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Gunslick® Pro Now Offers Handgunner’s Cleaning Kit

ONALASKA, Wis. – May 11, 2011 – Gunslick® Pro unveils a new Handgunner’s Cleaning Kit and introduces new carbon fiber cleaning rods for longer precision weapons. These new products expand on Gunslick Pro’s commitment to precision gun care and are now available.

Increased Functionality
Handgun shooters now have a precision-cleaning option at an affordable price with the new Handgunner’s Cleaning Kit. This compact kit is designed to provide shooters with quick, effective gun care and contains cleaning accessories specific to most revolvers and popular handgun calibers. The comprehensive cleaning kit includes: aluminum rod and extension, brass brushes, jags, adaptors, 150 cleaning patches, utility handle, S.T.R.I.K.E. Speed Clips™, Velcro® pocket attachments, bottle of Gunslick Pro Ultra-Care, Tri-Care cloth, and more.

Shooters can take also attach this kit to their gear. MOLLE compatible attachment webbing and S.T.R.I.K.E.® Speed Clips™ provide quick and easy connections to packs, bags and cases. A compact, well-organized soft-pack case offers enhanced storage and convenience. Learn more about this innovative kit online, at www.gunslick.com/products/cleaningkits/handgunnerpullthrukit.aspx.

Added Length for Hard-to-Reach Places
Long-rifled precision shooters now have an efficient and superior cleaning option. 44-inch carbon fiber cleaning rods eliminate particle pickup and possible barrel damage in long-bored weapons. Rods are extremely strong and feature ball-bearings for straight, smooth rotations. Shooters can also outfit these rods with a variety of Gunslick Pro cleaning accessories for specialized cleaning and protection. Check out the new cleaning rods at: www.gunslick.com/products/accessories/cleaningrods/carbonfiberrod_44in.aspx.

To learn more about the new Hangunner’s Cleaning Kit, carbon fiber cleaning rods, or the entire Gunslick Pro family of gun care products and cleaning supplies, visit www.gunslick.com.

Part No. Description
41408 Handgunner’s Cleaning Kit
32013 .22-26-cal, 44-inch Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
32014 .270-30-cal, 44-inch Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

About Gunslick® Pro
Gunslick products are designed for serious shooters who demand a thorough clean for precision performance. The company offers the most advanced, non-toxic cleaning chemicals proven to be superior through third party testing. Gunslick also features a full line of advanced cleaning kits and components. For more information, visit www.gunslick.com.

Tim Brandt Gunslick Pro 800-322-2342 (ext. 3833) or pressroom@atk.com

Sentry Solutions Introduces Gear Care Kit™ In Travel Size Tin

WILTON, NH- Sentry Solutions, the dry lubrication leader in the military, law enforcement, firearms, and outdoor sporting markets has now packaged the Field Grade Gear Care Kit™in a travel-size tin for in-the-field or on-the-range gear protection.

Sentry Solutions has combined their internationally known Tuf-Cloth™, Tuf-Glide™, a Gatco® Super Micro X sharpener and easy to use lint-free cleaning tools in a pocket-sized tin that will fit in any range bag, backpack, tackle box or glove compartment. The Sentry Solutions products provide a great combination of revolutionary lubrication, protection and sharpening versatility for knives, firearms, and broad heads for a retail price of $23.99.

Tuf-Cloth is the long-lasting, oil-free alternative for oil and silicone rags that prevents rust from forming on any metal surface. The Tuf-Cloth provides a fast-drying, water-displacing micro-bonded barrier against rust, friction and wear by simply wiping the metal surface of knives, tools, or tackle. Unlike silicone products, the Tuf-Cloth does not leave an oily film that attracts dirt.

Tuf-Glide works with the Tuf-Cloth in protecting and lubricating those hard to reach places. Its powerful oil-free rust inhibitor and lubricant are in a quick-drying mineral spirits carrier, which effectively transfers the active lubricants to the micro-pores in any metal surface. After delivering its cleaning action, the carrier evaporates, promoting the bond between the metal and the active ingredients without leaving a sticky residue behind. The dry barrier shield outperforms oil lubricants by more than 14 times in any environment or temperature.

Gatco’s Super Micro X Sharpener is the industry’s leading compact sharpener for knives, arrows and serrated-edged tools. Two fine and two medium sharpening rods are included, as is a built-in angle guide that makes razor-sharp sharpening quick and easy.

The new Sentry Solutions Field Grade Gear Care Kit Tin is also available for customization for events or marketing promotions. For more information on the Sentry Solutions Field Grade Gear Care Kit Tin – visit www.sentrysolutions.com.

About Sentry Solutions:
Sentry Solutions, was incorporated in 1993. Since then, Sentry Solutions has developed dry lubrication products used by the U.S. Military Forces, government agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as hunter, sportsmen, and mariners. Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Cloth™and Tuf-Glide™have become the benchmark in cleaning and protecting firearms and sports equipment worldwide. www.sentrysolutions.com

Sentry Solutions
Wilton, NH 03086-0214

PR Contact:
Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess Marketing

Otis Technologies Teams With Gerber to Offer M4/M16 Cleaning System With Weapons Tool

Lyons Falls, NY: Otis Technology, manufacturer of advanced gun cleaning systems and accessories, joins forces with Gerber Legendary Blades to create the new M4/M16 Cleaning System with eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool).

This new cleaning system provides the necessary tools to completely break down and clean the most critical parts of an M4/M16. Included in the cleaning system are Otis Memory-Flex® cleaning rods, slotted tips, 100% cotton cleaning patches, bore brushes, and CLP which allow for quick cleaning of the receiver, neck and bore. The Gerber eFECT Weapons Tool is included and was developed for the distinct purpose of cleaning and maintaining an AR15/M16/M4 variant. It incorporates components that make field cleaning faster and more precise and is compatible and interchangeable with Otis cleaning components.

Brent Bateman, Vice President of Government/Military Sales for Gerber states: “Gerber is excited to partner with Otis on their new MFG-556-eFECT weapons cleaning kit. From the moment the Gerber eFECT Weapons Tool was released, the response from the field has been overwhelming. Our military customers have continued to ask us to place this multifunctional tool into a kit that combines both the Gerber eFECT Weapons Tool with an Otis cleaning system. The two items are well suited and complement each other. This kit will allow the user to conduct a multitude of tasks, from sight and optic adjustment, to detailed weapons cleaning, further enhancing their capabilities. It is great for Gerber and Otis to be able to listen to our customers’ needs and bring them the gear they need in the field.”

Brad McIntyre, Military/Federal Manager for Otis Technology adds, “Listening to the warfighter has resulted in Otis looking into an alternative weapons cleaning system. The tool kit needed would allow the warfighter to clean and properly maintain all aspects of the weapon system. As a result, Otis teamed with Gerber to create the M4/M16 Cleaning System with eFECT Weapons Tool. This system will further allow users to sustain their weapons in the field, increasing the weapons life cycle.”

Otis Technology is known for manufacturing the most advanced gun cleaning systems available. The superior Breech-to-Muzzle® design combined with unmatched quality has positioned Otis as the gun care system of choice with the US Military.

Cara Peebles: Marketing Coordinator 315.348.4300 Ext: 2449

M-Pro 7 Adds Boresnake to 2011 Lines

Overland Park, Kan. – Law enforcement and military retailers now have the ability to offer the same superior benefits of the world’s fastest bore cleaning system, popular among the hunting and sport shooting communities, with the M-Pro 7 BoreSnake®. This handy cleaning tool loosens large particles in the bore, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, and then swabs it spotless thanks to a cleaning area that is 160 times larger than a standard patch.

The M-Pro 7 BoresSnake is available in rifle, pistol and shotgun bore diameters. The product’s compact, patented one-piece design makes it an easy item to pack in a gear bag. It is machine washable for extended use and long life.

The M-Pro 7 BoreSnake – with a suggested retail price of $20.95-$23.95, depending on the model – is the world’s quickest bore cleaning system for military, law enforcement and professional shooters. For more information about M-Pro 7 and its complete line of tactical-grade cleaning supplies, visit www.mpro7.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance products were specially designed for the military, law enforcement and high use weapons. M-Pro 7 technology reduces weapon maintenance time up to 80 percent, exceeds MILSPEC cleaning system requirements and is commercially transportable worldwide. In line with the standards for safe technology established by Pantheon Enterprise, all M-Pro 7 products are odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable and environmentally friendly.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Tasco®, Serengeti®, Bollé®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, Stoney Point®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Cébé®, Uncle Mike’s®, Final Approach®, Simmons® and Millett® brand names. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

Mike Capps

Paul Arnhold
Bushnell Outdoor Products

Sentry Solutions’ New Tuf-Glide Spray

WILTON, NH – Sentry Solution’sTUF-GLIDE™, the quick-drying, powerful rust inhibitor and lubricant that delivers micro-bonded protection is now available in a convenient spray bottle. For years, gunsmiths, knife and boat owners have known that this quick-drying lubricant will not wash or wipe off, nor will it thicken in the cold or thin out in the heat. Customer demand for TUF-GLIDE™ in a spray form took years to finally find a sprayer worthy of the TUF-GLIDE™ formula. Not all spray applicators are created equal; the seals in many deteriorate before the product is used.

Now TUF-GLIDE™ is easier to use on all your critical gear. It particularly protects hard to reach parts of your guns and gear against rust, friction and wear. Unlike oil-based products, itwill not attract dust or dirt and it does not leave a slippery film like silicone. Used with TUF-CLOTH™ it provides 100% protection for firearms, fishing tackle, knives, tools and boat parts.

Oil-free TUF-GLIDE ™ is tested and used by all branches of the U.S. military and has proven its effectiveness with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 40 knife and tool manufacturers recommend it.

Sentry Solutions’ New TUF-GLIDE™ Spray 4 oz. $11.85; ¼ oz. pen applicator for $5.85, a ½ oz precision applicator, for $8.50, and an 8 oz. refill bottle priced at $20.50.

To purchase any Sentry Solutions product, or for more information on Sentry Solutions’ TUF-GLIDE™, visit www.sentrysolutions.comor your local sporting goods retailer.

About Sentry Solutions:
Sentry Solutions was incorporated in 1993. Since then, Sentry Solutions has developed dry lubricants for use by the U.S. Military Forces, government agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as hunter, outdoor enthusiasts, and mariners. Sentry Solutions’ TUF-CLOTH™ and TUF-GLIDE™ products have become the benchmark in cleaning and protecting firearms and sports equipment worldwide. www.sentrysolutions.com

Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess Marketing