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CenterPoint Introduces Universal Laser And Flashlight Kit

ROCHESTER, New York- CenterPoint® Hunting and Outdoors, a division of Crosman® Corporation, a leading supplier of products for the shooting sports, introduces a new Universal Laser and Flashlight Kit for quick and accurate target acquisition that conveniently mounts on any 1 inch scope tube.

CenterPoint Precision Optics Product Manager, Sara Calcagno says this accessory is a must for predator and varmint hunters. “The kit allows you to shoot in low light conditions with precision and confidence and, best of all, it doesn’t disturb your prey. Use the flashlight to find your target and then use the laser to lock-on,” she said. “The kit also makes a great tool for youth training,” says Calcagno. “Shooters see the red laser spot on their target right away and can take instruction while shooting, since the instructor can also see the laser spot.”

A convenient and helpful accessory for medium and close range shooting, the CenterPoint Universal Laser and Flashlight kit mounts easily to any 1 inch scope tube. The Laser Sight is visible at up to 200 yards in low light and up to 50 yards in daylight. It is also adjustable for both windage and elevation. The Flashlight illuminates targets from up to 30 yards away. Both the laser and flashlight are equipped with tactical on/off pressure switches. “For varmint and predator hunting made easy, try this combination kit at dusk or dawn,” comments Calcagno. “The kit works well on both rimfire and air rifles.”

The CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors Universal Laser and Flashlight Kit has an MSRP of $60 and is available now. CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors will exhibit its entire product line during SHOT Show 2011 in Las Vegas from January 18-21. Visit booth number 12740.

For additional information on the CenterPoint Universal Laser and Flashlight Kit, or on any CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors products, Crosman, Benjamin, Crosman Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at www.crosman.com, www.centerpointhunting.com, www.gamefaceairsoft.com, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at levans@crosman.com, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486). For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/crosmancorp) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/ crosmancorp).

Magnalight Adds Dimmable LED Spotlight

Magnalight Adds Dimmable LED Spotlight for Hunting and Work Applications Larson Electronic’s magnalight.com added a new dimmable LED spotlight for hunting and work applications. Drawing less then 1 amp on 12 volts and .5 amp on 24 volts, the HL-85-10W1-D LED spotlight offers a familiar pistol grip handheld style and a dial for dimming the LED light output.

Operators can use this dimmable LED spotlight to create the light intensity that best allows them to see their target work area without sacrificing their eye’s ability to adjust to the area around them. Larson Electronics’ mangalight.com revealed the latest addition to an extensive line of LED spotlights. The HL-85-10W1-D http://www.magnalight.com/p-46791-handheld-led-spotlight-with-inline-dimmer-800-lumens–800-foot-beam–9-32-volts-dc–coil-cord.aspx [dimmable LED spotlight] features a magnetic base, 16 foot detachable coil cord, cigarette plug and an inline PWM for dimming the LED light output. The new LED handheld spotlight operates on 9-42 Volts DC and draws less than 1 amp. Weighing less than 1 pound, the pistol grip style spotlight enables operators in hunting or work applications to adjust the intensity of the LED light output to best suit their requirements.

“Whether someone is hunting or working, this dimmable LED spotlight enables the operator to find the light output that doesn’t just illuminate the immediate area, but also allows their eyes to continue to adjust to the darkness around them,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com.

“Sometimes you need power and distance to identify objects at distance, but if you use that intense light on a nearby work area, your eyes lose their ability to see anything around you. So the key to this dimmable LED spotlight is that the operator can adjust the http://www.magnalight.com/c-140-led-lights.aspx [LED light] output to the level that allows their eyes to adjust to the immediate work area and the surroundings. The time of night, cloud cover, the operator’s eye condition and other factors make the level of LED light dimming vary all the time. The operator can simply adjust the dial to create the appropriate level of light for their particular needs. Many operators use red filters or red light to achieve this same effect, but they lose intensity, distance and color correct object identification.”

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com offers a wide variety of LED lighting, including explosion proof LED lights, LED hunting lights, LED boat lights and http://www.magnalight.com/c-186-infrared-led-lights.aspx [LED infrared lights]. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at magnalight.com or 1-800-369- 6671.

SureFire Releases First AA Battery Flashlight

surefirelogoSureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has released a new model to its popular Outdoorsman series of flashlights. Like other members of the Outdoorsman family, the new E2L AA features a dual-output, solid-state LED emitter; tailcap switching; a TIR lens, and a weather-resistant aerospace aluminum body that’s been Mil-Spec hard anodized. It differs, however, in its power source. The E2L AA, as its name suggests, runs on either two AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries-a first for SureFire.

The progression of LED technology has finally led to a reasonable output/runtime combination that measured up to SureFire standards. For nearly twenty years, SureFire was the only flashlight manufacturer to use lithium 123A batteries, the only sufficient compact power source to run the high-output incandescent lamps that made SureFire famous. However, 123A batteries aren’t as cheap as AA and are harder to find. AA batteries are still not as powerful as the 123A so the E2L AA Outdoorsman was designed primarily for outdoor use, but it’s built to the same standards as its battle-proven brothers.

Of course, a choice of batteries is not the only factor that makes the E2L AA a great fit for the Great Outdoors. Its power-regulated LED generates two output levels: 80 lumens of light on high (four times the light of a typical two-D-cell flashlight), perfect for searching or signaling, or three lumens on low, enough light for navigating, reading a map, or other close-range tasks without compromising night-adapted vision. The flashlight runs for nine hours on a set of AA lithium batteries at its high setting and 60 hours at its low setting, allowing a user to better manage runtime by switching between the two levels as needed. A Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens gathers the solid-state LED’s light and shapes it into a versatile beam with plenty of reach and enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision. And to protect the E2L AA from the elements, its Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body is sealed with O-rings and gaskets to keep out moisture and dirt.

The E2L AA retails for $159 and is available now. For more information visit www.SureFire.com.

Z2-S CombatLight is First SureFire Flashlight with Strobe Mode

Z2-S CombatLight is First SureFire Flashlight with Strobe ModeSureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, announces the release of the Z2-S, the latest addition to their popular line of “CombatLight” flashlights. It’s the first stroblng flashlight from the same company that invented both the tactical flashlight and the CombatLight.

The Z2-S’s ultra-high-output LED generates 160 lumens of light, eight times the light output of a standard two-D-cell flashlight. The Z2-S utilizes a micro-textured reflector to shape and blend the beam so it has plenty of reach for searching-and enough peripheral light to maximize situational awareness-with no rings, spots, or other defects. The Z2-S also features a strobe mode programmed to blink at a specific frequency to effectively disorient an attacker, a feature that has been continuously requested by SureFire customers.

CombatLights feature tactical-level output (enough to overwhelm night-adapted vision), ergonomic tailcap switching, and SureFire’s patented CombatGrip-a stepped-down body and rubber grip ring that makes pairing the light with a firearm easier, as well as providing a secure hold in wet or cold conditions or while wearing gloves.

At five inches long and under five ounces in weight (with batteries), the Z2-S is designed to be portable and powerful. Its sophisticated electronics-an internal microprocessor regulates the LED to maximize output and runtime-are protected by a rugged aerospace aluminum body that’s hard anodized with black Mil-Spec finish. Press the tactical tailcap switch for momentary-on, press three times rapidly to activate the strobe, or twisting it for constant-on in either mode.

The Z2-S has an MSRP of $139.00 and is available for purchase from an authorized SureFire dealer or directly from SureFire at www.surefire.com.