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MG Industries

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You will be glad you stopped by the MGI booth when we tell you that they are about to unleash the latest Hydra rifle that will leave you drooling! We promise you won’t regret seeing it, but we can’t go into more details as of yet. Only we will say, bring your camera!!

Marlin Introduces XT Series of Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles

Madison, NC – Since 1891 the Marlin brand has been synonymous with high-performance, market-leading rimfire rifles. Continuing that tradition, Marlin Firearms is proud to announce the next legacy in rimfire rifles – The Marlin XT™ series of bolt-action rimfire rifles. The new Marlin XT series is designed for pin-point accuracy and offers many exciting new features that include a brand new user adjustable trigger, a newly designed synthetic stock and an innovative series of youth rifles. The XT Series rifles are available in 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR calibers in a variety of wood, laminate and synthetic stocked versions.

The new XT Pro-Fire® trigger system is user adjustable from 3 pounds to 6 pounds providing the shooter a clean, crisp trigger pull with virtually zero creep. Matched with Marlin’s patented Micro-Groove® rifling, the XT rifle offers the shooter the ultimate in tack-driving accuracy. In addition, the XT Series rifles offer the newly designed trigger safety, preventing the trigger from being pulled until the trigger safety is fully depressed for an added level of safety and confidence. Our new XT trigger system was developed to provide the ultimate in adjustability, crispness, accuracy and safety.

The newly designed XT synthetic stock is based on years of consumer research and features a newly designed ergonomic stock and fore-end. The XT pistol grip has slight palm swell for a rich feel and solid grip. The improved butt stock shoulders quickly and comfortably helping to create textbook shooting form. The wood stocked versions include Monte Carlo walnut-finished hardwood, hardwood laminates, and American Black Walnut, Marlin’s Mar-Shield® clear-coat is added for that extra level of durability.

Marlin is also excited to announce two new XT-Youth models – the first Marlin rifles designed specifically for younger shooters. Marlin spent extensive time researching young shooters form and how compact stocks impacted their sight picture and overall shooting from. Marlin knows that consistant shooting accuracy comes from proper shooting form. The XT Youth rifles are designed with that in mind, featuring a shorter length of pull, shorter trigger reach, smaller pistol grip and a raised comb, making it easier for young shooters to acquire and hold the proper sight picture – ensuring that proper shooting form that will last a lifetime. In addition, the XT Youth has reduced bolt force making for easier ejection and faster chambering.

The new XT Series of bolt-action rimfire rifles are loaded with the latest and best technologies Marlin has to offer – continuing the legacy of “The Great American Rifle”. For more information and a complete listing of XT rifle models, please visit www.marlinfirearms.com/xt.

About Marlin Firearms Company

Established in 1870, the Marlin Firearms Company’s brands include Marlin, Harrington & Richardson, New England Firearms and L. C. Smith. Under its various brands, Marlin produces an array of lever action, bolt action, and semi-automatic rifles as well as break-open single shot shotguns and rifles. More information about the Company can be found at www.marlinfirearms.com.

Jessica Kallam (800) 243-9700 ext. 8578 (Press only)

Ruger Introduces Gunsite Scout Rifle

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle, the ideal “fighting carbine” in .308 Winchester that is a credible rendition of Col. Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept. Cooper called for a relatively lightweight, hard hitting, do-all rifle that in the hands of an accomplished shooter was able to place accurate, sustained fire out to long ranges, yet was quick-handling and light enough for all-day carry.

Developed in conjunction with Gunsite instructor Ed Head, the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is a new platform in the Ruger M77® family. While the Scout Rifle has M77 features such as controlled round feed and integral scope mounts (scope rings included), the 10-round detachable box magazine is the first clue this isn’t your grandfather’s Ruger rifle.

“Ruger has taken an in depth look at the intended purpose of a Scout Rifle and developed a full-featured rifle designed to meet the Scout Rifle criteria of hunt, fight, defend,” says Head. “This firearm offers outstanding features in an affordable, versatile and reliable rifle designed to deliver .308 Winchester performance in a variety of situations. It is compact, lightweight, offers 10-round box magazines, can be fit to the individual shooter, and accommodates a host of optics. It is a serious rifle for those serious about rifles.”

A Mini-14/SR-556® flash suppressor is effective on reducing the muzzle flash that may be present on some .308 Winchester loads when fired out of the short (16.5″) barrel. The 5/8-24 muzzle threads allow most standard .30 caliber muzzle accessories – flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, and sound suppressors – to be installed.The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle has a 16.5″ medium contour, cold hammer-forged, alloy steel barrel with a Mini-14® protected non-glare post front sight and receiver mounted, adjustable ghost ring rear sight for out-of-the-box usability. A forward mounted Picatinny rail offers options in mounting an assortment of optics – including Scout Scopes available from Burris® and Leupold®, for “both eyes open” sighting and super-fast target acquisition.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle features a matte black oxide alloy steel barrel and receiver on a black laminate stock with sling swivel studs and checkered grip and forearm. A soft rubber recoil pad, with three 1/2″ spacers allows the length of pull to be adjusted and allow the rifle to be properly sized for different shooters, or to give the shooter the proper fit with outerwear or defensive gear of varying thickness. With its compact size and weighing in at just under seven pounds, the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle combines ease of carry and shooting for the serious Scout Rifle enthusiast.

The rifle’s trigger guard and magazine well are formed with glass-reinforced nylon. The magazine release is a push-forward Mini-14 paddle just ahead of the trigger guard. “Gunsite Scout Rifle” is engraved on the grip cap of the laminated, weather resistant stock, and the receiver is roll-marked “Ruger Gunsite Scout”, commemorating the collaboration of Ruger with Gunsite Academy, America’s oldest private firearms training facility.

As they say, beware the man with one gun, for he probably knows how to use it. Never has this been more true than with the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, the one rifle to have if you could only have one. It is the perfect lightweight, hard-hitting, do-it-all bolt-action rifle – where rugged, reliable Ruger meets the practical, tactical.

For more information on the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, or to learn more about the extensive award winning line of Ruger firearms, visit www.Ruger.com. To find accessories for the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle or other Ruger firearms, visit www.ShopRuger.com.

McMillan Introduces the M3A Rifle

McMillan Introduces the M3A Rifle

Phoenix, Arizona – McMillan expands its tactical line with the introduction of the McMillan M3A rifle. The M1 platform has seen renewed interest as a close-range to medium range weapon where performance of a .308 Winchester cartridge is preferred, but with the firepower of a semi-automatic action.

The McMillan M3A has an 18″ barrel and utilizes a six-groove rifling with 1×10 right hand twist. The action is Springfield M1A chambered in 7.62 NATO (.308 Win). The adjustable cheekpiece on the McMillan M3A stock positions the head for an optimum cheek weld. The stock is designed to shoot with a scope as well as iron sights. An optional Picatinny site rail system with 10 ¾” bottom rail and 2×4″ side rails is available for mounting night vision optics, forward mounted scopes and other accessories. The M3A uses a two stage military trigger set at five to six pounds.

One-ten round magazine is included. Accessories and upgrades are available, including scope, bipod, cleaning equipment, cases and other options.

According to Ryan McMillan, vice president of McMillan Firearms, “The M3A rifle when coupled with the popular McMillan fiberglass tactical stock system is a multipurpose tool for military and law enforcement needs.”

For additional information visit McMillan’s website, www.mcmillanusa.com

About McMillan
McMillan Group International, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is the corporate parent for a family of firearms companies committed to excellence in the firearms industry. Companies include McMillan Firearms Manufacturing (formerly “McBros”), a manufacturer of the McMillan tactical and hunting rifles; McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, a leading manufacturer of premium custom fiberglass stocks for hunting, competition, tactical and OEM markets; and McMillan Machine Company, a contract manufacturer of precision machined parts.

Christine Korecki (602) 279-2933 Ext 100 or Christine@papagalos.com

ISSC-Austria Introduces the MSR MK22 Rifle

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol, proudly announces the introduction of the ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle; the MK22 in .22 LR.


This exciting addition to the ISSC-Austria 22 caliber lineup is engineered and precision built in Austria, incorporating the look and feel of a military-style designed rifle with the modern elements of a modern sporting rifle platform. This durable, all-metal rifle gives the shooter a “centerfire” feel even though it is chambered in the economical .22LR cartridge. MK22 features include: a variable and folding open sight, a Picatinny-style quad-rail for mounting of sights, lights or gripping accessories and a folding and collapsible stock with an adjustable cheekpiece. The MK22 will also come in a version that will meet specs where certain states require fixed, non-folding stocks.

Weighing just a little over seven pounds, the MK22 has an overall length of 35.16 inches when stock is fully extended to 33.7 inches when collapsed. The overall height of the MK22 with sight is 11.7 inches. The overall width is 2.8 inches. Round capacity ranges from 10-shot to 22-shot depending upon area laws. MSRP for the new ISSC MSR MK22 is $569.95.

Now Available – Arsenal SGL12 12 Guage Shotgun

Las Vegas, NV – Born out of a requirement for Military and L.E. demands worldwide, Arsenal, Inc is proud to introduce its’ latest model for the U.S. civilian market: The SGL12-02, and 03 chambered for 12 gauge 3″ rounds. Featuring the redesigned, ergonomic, RPK style forend, a true AK style steel retainer (with left side sling loop), and an indexed four-sided picatinny rail machined out of aircraft grade aluminum (available only on the SGL12-03) this shotgun will meet the requirements of virtually any situation demanded by it.

With the newly designed RPK style lower handguard that gives the SGL12 an ergonomic and tactical feel, this shotgun puts style and comfort in the shooters hand while keeping the cost down. This handguard is a U.S. made, military grade composite that also counts as 1 (one) U.S. Sec 922 (r) compliance part. The steel, AK style, retainer adds functionality and practicality because of the ability to add an AK style sling and Arsenal’s own indexed Quad rail machined from aircraft grade aluminum. This newly designed steel retainer allows for the proper placement of Arsenal’s lower handguard while providing the proper spacing and alignment for the Quad rail. The Quad rail is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has been specifically designed to sit centered on the “X” and the “Y” axis in relation to the center of the chrome lined barrel. This precision alignment allows for the proper placement and use of many different types of accessories, such as lasers, lights and forward grips.

These three features combined truly set this shotgun apart from anything else in its field. By adding them to one of the hottest shotguns in the market it makes for one of the most exciting shotgun releases in years. With an MSRP starting out at $499.00 Arsenal’s SGL12 are a must have for the hunting, sporting, and self defense purposes.

Starting out as a manufacturer and importer on the west coast, Arsenal, Inc. developed a reputation for building and importing only the highest quality parts. Then, when Arsenal, Inc moved to Las Vegas, NV they transferred that same passion and attention to detail spirit into manufacturing and importing firearms. Now Arsenal serves as full line manufacturer, importer, and developer of the best combat rifles and shotguns available and the accessories for them.

For more information on this product or any other product by Arsenal, Inc. line please call (702) 643-2220 or visit www.arsenalinc.com.

Walker English, Walker.English@arsenal.inc

Mossberg Introduces Tactical .22 Autoloading Rimfires

Mossberg Introduces Tactical .22 Autoloading RimfiresNorth Haven, CT – Mossberg International introduces the Tactical .22–an alternative firearm for those shooters and enthusiasts who want the look and feel of an AR-style .22 rimfire with an affordable price. With the rising costs of centerfire ammunition, the new Tactical .22 rimfires are a great choice for recreational shooters, as well as those searching for a cost-effective training platform.

The lightweight and fast-handling Tactical .22 parallels the look and feel of today’s AR-style rifle while being built around Mossberg International’s reliable .22 autoloader. Taking cues from their proven 702 autoloader, the Tactical .22 matches an 18″ barrel to a quad rail forend allowing the operator to fit the rifle with lights, lasers or other tactical accessories. Two stock configurations will be offered in this series: a six-position adjustable and fixed stock. The six-position polymer stock adjusts the length of pull from 10-3/4″ – 14.5″ accommodating youth and smaller framed shooters up to adults. The fixed position stock has a standard 13″ LOP. The Tactical .22 is integrated with an A2-style carry handle and an adjustable rear sight aligned with a front post sight. The Picatinny handle mount is included, allowing versatility in scopes and other optics while providing the clearance necessary to utilize the AR-style sights. Other features included with the Tactical .22 are sling mounts and a ten round magazine.

MSRP: $276

Mossberg International was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Mossberg Corporation and offers a lineup of semi-automatic and bolt action rimfire rifles, as well as over-under, side-by-side and semi-auto shotguns. To learn more about Mossberg Corporation family of companies, including Mossberg International, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, and Maverick Arms, please visit www.mossberg.com.

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