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New Crimson Trace Lasergrips for GLOCK Gen 4 Handguns

These Lasergrips feature the smallest laser diode ever offered, with full windage and elevation adjustability and a master on/off switch. The new units fit seamlessly over the Glock’s backstrap and require no gunsmithing to install. Because the laser utilizes Crimson Trace’s patented instinctive activation system, the user simply picks up the gun in a normal firing grip and the pressure sensor in the grip module instantly activates the laser to project a bright dot on the target.

“Glock handguns are justifiably one of the most popular self defense firearms on the market,” said Kent Thomas, Marketing Director for Crimson Trace. “With the new Lasergrips, the Gen 4 models now have a low light, instinctively activated sighting system that takes them to a new level of usability and we now fit almost every model in the Glock lineup.”

The new Glock Gen 4 Lasergrips are zeroed at the factory, offer a four hour battery life as well as the most powerful laser permitted by law. The low profile Lasergrip is fully compatible with the recently launched Lightguard® tactical light, turning any Glock into the ultimate in low light defensive handguns. With SHOT show looming, Crimson Trace is readying for a host of exciting new product introductions and events to capture the imagination of the firearms buying public. Look for announcements over the forthcoming weeks.

Crimson Trace Announces Master Series Lasergrips for the 1911

Until now, the 1911 owner who wanted both custom grips and a laser for their 1911 was out of luck. Crimson Trace, the industry leader in the laser sight arena has solved this problem by integrating their patented, grip activated laser with a range of high-end stock materials, such as G10 and stabilized laminated wood, bringing both artistry and rugged engineering to John Browning’s classic design.

The Master Series starts with two solid stock blanks which are then CNC machined to tolerances of 0.002″ to form the grip profile and texture. Skilled technicians carefully set the laser sighting module and instinctive activation switch package into the grips by hand and the entire package can then be easily installed by the end user. Simply remove the original grip screws, pull off the old grips and snap on the Master Series replacements.

Through the use of an ultra-compact diode module and inspired design, the Master Series is compatible with any ambidextrous safety on the market and features a new master on/off switch. This combination means that popular bobtail versions of the government and commander size pistols now also have Lasergrip option, allowing this easily-carried defensive handgun to benefit fully from the advantages of laser sights.

The shooting industry got a sneak peek at the Master Series grips at SHOT show in January and feedback from dealers, trainers and professional shooters was incorporated in to the final design. These newest grips will be available in early May, with an expected MSRP of $360.

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