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The NIGHTRAZOR offers hunters a powerful and versatile cordless cap-mounted spotlight. At 180 Lumens, the NIGHTRAZOR super bright beam has a spot that is nearly twice as large as the competition.
Four Levels of Intensity:
  • • Low
  • • Medium
  • • High
  • • Super Bright

All levels are changed with the Intensity Knob, conveniently located on the right side of the NIGHTRAZOR.

Light can be easily and quickly turned off with the Intensity Knob.

The NIGHTRAZOR features the following:

  • • Cordless, lightweight design (5.5 ounces)
  • • Four levels of brightness intensity
  • • Rechargable, long-lasting battery
  • • S_O_S blinking mode
  • • Strobe mode to attract curious raccoons
  • • Rugged, waterproof body
  • • Red and Amber filters
  • • Flashing modes:
  • • Using the Intensity Knob, the light can easily be changed to:
    • •a quick flashing strobe
    • •an emergency flashing S_O_S


  • • 2.5” lens
  • • Cordless
  • • Weighs 5.5 oz.
  • • Waterproof & Rugged
  • • Rechargeable – includes a “Low Battery” warning
  • • Stainless Steel Mounting Clip
    - securely attaches to the bracket on the Tri-Tronics Bump Cap


  • • NIGHTRAZOR Cordless Spotlight
  • • Charging Cradle
  • • Charger with USB cable
  • • “Walking” Filter
  • • Owners manual

The NIGHTRAZOR is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. Please see our warranty section for details.

Cut the Darkness with the NIGHTRAZOR

March 21, 2012 – posted in On the Trail,

NightRazorOur buddies over at Tri-Tronics have a pretty slick new little spotlight out on the market. The NIGHTRAZOR kicks out 180 lumens of bright white light.  Even cooler, it’s just three inches in diameter, weighs less than 5.5 ounces, and doesn’t require any cords or external battery packs.

The light was designed with hound hunters in mind, who normally take to the woods in the pitch-black night.  Without a doubt, it’ll fit that bill.  But it’s equally useful for hunters who need help finding their way to and from their blind in the dark — something we experienced during a recent Oklahoma wild hog hunt.


Compared to other spotlights on the trip, the NIGHTRAZOR won hands-down when considering beam diameter, beam distance, size, weight, and battery life.  That’s got us thinking that campers, hikers, long distance endurance runners, or cyclists will appreciate the NIGHTRAZOR — anyone who’s looking for a powerful, yet lightweight way to illuminate their way.

The NIGHTRAZOR features four beam intensities and has a battery life of 2.7 hours to 40 hours, depending on intensity.  At the end of the day (er, night), the NIGHTRAZOR can be recharged through the included USB cradle and wall charger.  The NIGHTRAZOR can be easily mounted on any standard bump cap, and an elastic headband accessory will be available later this spring.

Exploring the Features of Tri-Tronic’s NightRazor

Exploring the Features of Tri-Tronic’s NightRazor