighting cycle. This feature allows the user to quickly activate the light and then have their hands free to easily concentrate on engaging the safe’s controls. The Security Safe Light is powered by one included 3V lithium battery that provides at least 750 lighting cycles per battery. MSRP $19.99.

To learn why “Nothing Protects Like a Cannon™”, visit www.cannonsafe.com.


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Cannon Offers Dependable Security with its New HR Series Safes

San Bernardino, Calif. – Cannon is proud to introduce the HR Series that offers trademark Cannon security, fire protection and elegance for gun owners, sportsmen and collectors. The HR Series, like all Cannon safes, offers the highest quality from top to bottom and the industry’s number one warranty.

The HR Series features a massive one-inch steel composite door, one-inch active-locking bolts, truelock internal hinges and surefire multiple re-lockers. Rugged uni-body construction from heavy 12-gauge steel provides superior protection and each safe is predrilled for bolting to the floor. Safe contents are accessed with the high-security commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock and five-spoke handle. Three layers of extra-hard 60+ RC steel hard-plate guard the lock from drilling and punching.

The HR Series has a verified fire rating of 1200° F for 60 minutes by Intertek ETL, the world’s leading fire testing authority. This second-to-none fire protection is achieved with multiple layers of thick 5/8” fire board construction plus a triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal and heat-activated door seal that expands many times when exposed to heat.

Interior features include plush velour-lined fully adjustable shelves and internal electrical outlets. The HR Series also features the TruRack™ shelving system that offers barrel down or barrel up gun storage to maximize storage capacity. Further customization options include an electric dehumidifier, Group 2 lock with key-locking dial or door-panel pistol kit. Available in textured matte black, onyx, alpine green and burgundy. MSRP $1,668 – $1,998.

Cannon is proud to be the only company in the industry to offer a lifetime, hassle-free, zero cost warranty that includes free parts, labor, and freight for repair after a natural flood, attempted break-in, actual break-in or potential fire disaster.

Cannon HR Series Specifications:

Model: 6030
W/H/D: 30”x60”x24” (depth includes dial and handle)
Door Thickness: 1”
Maximum Gun Capacity: 22 gun (capacity can vary depending on gun size)
All-shelf Interior: 4

Model: 6040
W/H/D: 40”x60”x24” (depth includes dial and handle)
Door Thickness: 1”
Maximum Gun Capacity: 36 gun (capacity can vary depending on gun size)
All-shelf Interior: 4

To learn why “Nothing Protects Like a Cannon™”, visit www.cannonsafe.com.


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